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February 25, 1932     Times
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February 25, 1932

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Y 25, or knew himz to S Ilq pens of )ns 2ever o we re ncy. is hich evel :,f ritual "s are [ classics. flin" years Itch ranks i kespeare urce at ;piration. :ng by products. r so tobe any rate, thlesa =styled fled IIN ItS THURSDAY FEBRLARY 25, i932 THE MT. t=CLASC; TIMF. AT. P J.A _+ i: iA.-t.a SGUTH LOGAI00 COo It AND VtOINITY BUCKLES CORNER + Icd,all:, !e u+ d ple of -in S :he national c::nvenion were selected, J,+nn Kerschner visited her June 27 and Chicago being chosen. Mrs. Maude Humphreys of As the Republicans had :icked the last we+k. ant Esther Jean Li+terly eat +he week end in Mt. Pulaski their grandparents&apos; Mr. and Gee. Litterlg, Sr. and Mrs. Uriah Tendick +4,sit,- friends in Decatur over the week Addye England, Mr. and Mrs. V. Shepler of Lincoln were Sun- visitors with Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Wih a :rosL<t that the wet is- ;J+- may thus b., telex-areal o a men- ;> sition, il beg'ins to look as the :me city and a date two weeks ear-:he major battle of the cam.pign !ier. all the main preliminari to might be fought out on tariff lines. the campaign have been arranged. ' Democrats point out that Cleveland F<r the first time since 1884 the two w<,n on that issue and they feel the parties will meet in the same city, xmntry at large is far from sates- and will use the same hall, a fact fled with the present method of hamt- that some Democrats are using to ling the tariff. The farmer, in parti- add to their auguries of success, cular, is said to feel that all tariff They point out that Cleveland was legislation of late years has resulted named under these conditions in his in everything he buys costing him first campaign, when he won. more, while practically no p has been given to products of the rL+d lJPl++++tit+++ it to (ii,+++lq!: AIi++i'I, ;+l'CJi+'JlJ++ Of + +I" + F+I. Chinese Amerlcanl Until ti+. tr++at:, ,,t + 1+2+ l,!'+dlibiPi+l iiat/iralizatJoll of Cl+illt+e, iliilii;Ti'altl from {;hina, On hPCOIItIII 7 nuturaliz,ql, were iJerl;::{,l tt! t];l ljs'lt+}l+'=:t+< of other citizens, and at the l,rt+s,,nt time Chinese barn in the United States imve the right of citizens. The tre'ty of 12 was not retroactive and Chinese having the prk'ileze ,f voting at that time continued to do so. Lquor's Effects Doctor Johnson had said to me yes- Rothwetl and family of moved Tuesday to the T. L farm recently vacated by and Mrs. C. A. Billington Wm. Kipp spent Monday with Win. McGeath. Sam Hinds delivered corn to Fork Tuesday. John Kerschner spent Men- with her daughter Mrs. Wallace and family. Gee. Litterly, Jr., Mrs. Law- Wflham, and Miss Irene Sat- were Springfield shoppers Fri- LAKE PORK Elbert Jte of Springfield i visiting here the latter part of week with his relatives Mr. and James Dunn and Mr. and Mrs. A- Milehn and Mr Ruall Fulton and spen Sunday at William with her paxents Mr. and Ml. Slaughter. and Mrs. Orville Schrader children spent Sundgy at the of her pmats Mr. and Mrs. Munym and family. Veea Marks w a caller in Saturday. Earl Bowers from Tot  has moved in the Philips pro- which wa recently vacated by Gaffney. and Mrs. Wilbur Ridgewy baby of Bloomington wan visit- over Sunday with his parents and Mrs. Elmer Ridgeway. and Mrm Edg Muters<m ann and Mrs. Ida Sandeblein visiting their parents here Sun- Mr.  Mr Sherman Petere Elizabeth Mterso Rob/nson is till on the list. R. H Malo, and son John Mr. and Mrs. Carl Malone of visited Friday nth hei Mrs. S. H. Coat& a CHESTNUT In one important respect the eom- soil. The Democrats can be relied ins conventions will differ from all on t develop this angte to the full that have preceded them. They will in a bid for the agricultural vote. be held under merfect physical con- m ditions. A system of air conditioning There are approximately 115,000 will hold the temperature in the hall more men than women in Illinois. at 70 degrees, no matter how hot the sun shines, now how perfervid the According to the 1930 Census, re- oratory. There will be no chance sidents of Illinois on an average that any objectionable candidate will spend $23.90 per capita in the 8,851 be foisted on the delegates because restaurants and other eating places the latter are at the end of their cf the state. physical stamina, a feat that has been performed in the past by the insiders. The con will not" of Illinois, was the only governor to hurry in their deliberations ju.vt be- be elected for a third term. up- terday that Adam Smith was a mrmt disagreeable fellow after he had drunk ,-me wine which he said bubbled in his month. He made a most excellent remark. "l)rinklng," said he. "'does not improve conversation. It alters the mind so that you are pleased with any conversatlon."--From Jam Bo well's $ournaL Picturesque Adventurer Calmnova was a Venetfan adven- turer who lived from 1725 to 1798, who ,'urn remarkable for his wit. `+ accom- pllshments and Intrigues. He traveled Richard J. Ogles,by, 14th governor .extensively In Europe. frequenting cause of discomfort. AI Smith, whose rutne will not down in any discussion of nominees, was one 6f the principal speakers at the banquet and he used his time largely in ridiculing the accomplish- meats of the Hoover Administration and in favoring huge public works to a large extent the evaporation of with a five-billion-dollar loan to put water from th eg& Most of the proc- the unemployed to ortc Gear eased eg are placed In cold torage Ritchie, of Maryland, also at2ended tf they are to be held for any length the banquet as a guest. He made his of tim The princess, therefore, l not primarily degned to replace cold tor. formal bid for the nomination the age, but rather to prevent deterlors- night before at another dinner. Wln'le lion In the quality of cold-storage eggs. both Smith and Ritehie are eomdder-i ed in the running, yet Governor Sllbti,,,I SubmednN Roosevelt is easily the moat popular It e sea  calm and the air te per- of all those being mentioned to m--i feetly clear, it Is pmmible for m air- teed Mr. Hoover. While he was not I phme to s a submarine whleh ts sub- at the Washingn dinner, yet his merged 0 and 60 fet. Only under these favorable elreumslances is th friends were many and voeiferm, pmuflble. Traveling depths of bma- The Repblieans claim there is on- rlne vary. The newer type subma- ly one possibility that Mr. Hoover fine ubmerges about 230 feet. will not be named the candidate, and that is the off chance that Mr. Cool-; PrMstoric Remalne Coal has been mined in Illinois for more than 200 years. Dipping egp In mineral oil 8eats the pores ha the zhell and thus prevent idge will permit himself to be draf- ted to stem the rising tide of Demo- cratic victories that still persist in the by-eleetion. With a strong run- ning mate, like General Dawe the Hoover enemies in his own party claim they can win. Mr. Goolidge is felt by many to be the only man able t, wrest the nomination from Mr. Hoover. Footprints of the giant imPerial mammoth are imbedded along wttl the three-toed sloth and prehistoric bird& in the prison yard near Cam City, Net. The remains of some of the pre- historic animals found there are lit the 8mlthsonlan institute. -( SparMinl Wudows After windows have been wahed with clear wator, rewash with a l ehmols dipped In a gallon of luke- warm water to which has bn added Prohibition still appears to be the ' two teaspoons of kerosene. Your tak most prominent of l the questions ! finished, no need to rub dry--]Qat the electorate will be asked to decide, watch the results. The Democrats anpear ready to risk+ and Mrs. Frank Bowlea and their political lives on the wet issue ff.rth's Distaae From Mm The distam+e of the planet children spent the week end in while many Republicans known to be from the earth varies from 35,030,000 with her parents Mr. end wavering, especially those who are to 247.0OL miles. It therefore ti- t. Atteberry. :.nly politically bone dry and person- quires from 1,, to 1..W28 econd Sot Kuntzi who has been in the all3; wet. 1 light from tiw p,anet to reach tim Itospital in Lincoln waa An entirely new angle was injected earth, depending upon the relative I to his home on Tuesday into this issue at the Jackson Day sltlons. banquet when Chairman Raskob, of  Albert Buehler -isited her the Democratic National Committee, + Ask the Cldldr.m Ootmiderlng the mount of Mrs. Hodley Shawb at the submitted a plan for the National. fnformatlo n avaqlable o the subject Hospital on Sunday after- Convention's consideration for I of' Child guidance, the children must Twentieth Amendment to the CoastS. be gulded about far enough to till Watson spent the week end tution which would permit all States their parents wlleiher the expert his parents Mr. and Mrs. to decide for themselves whether rlht.--Indiana[mlis News, Wataum in Peoria. they would be wet or dry. His plan Girl's Physical Edtmation  calls for a referendum by popular party at the Cheetnut High vote upon which Congress would act. on Friday evening. Everyone Many Republicans favor a referen- costume in "Kid fashion" aiaee dum on outright repeal, a principle a Kid Party. Prizes for the which they feel the country would ostumm we: rst, $ann reject but would at the same time Alice Roee, third, elect a Republican slate, knowing Donnan, and fourth, aaniee that it would be depended  t Refrhmmtts comfih carry out the expressed wishes of cookies, and tea  the nation. Some shrewd men in the at a late hor. party feel this plan is the best from Jitney Supper ami the Wash- a political stand!mdnt. Program wu given at tim Others think the party can do no High School by the p. T. better than steal tl  Old Hyms Tuuea Tuesday evening. The plxram thunder by adopting the Raskob  of the old hymn t, "*el 1 hasted for their comlers, othe i web  Nan. If this is doe, and both pit. tl wrlte of the  Some In "---'--:------- ties ahould advocate theame liquor named for places with which tlmm i plank, the campaign will be reduced toanectton. to fights emtirely upon economic con- ditions, the liquor question being pas- P Ve, t t. 14mt sad over to the entire body of voters  bovine of representattvss. - for their decision, saving Congress- der  Ommtltuttom, hu the i men fro any further fear of re- power to. Impeach st PredeM ill prhmla for whatever stand they UnR tatet may take. But They n't Cell-t *awnlng." says a medical man. prove, the lines and eontomm of tl fae." Possibly there are many yool who can re.ail a  who owl i them tmmetblng for beauty trmtmml --Toledo Blade. Portulral'e Coleniee Portugal has some 930.264 mflss of tolontsl pesmlona and after ]gland and ]rance. It8 imm are greater tham tho  I1i and the N'therlandm iqmt "Fee&#" ,m l"m The sundew plant, growing wh - trtm  deflekmt,  it. neod0d uppt/ ! ensnaring ml dIgest/I I- set, i Should the right to determine their M own wetness be passed back to the  various States, it is felt the oM bad- ties over transportation of liquor, -- wieh relly gave birrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh to the Eigh- ll--Jadmo Day him teenth Amendment, will be renewedL and gone. The day w mark There were thirty-three dry States at by the Demoerate ta that time and friction wu constant- parts of the country, imt the ty arising through the  d[ was in Washington, where liquor into these States. The W'ebb- foner candidates for the  Kenyon Act. whieh tried to eure this on the ticket of the g ad- evil. was gmterally felt to he the d. T in stituttonal and a substitute .fro" it will the thought that vleto ill have to be sought and will then be the em'aev for the lmet.e made the basis e move polttll Buy Year Milk et Mag00mla t ' EN8 RKNAI2L DRUG aritotatlc ctrcl and leading a rak. Ish life. His "Memolres" fill 12 vol- umes and are vastly entertaining is a picture of the corrupt manners of his time. City Llghtlnl Op Although gae illumination was known many years before the first treet llhlmtnatlon, the lmprovemt wu opposed on the ground that such a practice would be blasphemous. God bring divinely dlvlded Ught and dark- nes& and also that people would b@ induced to stay out at night and catch told and fall prey to robber& Acanthus in Art The acanthus plant hu bee mot used through the ages la deeorstlve and cu,ptured art+ It apPea I a- tieat OoHnthlan, Greek. Roman, By- untine, Renalmmne L0ul XIV. and XVI decoraflon The period can ofto be told by the artlcular will Ill whlet the acanthus Is Oil Linlnile Experts In English tell us that the ancient Saxons said. "Oh. yeah." We also heard the gue& that they uld, **Uh huh." While  for *qleh I" th first Saxon baby probably oHginatsd that Indispemmble exclamation.-- Charleston (W. Vs.) Dally Mail [ ]l/lille lth Troth Pmd peoi+s of whale, Including the , sperm whale and members of the dol- t phlo and porpoise family, have teeth. The sperm whale ba 20 to 26 teeth on each side of the lower Jaw, up to four pounds In weight: the upper Jaw has eight pairs of smaller teeth. i Comic Strip Scrap Book Choose s good comic strip for chil- dren. Cut out the strip every day and paste it in a book. 'Chic can be used as a story to read to restless children on dull days or when they are lit, a15 they elm, if they wDth, color the plc- Reheated Bread [ Ohemlsts studying stalene bread found that reheating bread re- freshness temporarily, and the px.tms can be repeated a many evon times beg, re the bread loses Um linch moisture to benefit by heating. "Sky.'raper" Pouudatlo In the construction of skyscraper8 tin mmal preetlee is to excavate the foundation 80 to 50 feet and  to teel ean to Pernilt piem to go to bedrodL No True IN'eetion does not exist. To 0 ataa It  the trinmldl of Imman te. tetllgenee; to desire to   I mOt dangevon  if -- _d de Mum,mr. JUtdett Swim lldlllly straw braid Industry Is 011 tim oldest In $wltslaM, the s commercial organ  llahl ia 17. Sip, d mm are thoe wb@ t 1111 ornery uHea are an Imvm't  to 8erupt #ury servJee.-4 Ttm lar8 Handl Oli IZchologlsts In tim Nutern JLlpe found left hands made of It, eta ufled to eo455n of about O00 B. Cromlum Wldei UNI More than 2.000 dtffernt ktn/ if m"tlcles are now plated With egtro- miom. Hold Fast t Frs,IdI A man sh+mld kee hill frien4sblpe In constant repair.--Dr. 3emuel florin- lion. Buddhist Rot7 lbth Rosary beads have been trae I$ tbe earliest Buddhists. Referenc Made Easy Bookcase ,ri rolh*rs are  i rlMPerence Itbrarle ) PAGE eli Reli='uut Unheliel :;Pdol is u +:;: / .eli I, (|ib.llev.- ':+'+e, rther t+JiU Ly th+:i+f,+vem, iI ,;<]+-i IS <me +, i*, +o: t+t b(:li++ve Irl 2+++:]t1+ IF+ +J,e{ t'll+ I[1 liitf iiiil'[ (?|Jl, ; F,.+ ++OF} +if r}}++ {+ ;iflfillt lii++i, lil athe- f- iS OlTe 2:o C ,::7(: the t,x+,;;lence f a God; wilila +in +guo:tie Is one wiJn pr,ffesses illOF; Ilf'{ its to w}lether or not there may be a God, a future exist,+nte, etc., :,I ,,:!m often holds that mml cannot pos.slbly prove tl matter either way. The Inventor of the term agn,)sHe was Th,,ma Huw- Iey.--Cleveland l'!aln Dealer. ACID T 0 M,A C The Baql+ of Spain ;irv mid t, be th oldest rave survng in P+UPOpl, Map om 'lNmee are rl. maim In the grail Natoltt l|brary in Pff. leerln I Away  I[ 8undaF eleara away tl rust o the whole week.-- A ddtsoL Pedantry Denounl Pedantry crams our heads leurned lumber, and tak out our brains to make r,,,,m for It.- Coleridge. Make the Best of It +One sli+uld Ii +3 not to bP +listresse,! about anyth|i+;:+ and to take all tim* happs fur the hest.--Pnseal. T Europ' Ohlt Re J,XCESS add ,)f indigestion. It resultt in T to Frm *'He looked  stupid wiien he pr I)Sed to me." *'Well. darling, look wh It thing he Wall doind5 " L! ........... I The Sheets W:  ,ourness about two hour g. The quick torreetive ht an which neutralizes acid. corrective is Milk of uesia. p" hysician, in the 50 y_ invention. One spoonful of Magnesia neutralizes i times its volume in acid. and tasteless, and yet its atioQ quick. You will never: methods, once ,'an } this method Be sure the genuine. The ideal dentifrice for leth and healthy ffttm is ntal Magnesia, ti suimrior pas, that afqluard taimg "uou[n. /LL MORTICIANS Sheets Quality Service Costs No i; Y; [Mt. Pulaski and !:+!:i t Lincoht . PULASKI EATR ,,,, i ii FRI. & SAT. FEB. 26-27 ........ !1._ George White's "Flying High" With Bert Lahr America's Mcst Imitated Comedian and Charlotte Greenwood The Longest Laugh in Pictures 8uml It's ti one amt enly 'qling Hiffh% the air thSi in tim  pletm ou the serem You will tll tii new i  WDma UidDawn. amd,qqLandhMp. Also M-G-M comedy ami 'liv tim Pro" eartoo 1o  hi prkm for the mtt-orditm a10e a! SUN. & MON, FEB. 28-29 + JOHN GILBERT the funny El Brendel the charming Lois Moran and that different Madge Evans In "West of Broadway" M-G-M Comedy and "Flip the Frog" Cartoon Admission--lO and 25c