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February 27, 1941     Times
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February 27, 1941

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e! 00LId Mount Pulaski Times-News VOLUME 38. REFLECTION00 Letters v $$ . at ried emotions lve they brought to all of us! No one who has received a let- ter from the postman, Or tvtJrled the combination on a lock box to find a letter there, Has quite escaped some sort of enotion when this seemingly in_ significant act takes place. If the letter happens to be--- yeah, just ippens---from your landlord or your grecerm The feeling that usually comes into play, is one of eheerle dread. The name in the upper left hand corner has much to do with the emotion felt. If, pe/mnee, the landlord or gror, sends you a refund for good behavior your reaction is SUch a sudden and pleasant one that for & brief time you are "mentally un" A letter from an unknown port brings an emotion of curiosity-- But the msappoinmmain are nre nmnerou by far, from Uese Will-o'-wisp letters. A letter from a friend of days gone by brgS a flood of precious memert $$ And a far-away look bespeaks the "journey,, one takes Imek and back, into one's yesterday& t$ Most of us shamefully neglect our friends of days gone by. We fall dismally to warrant the friendships that have meant much to us hi times past, When we neglect to greet these friends vttth a cheery written Word. If they were deeply interested in our welfare then--- They stH! are---a we owe it to them to ah  apprectatiou of their ined friendskip. $$ We know the pleasant emotion that eemes to us when we hear fresh an old friend-- They, too, would thrill to our letter Rtit somehow, we just don't give them that thrilL Our predicament ae mdtt ap- Plies to many of our But we have a suggestion as to bow you may make one letter erve the purpose of touching nmerous friends 4to are still In- AnnaTreft,77 Mississippi, Born Here Services Held Here Monday Afternoon Mrs. Anna Treft, widow of Sam- uel Treft, died at her home in Cleveland Mississippi, at 4:50 a. Saturday, Feb. 22, 1941, fol- lowing an attack of influenza, al- though she had been an invalid for rfany months, being taken about her home in a wheel chair. Mrs. Treft was agefl 77 years, 4 months and 1 day. Anna Mayer was born in Mount Pulaski, /llinois, Nov. 21, 1863, a daughter of Samuel and Mry Mayer. Her mother died here on Feb. 5, just 17 days before the passing of Mrs. Treft, at tie age of 96 years, being Mount ulas- ki's oldest citizen. Anna Mayer re- ceived her schooling in the old Lo- gan county court house in the public square, now an Abraham Lincoln Menrial Shrine. For a number of years she was employ- ed as a dry goods clerk. About 41 years ago, in Chicago, she married Samuel Treft, a native of Mount Pulaski vicinity. They resi here until 1920, when they moved to Mississippi on account of r. Treft's e0tensive real estate busi- ness. Her husband died there Ap- ril 16, 1925. She was a member of the  churv Decedent is survived by one son, Treft, of Cleveland; a step- daughter, Mrs. Elsie Heaaley, of Tulsa, Oklahoma; one stepon Herbert Treft, residing in South Dakota; one brother, GorEe ,a Mayer, and one sister, Mi Estel- The Republicar of Mount Pu- lnski township held their caucus Saturday night, and now both tereted in you. tickets are completed and ready The :$ " -- in for the annual spring election- The y are interested not amy I following candidates were chosen: You---but in your family-- I Supervisore UnderhilL It Assessor P W Buckles (pres- Not only in what and how you l -- " " e doing.-, ent incumbent.) Town Clerk--Howard Vandev- t In what the other of YOur family are doing even gh they have seen never Yo are tntertod ha them'mad (Continued on Page 16) i i MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS, LOGAN COUNTY THURSDAY, FEB. 27, 1941 NUMBER Grade Ca Tourne t Annastarr, State g y . Starts Here Saturday a,...D00ed Sunday Eight Teams +o z-xl00r Illness Compete for William Beckers Services Held Championship Injured in Fall Today a+ St. John's Lutheran Church Mount Pulaski is to have the William Bsckers, living on privilege this weekend and the ! North Garden street, who is pres-: Mrs. Anna Fishback Starr, wife first of next to see the champion ident of the Mount Pulaski eerne- of John Starr of West Cooke : grade school team of the state in tery Association, walks up to the street, Mount Pulaski, a lifelong action when the state tourney btminesn district each Saturday af- resident of this community, died which opens here on Saturday of ternoon to take care of Asocia- at 12:01 p. m. Sunday, Feb. 23, this week comes to a close Tues- tior business at the secretary's 1941, in St. Clara's hospital, IAn- day night in the champiormhip desk located in the Times-News cobs, where she was a patient for game. office, one week. Mrs. Starr's last illness While Mount Pulaski light- About 2:15 p. m. last Saturday was of short duration. She wall weights were eliminated in a sec- he suffered a hght heart attack aged 76 years and 13 days. tional meet 'the class of the tean when in front of the Lyons store, Anna Fishback was  Feb.: comin here to com4)ete will in- and suddenly fell forward to the 10, 1865, in Elkhart township, I. sure fans seeing some mighty concrete walk, striking his face in gan county, about seven miles good grade school youngsters in such a manner as to cause bad west of Mount Pulaski, a daugh- action. Arthur, which won the cuts about one eye, and many ter of John and Mary Mus Fish- sectional at Lincoln by a wide bruises. He was rendered uncon-back, natives of Germany, who is one of the favorites to sclous, and was carried into the I came to this community in the win the state crown. St. David, a store to await the arrival of the l early days. While she was still school whic furnishes George Schahl ambulance, when he wastquite young the family moved to Dertinger with some of his high removed to his home. His condi-la farm one mile northwest of the school material at Lewistown will tion was quite serious until Tues- IMoun t Pulaski public square, be paired with Arthur in the op- day, then he began to show mark-lknown for years as the Fishback ener. ed improvement. I place. In this city on October 20, Cissna, C h a n e y, O t t a w  Just a. minute before the acci- 11886, she was united in marriage . Georgetown, Bardolph and Lin- dent he had stud" to Ct" y Attorney , to John Starr of this vicinity. Af- ooln Central will fom the rest of George J. Smith, who waled, ter farming west of city for many the field of teams, along with him about two blocks, !years they retired from active Games on Saturday get under that he 'vas feeling fairly good farm life and moved to the pres- way at 6 o'clock and all eight this winter." Mr. Beckers is over lent home. Last October the ob. teams will be seen in action. Mon- 83 years old. served their 54th wedding day night the semi-flna&s will be versery. Mrs. Start" was" played with two games on sche- MOUNT PULASKI SPORTS- I known in the community dule, and the chawionship and MF, N'S CLUB ]tl,]L[ MON]DAYIhosts of friends. She was a consolation games will get under The Mount Pulaski chapter of)ber of St. John's Lutheran C way at 7:30. the Logan County Sportsmeffs I Surviving are her hand. Herbert Holz of the Mount Pu- Club will meet in the city clerk s l daughters, Mrs. th U r grade school is the tourney oflce at 7:20 p. m. Monday, [a'oughton and MJas It ftrr, manager. Referees will be Swart March 3, and the president, Otto I Mount Pulaski; two i baugh of Canton, and Robinson of Ey, m-ges that a large group of and one great grandchild; two Waverly. members be in attendance to plan ters, Mrs. Minnie Tendick and Adkmission prices are 10c and on the club'a 1941 program in the Mrs. Chester G. Hughes, Mount (Continued on Page 12) 20c, with a price of 15C and 25 interest of coaservation in its vat- Pulaski. One sister, Mrs. J. Mlcho prevailing for the finals. iotm phases. While many have re- ael Kautz, preceded her in I ceived t h i s year's membership Just eight days. Henry Mayer Is ontin.ed on Page 9) lcards, a much more earnest eam- [paign for new members should be Game Warden TRUSTEE NAMED at once to insure funds for Henry J. Mayer was in Spring- J effective work. eLd last Friday on busines at IN TOMLINSON thethe state house, where he receiVedappointment of game warden TRUST UND Judge Lawrence Stringer of Logan county. He was among The third trustee m the estate / twenty-four state game wardens of trust fund set up by the late whose alyPOintments were an-Clarence Tcurdirmon was .named .. -I"lonore,'l on 75th nounced by Conservation Director Monday by Circuit Judge Frank ivingston E. Osborne, who is Bevan who appointed Harry J. quoted as saying all were ap- Wible, publisher of the Mount Pu- H$ perlt 2 igiven the honor of cut a proved by the Civil Service Corn- laski Times-News, to fill the va- I mission, and that 23 of the group cancy caused by the death of Rob-  e&r$ fl ervice birthdaYMrs. StringerCake bearingwas presented75 had see'red as game wardens un- err Aitchison, Sr., one of the or- 1 of Public der the previous Democratic ad-  trtmtee&  bouquet of 50 yellow roses in re- ministration George Rupp, president of the| Tribute was paid this week to membrance of the wedding anrd: Fir at National Bank, and T. A. 'Judge L B. Stringer, of Lincoln, vevsary ..... Scroggin, resident of the Farm-;,one of Logan county's most high-( Judge Stringer served in the Republicans ers bank, are the other two trt-lly respected citizens who ha 37th general asserrly of IIlinoil :ees who asisted in drawing up been a very prominent figure in at the age of 23 years. He became Pi k SI he will. the life of the state and county state senator in 1900. He wall, C 8t The trust fund left by Mr. Tom- !the past 52 years, and who at- 'elected congressman at large inson was specified in his will to i tained his 75th birthday on Mono 1913 and on his retirement groin : be used for community welfare, 'day of this week. !Washington came back to IAncoln mentioning a number of worth- i He spent the day as usual at and was elected county judge of while projects, but were to be con- ' his work in the county court. At Logan county. He is serving his fined to Mount Pulai townsldp. 16:30 p.  he and Mrs. Stringer sixth term in that post. The estate was valued at'were guests of honor at a special! A graduate of Lincoln college, $48,000, mostly farm land, but idinner meeting of the Lincoln Ki-the Chicago College of Law, and $1700 in good bonds have ince!wanis club in honor of his birth-!La,ke Forest college, Judge string- been uncovered to add to and in- day and the couple's golden wed- er is one of the outstanding fig cresse it to aknost $50,000. ding anniversary which took place !ures in the life of Central llnOio in December. I As an 0ttor he has few peers and ender. Dr. Walter R. Cremeans of his services as a public speaker : ...... we to be The Mount Pulaski chapter of Justice o the 'eace t ................... a  Sringfleld, a long time friend of have been in demand for mart.y -- "-" Robert D worla wax otners wu meet t eleeted)--Em er, " 2"30 p n Wednesday, March 5, at Judge Stringer and Paul Angle, !years. He is also a student ofoto Aitchison. I " " "-o to be elected) , the home of Mrs. T. L Rothwell, secretary of the Illinois Historical raha Lincoln, has a conecuu- Constable (w -- ttv r est makers, lcurios and historical relics of -- Ova Lee [corner of Jefferson and Spring:.: ..- .- o- --'------'er !Great Emancipator and is :ol J. O. Leonaro,. " "f- will be I streets. All members are urged to jage tunnger, WhO m a cg i .... n IAncoin' Ills; The townsmp eecuu,  .... . held on Tuesday, April I. [De pesen, member of the Kiaxda club, was ered an authority o