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February 25, 1932     Times
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February 25, 1932

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Tttl RSDAY FERRUARY 25, 1932 A -- kJ _. !11 :;*'r# ftr ;it] t',,ulr tnr] t*,,qll} ,'[['t , t' The da:. her-re be na,l s;l" there m precisetv lhe same chair for an hmlr and on ..,,vera| dab's before that she bad sat there until she knew every angle and crevice of the well 1drnished reception room by hearL he bad been told that no one had aver been able to sell Mr. Bertram Crr life inuPanee--he didn't carry any life insurance wbtever. He ws thirty-five nd a bachelor, and in Ter ry'a notebook she hd Jotted down the Informtion thal he had  Income of abom twenty thouant dollars a Fear. Terry had been unable to ge{ an interview with him by telephone. She euldn't get him to consent to see her oe an. pretext abe hd been ble to Invent  now she was simply walt- lg to see him She would approach him when he left bin office, the only door of hich led through the recep- tion rom, Other days when she had sat there ahe had simply bad to give up before t tenlcth he came out, or else he had Come ,,ut so quickly and brushed by her so abruptly that she had no op- portunity to say a word. Today Ter t- wn determil to get on tuner- view. She had sat there for au hour and a half and bad. It seemed to her, worn away almost JR entire powder empae! and quarter of lipstick. Just keeping in constant readiness. Terry was thinking of thoe things when Mr. Cart's office door was quick- ly opened ad with two long steps be wits In the reception room. Terry rmhed forward. She knew she was too pretty to be brushed aside. "1 would like to see you--Just mo- Immt." She smiled her prettiest and trll to gel hla eye. "I am sorry, madam," sald Mr. Ber. Crr, looking aPlpeallngiy toward retUition desk. "but 1 am rnshlag to an Importan engtgemest. If you'd Im  good u to give your name, I lhlak my  cad see you_" And I  off and Terry was no IIrr 4ng Bertram (rr than ever. "Oh, well, there Is more than one way to sell Insurance." said the more allan middle-aged Miss Larsou whom Terry encountered In one of the offices the Insurance company fOr which both worked. "Your line Is good leers tnd prettiness, looking like Fifth ave mue and Cleopatra or something all the time. Now my approach Is entire  ly different. Some days when 1 gel the Mggt hauls i go around the Idlabblest. I could no more hope to gel myself up like you titan you could hope to place any policies If you didn't.'" Surely the drab-it.eking Miss Lagon had not intended to annoy Terry. but Terry was annoyed and felt all the more troubled every time she thought of what he older woman had said. It wouldn't have mattered so much if she had succeeded with Mr. Can.. But she hadn't even got an interview. He kadn't fallen for her good looks one little hit. Perhaps MI Laden waS Hght;  looks were her line. Terry went to bed tht night with fixed determlnatlou to show the world In general, and Miss Larsou In llm, tleular, that she had more than me string to her line. Two days later when a rather pale. decldedly shabby and somewhat scare& tmld4ooking young girl asked the re- -on clerk whether she might see Mr. Bertram Can" the clerk could I1 sworn that she had never seen the  before. "I don't want to send I my name." said the apparently shy "because he might send out his and she would fHghteu me II death, but maybe l could sit here 1 Just walt.  So tt cegtlon clerk Islthe girl walt. h w still looking told and scared J to y actually hungry an ber when Mr. Cart eame out of Id and she stepped flm/dly towm' klm. r'eptlon clerk was around u418m sha mw Mr. OUT go back to Ms eee with tae shab-tookl youns "She wold have been cousider- more surprtsed tt tim mtnuten M ebe had beard Mr. Otrr vlrtus U It t4=  te take  a ttte Ismmmce of am smastnsiy larSe 8eu "1 take tkl e eeur" told Mr. emir tetbe girl, "trot tkm t=  line lleiil rm why I idlId. Ye@ 8es an m; ktndved are amp(y pude e and--Pro nes mamvied,- "You ma; be some y," todd ,tie tlnfld littl life  IMIIL After tomd_.derable mnaeuverlag etrlved to meet Mr. Cart at s imrty t month later. I! o8 s boll{lay Ter who had tr the time being fot,ottt all about Ise-b, a vet prty and well- dl's.d Terry verthelm. It had taken considerable ingenuity to find .rlend who also knew Bertram Carr who was In a mood to give a hou i)arty. Bertram anew timt ne had see her before but he could identify her neither wlth the insiet youn woman who had tried to sea him so ,,fteu nor the timid glrl who had sold him life 18. surnnce a little Iter. iven when I asked Terry tn marry him nd he bad accepted, she had to tell him tle stot of her campaign that had aroused flrsl his pity---thou hL love. ,%L :?,  "re t 2 ?.. Water Hard to Compress Water is ver) sl;zhtl} c,;q,r'-:ible. Its compressibility is from 0:?g40 to 0.,.51 for one atmosphere, decrms- lng with incr+,ase of temperature. For each foot of pressure distilled water will be diminished in volume 0.O3)015 to 0.00013. Water is so incompres- sible that even at depth of a mile a cubic foot of water will weigh only about half a pound more than at the surface. Vmrlstlom In Hearing Range of hearing decream with ag and many old people fall to hear notes which, to the middle aged, are qulte distinct. Three lndivtdnais, noe of them at all deaf, may Usten to the same ote; the first will merely call tt "rather high," the second will com- plain of It painful shrillness, sad the third will hear nothing! Tob ondemned Burton. of the "Anatomy of blelan- eboly," believed in tobaeeo as a medi- cine, but denounced smoking for pleas- ure thus: *'Most men take It lm tink- ers do ale." Also "A plague of mla- chief, violeat purger of good=, lands, health---hellish, devilish and d--d to- bacco, the r11ln and overthrow of body and souL" Ape*" Not "Monkeys" The terms "ape'" and "monkey" In popular language are more or less In- terchangeable. Correctly petklng, however, ape refers to any of the large anthropoid primates which Ire entire- ly tailless, and monkey to any of the smaller members o thla order with either short or long Motion Ptctnre Ellnl lgagllh-speaklng peoples prefer hap- P7 endings to motion plctm'; Oer- maz like unhappy 'madinlFs; Lat/ns mint logical eadtap, lwever unptesant they may be- rllnw ar often changed for export trade with thole facts tn mind. =Melting Pet" Celeny In tin aatlon's eartl days no colony had so many immigrants of dif- ferent races and rellgiom as Pennsyl- vania. ere were Dutch, Swedes, English. Germans, Welsh and Irish; Quakers, Presbyterians, Oatholles, Lutheran, Mennonites and Mora- vtan Wu Cffiar'= Treuuro? The Gutenberg Bible lold In London recently Is belleved to hate come from the imperial library of the Hermitage. at Leningrad, having been purchased in 1' by the librarian of Czar Alex- ander I at a sale in Munich for about $'D. Dances in ",'a hington  ::e Bitter Expression The expression "Solid pudding against empty praise" is from Alex- :z .r l'a;,,' "'Dunciad/' Irl ,Iden time kings protected poets, artist and musiclan. and frequently gave them board and lodging, or a stq,)end on which to live. When aspiring poets received only praise and needed solid statennee an empty stomach made the pealae empty. /'l,=en the Se "Calls" eHag of the sea Is an old Eng lll  for grouad-well. nea  on a  nlght the sound IS sometimes heard ir miles lnlenL Inhabitants of seaside towns lookd on it is a summons by death. Tennyson to thtl phenomenon In "(3vomg the Bar""And one dear call for me." Cot/right |1|11 oil 'le original term of a copyright In for 28 years. Within one year of the ration of the original term t holder or uther, or If he Is delia helr may obtain a rmewal for am- other 18 years, malting possllMe {1 years for the copyright to run. ||ound=rr "StNdtlkff There Is a permanent organtzatSo8 ealled the Urdted States and Mexle , laternatlonl boundary tommtssion at El Paso, Texas, whose duty ls to at- tend to the occasional changes in the boundary line due to the changes in the eouree of the Rio Orande. Excellent Life Rule Let every dawn of morning be to you as the beginning of life and ev- r Setting sun be to you as Its sure r0es of Jome kindly thing done for some goodly strength or Imowi- gained for yomsJelL--7ohn Ru Pecti Not Is said that publishers hate bees able to bring out a book fJm7 free from errors. The  nemmat ton Is the Bible whldk,  to Its many re13riuting, has offl opportunities to eorr mtakes, Commercial Ck'mola fnsm,,i, is a .oft. pliant leather pared orieinally from the skin of the chamois, a small oat-like antelope of the Alpine region of Europe, but now also made from the skin of the Sh'IP, gear, calf and other anlmall. Come In III @ or Phone No. 144 or Job Printing - Advertisin00 . Mr. Pulaski Times Mr. Pulaski, Imnois Man's mta4 bad man is wrch4M amidst bly advantage; a Ipod mantro- bled on every side, yet not dtstres.d; IIItexed, but not in despair; pere- eared, but not d.lroyed.Plato. Yellow Diamcmd= RAre A fan.y canary-yellow diamond Is more valuable than blue-white or white diamond. This Is because of the rareness of the stone. Of the dia- monds that are found  com quantities the blue-white ta the m0t valuable. Wants Him Ready Made Many a wife Is perfectly willng to lck up her no and wear expensive finery to advertise whl a ncces ha' husband is. wk,, wouldn't turn her lit- tle finger over to help make klm ---Cincinnati Enquirer. One Advmstago nettmt books," Said HI HO, of Chinatown. quays thl draw t---tl tell untruths imm, tl but never In way to make them pop- lateresttng."--Wuhin gtoll mar. Jreet of MotaJe pound of Indium, one of the of metals, Is vnlu at 8T,00.  Is white, IUIqS, very gOfl al ductile, and csn be melted with a mltek. Edion', Busy Years In the courage of forty yeas. Th.m:- A.  took out more than 9OO pa eats In the United Stat alone. What every mother of several chll. dv knows: It's never too tare to mtd.Blfft on News-Banner. DID YOU00EVER STOP TO THlNK? The danger of suddenly becoming aware of a new notion and taking it to extremes is something hard- ly less in people of mature age than is young pen. pie, and more strange still, is not less at all in com- munities than in individuals. Thus thee is the likelihood that the insistence up- on the interdendence of states and communities, which is being heard from all quarters today, may become detrimental to more obvious needs and methods. Interdependence in finance and industry is chiefly a matter of co-ordinating financial mea- sures, output and consumption. It is dangerous to iump at conclusions that com- plication should be heaped upon complication in the matter of transferring goods here and there without adequate reason and so multiplying their final cost to consumer reducing purchasing power, m-