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March 3, 1932     Times
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March 3, 1932

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THURSDAY MARCH 3, 1932 from a,    and withdraw the charge and take her J lf. . . . Him0 retmw to New Ykl home with me now. The poor kid is t Marcella was lined, livid, reek. He her dally-dect mJ,  all in. She fainted." l told where he had found J oely, mbitio womam. 21m  b] "About them papers, Mr. Kent?" I "Felix, tell me--do you think that into an engNcemmfl; with tim] Kext&apos;s laughter was difficult bLOt l she knows anything about---" Mar- Felix Kel Her , N'id i it still came, a short hard laughter, t cella's voice had an lmost sinuooJ  tim Il'l "That's all right. I get them back. furtivene as she looked about and one  He  her he i The little del wanted to give me behind her, then at him, "about my her Lyndla  The girl a scare. Wen I lay hands on the boy --jewels?" lm  to nee life Imlthat helped her---" Felix was startled for an in, rant aad to become part of h His fist on the desk top whitene ay from his  biting pceoc<- THE MT. PUI.ASKI TIMES. MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS "Yes. I kave been knelt to, u your protatype. I won't kneel nov cry to you, Felix. What are you go. iP to do?" "First," he said, "I'Ll take you back to the police station and hand you over to the tender methods they use there for getting information. You know what that memm?" "Yes, But.---" They both looked about azd closed their l:ps. Marcella came into the room. She started toward Lynda with a quick cry of relief, then checked her, star- in. "It isn't Jocelyn. Tell me--" S]m stood looking from Kent to the tall range girl All at once her deeply colored. She clenched her hands and moved them curiotmly up and down. She ran over to +&e door I that led back into the apartment and society. Her fsth  The police o.eer who looked down pation. He looked at the silver crosa locked it, still with her scared eym on Marcella's flat breast. She placed upon Lynda; then she gestured to lmrvormding i at it whisecL visits her father in his  "Well, what do I have to do to her thin hands over it. N'o. No my I Kent to repeat his action with the quters. She Rnd four men PlaT- get this child out of the jug and to jewels." i cardJ wh    M keen the whole silly business quiet?" "I dldn't know--- , Jock Ayleward, her father tells Cn, with me unwillingness, "Of course. I forgot you were not is like a son to hlm bat  explained what might be done to be told. I have had some jewels- girl he ia a trifler. , There was of course no accuser lint here, hidden. They are not mine. paoli seeo visit to M' Mr ' Kent, the robbed man, himself. They are a trust. They've been sto- and Jeek takes her hoa  If he withdrew the charge the yom lem I have a detective tracing them. way stopping with h at aa a- ! lady mit walk out, providing-- cabaret. Jo   t@ I The proviso being cared for, Felix I returned to the locked room and get into s fnt with m- i found Joeelm sittin$ dazedly against who inist on  w,h the wall her head dropped for#ard He then takes Ly-ls hom on her knee She seemed a mere she mentions Felix's name to and Ayward's face diplay demoniac hatred of the million- lock tell| Lynch that Felix caused to be sent o jail unjustly by up his report on a mine. LyI ys she doesn't believe his story, ?ayes anoer isit to her f goes : a cabaret with him and with Jock, who suddenly stops tells her he is going to t4tke h home. He had seen Felix with anotherwonm GO ON WITH THE STORY He laughed grimly to cover hil astonishment, his owin$ She seemed to him change- "Do you know what lieu're done? you even begin to know what you up against? You, Jocalyn Had- have been caught i the act of[ rea  and thef You m in[ "re,re  I did,- quoth I Nidk's owl b,,y. H muted,, spirit wine "You know vet little cs yeL Li- to me, Joce]yn, and dot dare to me. It is my generosity can get you out of this uly, tb fix. Do you want to go to nrisous, believe me, where in-, women prisoners are i up and flogged." , "You've sen other people to  i Lynd, "people very much ie Hia mrrowed icy eyes ped her ones. Her face was like a his, like a blue silver of stmL limp bundle of old clothes. He helped her up and, getting her hat, pvLled it do-n over her eyes and so, shielding her from amused and pitying b.'er- vaion, he half carried and half drag- ged her out to his waiting ir, cusine. As they moved silentl up the city's crowded avenues Feti present- ly remembered the conversation that took place as they drove fas sea- ward with the wind in ;:eir ,yes, At the end of a careful reconstruction of this conversation he spoke and looked d at her white cramped face. Felix leaned back. "Where and on--Jock Ayleward. "U-humthe Rppel parson's bw did you meet him?" he askecL She said, "I met him fn my fath- er's ron-." You mustn't say a word," she excit- edly told him. Jocelyn stood and looked at the clothing on her bed and the blood in her bndy moved, strong and free. .ere lay the outer semblance of Nick's daughter, Lynda Sandal, and she began to know that it was not n]y the outer semblance that had r*-turned. It was Lynda Sandal's self hat stocl there looking down at Lb-nda Sandal's quaint attire. The ni#rht's work with all the adventure and the pain and the wild furtive delight that had led her surely to it had killed, in spite of her own con- trary intention, not Lmda Sandel but Jocelyn Harlcwe. The eonveat girl. Marcella's prisoner, the young lady bride of Felix Kent, .rod gone. For- ever. Now lived and breathed a wo- man of strong dll and vivid passion, with courage to face and to find, dth the bitter courage for truth and f,r reality. A woman who loved Jock AyIeward, no other man; who would go to him through any barrier, to "Yourfaer'a?" I stand f she muat at hm dishonored "Nick SamlaL He is in thin city. i Rapidly and surely she got herself He came one night to see me in the I into the queer little symbolic cos- glowed and glittered at each; almxtment'' But if Felix, if her mo-ltume and even ran her fingers th for an t ldlel#Jy, ther, must know that Nick had vii- her hair. She meant to holy Marcel- !l "Whom have you in Four mind? itod herwhat abo the jewela? and Felix a changed eherscter. secret influence has been 8t "How long ago was that?" She went into the living-room and , Her eyes, deeply remomeful deep-stood there faring Felix Kent, in your life ? t ha led you "Now," she anno clearly aad deceive me, JcelTn? To decre ly miserabt, so,aght his. mother? Do y remember that ,'Just after our engagement was even with pity for him in her cool are to be married tnorrow t announced. He saw it in the lPera." voice and eyes, "I will tell you every- ?" Her eyes filled and overflowed si-thing, Felix. I am not afraid of you She shook her head lind mo4Mned lently. "I love Nick, Felix" an)" more at all." lps, t--ryimg to say "No." "You've been seeing your lathe Felix after a long staring look said, "Yes. Nothing you can possibly often? ..... ,o in heaven's name are you pre- or say can pvet you no from "I've been to see him at night. I tending to be now?" my wife tomorrow. I'll take would climb down the fire escape 'lnis is the costume of a silly tru- yo out of this and carry you home from my bedroom wimte." ant, Felix, romantic enough to enjoy when you've told me the truth of Felix s her with a despsiz- a dangerous make-believe. I'll not your ugly and wicked escapade, you in gesture and, bending forward, wear it again. But I did want to wash yourself and burn these put his hands over his eyes. From force you to see me like this. Becau: clothes. Where in heaven's this ,position he demanded in a smoth- I felt that if you once could see me did You get them? And  ered voice. "'You met Jock Aqeward as I really amand, Felix I much -P and then Fo will 1t  in yo father's room ?" more wanted t--to possess--" Yar weddingdress and come to  "Yes, I did nct e him. I did "You say things:" and al%er you are Mrs. Felix not believe in him. I  Ilk I  "Because I knew that if I looked lnt-- "Now," he said, breathing hard and ke the real things of my ha- He paused. Her brave wide eyes and   I1  ture you would never want me for hmt filled. , ,,you will give me the whereabouts your wife." "After you are my wife," he said of thi geneman whom you did Dot! ''I want you for m y wife." he the with a cry he gathered her believe nor like nor trust but for .aid doggedly and th a udden up into his arms and carried her whose sake you made a spectacle of dark flush. "I'll not let you go down shout the roo kissing her wily, yourself n the New York streets at into the streets---or into the mud. I'll ruthlessly, at his will. until she wnt night and lied and dressed like a man save you in spite of your madness limp nd her head drolped back. and stole and would ruin me." He and your 5ckedness. And now, to Then Felix laid her down on the shook her fiercely as though he ldn saving you tell me what you floor and u soon as her eyelids flat- would have shaken her to death, know and let's get on with the search tered he went oul locking the door. "Give me his address, I'll get him". for my p?ers. I take it that you un- He came, mopping his bittern lip But that she steadfastily refused derstand -hat use this man could and laughing, to the desk. to do. make of them to ruin me." "Look here, CraVen," he said. At last they reached her mother's "I love that man. I want him to ima't at all the sort f case it home. clear himself even if it must be at looks like. The girl is oe of the' Quickly and as noiselessly as pus- : the price of your ruin, Felix." silly debtant4m. She's been put up siible Felix took Joeelyn through the! Felix. very still and rim and to s wild sort of prank by some of outer room mad 3own the PaSSage I white, came  to her. her frien and she's had her lesson, and thrm her i at her own bedroom I "You che me for your enemy What name did she give you ?,, door. "Get into your own es, be i then ? People who have had the "First Jimmie Gra and tea Lyn quick," he mmsRded and mmmd courage or the folly to do that have d May." to her in in akways it. sm Well, is I have kneel glass doors. "Look out. Be careful. Don't let, her get "away," she whisj>ered. "this i the woman. This must be the wo- I man Catting described. You know-- the woman who was seen going in and out--the woman who took the jewels !" Felix': brain worked with light- nirg swiftness. Governor Lauis L Emmerson has signed the Kelly bill, one of tee prin- cipal measures for Chicago premed during the special essions of the general asmbly. The bill wipes out the old board of assessors and board of review and creates the new as- scsing board of one assessor and two reviewers. Subscribe for the Mt. Pulaski Time Only $I.00 per year. I [ c00d00,,Now00,or I I The first mayor to be detned in Oeveland ia 1 years is Ray T. Mil- ler. Democrat, who played d on the Notre Dame football eJevm with Knm Rockne  wlm a ,Jo00: "- 00Sl-I l Bebe and Ben and the 7 We don't know which to Mmire mo bmmifl Bebe 4)anle that was,  her  young h Be Lyon, o fludr baby , good to us. Beaning To Take Notice Again ' ON / -- JOHN / 'OU R.E,Mrr.MIEI:t ME,,- DON'T YOu ? PAU Believe it or Not l The egg which Miss Robert Eaton is holding in h kft lm lald by an Aepyornls: Never one? Ndtrr has anyone e but the Natiol Mlmemm at W the U In Mada. 7HiNc 5o " foLKS ASg wHE 1HEY Do OET A JOL 3 wHEN CN THEY A:'2 A VACATioN ..... Durable John D. 1 Ttm el Rockadl  far ,his rema]Pkzble photograph the fir day hewas om sfter a eiN heSS. I"Ie's 93 taxi mb' "I  I thank yo" By A/b00 T Rad