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February 25, 1932     Times
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February 25, 1932

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]AGE TWO Mt. Pulaski Times Fttered as second clam mail in pomt-oflite t Mt. Pulaski, IlliM, t November 17, 1903, under the Act of Congress of March 9, 1879. BY MT. PULASKI TIM] L. F. Myers, t S=tmcrtea  Year --JRNI Montlm ,IMI Mont h - .MM Copi .N THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25, IL I &apos;WE DO NOT WANT A WAR We do not want another war. We do not know anybody, exeel per- haps a few reckless boys and some the people who sell things to with, who wanta the United to go to war again. Yet we ]lear people on the street,  a-  the ruckus over in China, speak :us if they thought it would bring baek our national prosperity quickly U this country took a hand in the In the first plae it's none of our so , We haw read or Iacd nthing about tim Jaim-OhimL l/kdy to haw any igdsanee Nr.-inst either of the flghtin8  sufliei- t to yasty u in dlart war. Imi ends with proteing the iivw md iterest4 of Americans in China and Jkpan, and in urging the eom- tants, under the terms of treaties anthorttiea at Washington their heads cool and do- all that American interests re- quire them to do. War does not bring prosperity, but the opposite. Our grandchildren 't finish paying for the last war were in, for pretty nearly a hun- dawd years to come. All our present would be the last to hold bak ff any . .re/g-n power threatened our na- tkmai interests, tried to take away from tm anything which we have got. We are not lmciflsts. But we think that all the talk about America get- into this little scrap between two yellow races is irresponsible sense, PUT THE MONEY IN THE BANK We are hopeful that the movement ipoored by President Hoover, head- [ by Col. Frank Knox and partici- pated in by 42 great national organ- izations, looking toward persuading eople to take their money out of hid.g and put it back to work, will accomplish that result. Nobody can eompel anybody to do anything with his m<,ney which he does not want tO do-except to IY taxes--but it seems to us that an intelligent cam- paign of education may make a great many people alize how foolish they are and lw much harm it is doing to the country, to hold their money in safe-deFsits or tucked away un- der the ba'rn floor. Money is of " no value unless it is wgrk. Invested in anything which can earn money it becomes the basis THE MT. lr['LASKI TIMES, MT. P ULASKI. ILLINOIS o THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25, value. The fifteen hundred million ton, hired a private detective and ciple. What was the disciple's ame? PRqGRESS IN ILLINOIS of cement for highway dollars which, some of those at the caught the miscreant, cus to the house of a faithful dis- 200 employes of the LaSalle Vhite House conference stated is be- Sitting in a New York club a few Judas. It is believed that the erection of the Alpha Portland Cement nights later, Van Norton received Another disciple was sent to Paul structural steel for the first section have resumed work. ing hoarded in America today, has the congratulations of his neighbors, to minister to his needs. Vhat was of the new Field building in Chicago caused a reduction in credits avail- "Yu did a fine thing," they said. his name ? Ananias. has set a record. Steel for 26 stories A 12 per cent increase in the e I able to business of probably ten txm i"Now 'e hope you'll send the rascal was erected in 40 working days. bet of hogs on Illinois farms as much. If it were all to be put I over the road for a good long stretch. Everybody remembers Judas the ported for 1931 by the Illinoi back into the banks the depression "Vhat do you mean, send him or- betrayer and Ananias the liar. No- The Illinois State Geolcgic! Sur- deral departments of er the road?" Van Norton asked, body remember the other Judas and vey is preparing exhibits of typical would be over almost instantly. "Why, prosecute hi. Send him to the other Ananias--quiet, unselfish Illinois rocks, minerals and fosl \\; Many people are still afraid of the jail." men who aided Paul in his hour of for distribution to high schools. lmks. It is the belief of those who "Prosecute him ? I don't intend to need and helped to start him on his are behind this anti-hoarding move- prosecute him. n great career. More new automobiles were sold in ,ment that there is no longer any They were incredulous. "Surely A very wise and good friend of Illinois in January than in an T otk such cause for that fear, with the Re- you're going to see that he is pun- mine had a motto. Said he: "Every month since October, 1981. ished for all the loss and worry he man has a right to be judge(! by his construon Finance Corporation I has caused us." best fnctioning. And there is legislation "Just a mime," Van Norton - The University of Illinois has de- pending which will give the banking sponded quietly. "Suppose I do pro- WI So, he psychologist explain why veloped a new process for veete- in condensed milk with m situation even further stability. But secute hi/. Suppose I get a onvie- it is so hard for us to remember that is expected to commme $,000,000 tion and a jail sentence. What will the best? if anyone still is afraid to trus his happen? Ten years from now my bushels of corn annually. or her surplus cash to the banks, name will be mentioned in a gather- And so easy to remember the why not lend it to the United States ing such as this, and somebody will wmt. With an order for 1,300,000 Government? Uncle Sam will contin- say vaguely, Wan Norton? Van ue to pay interest on Federal bonds Norton ? Let's see. Wasn he mixed f)r a long time to come. If he does- aUPliittlein sOmewhileChickenago ?, ,stealing business SELL OR TRADE n't, then we're all sunk and none of It is a curious fact of human no- l or City Properties our money will be worth anything ture that we forget the best in or to Epeak of. And there are the Po- ture that we forget the best in our Or Rent Properties NY ta] Savings Banks. available to ev- fellow men, while a single stain of AnyltmZ. Anywhere, Anytime scandal clings o our memories for- erybedy for deposits of the smaulest ever. Wlmt Have You? Wmm  rmtbe mm anounts, which can always be drawn Ill we  mention to an, ,.., T.L. Rothwell, Good  r,,, ., the remedy can always out immediately if needed and which i of this newspaper the name Judas, will earn interest until withdrawn. !he would tell me immediately who Phone 72 Mt. Pulnski, Ill. Money put to use in those ways is Judas was. Wile was the treacherous frequent use. As as aby. worth something; money held out aostle the betrayer of his LoIL  fretful spelL is feverish rcies sleep, let Catoria soothe and of use is worth nothing. And the If I were to mention the name of Sometimes it's a touch of I 00orr. FUNERAL HOME coo,,,ootimes Or more it is held out of use, the more most as prompt. "Ananias Why, without delay. worthless it all becomes. Ananias was the man who claimed I and We it promptly. Belief will i i WILBERT H SCHAHL Ass t  promptly; ilit domo't you a :o: o have sold all his property and ;call a physiciam THE FORGO'rEN ANANIAS turned the proceeds over to the ap- By Bruce Barton -otleSand forBUttelling-he thatheld lieSmehe Ofwasitstruckback, n "To Serve Humanity Better" Some years ago a chicken thiefi dead" He was the prince of liars." Mt. Fulaski 23 --PHONES-- Lincoln 1234 coanmited a series of rbberles on' But how many reders remember bg" estates outside New York. He got this story ?  ........... away with some very fancy stock. When the apostle Paul saw the Finally, one of the gentleman far-!vision by which he was converted, mers, whomwe_ sh]] call Van Nor- he was divinely guided into DRmas- Order Oil Now For Spring Delivery! Mother of 7--St'll Young ) PENN :BLUE J ,I BOND 'SEAL ( Discounts on Orders for Delivery between Feb- ruary I and May 1. Additional discount for T%.-  .  .! ca. You..   .,, Cash on delivery of oils, See our Truck the right stimulant that lUOnom aste, and ,. mind  wry aixmt  okL Imvemt wakeued the boweleYdu'll , m.t .a;  ,., .. pe.. . , o_,__oanesman or Call-- /am 't .s@e. She hss Ibe health better in every way. The onstt and "pep that come from a lively use ofeathartics is oftm the cause o! ..  .-----oo-nd--,-the Mt. Pulaski Office 198 or Residence 53 and the facAmloummtemaryl Wh you're s/ugish Med. h.: 't take alot Logan Mason Servic00 Co a ol the cathartic habR? At the same d mmot, medicines." Would you like to break yourself _ doer.s preacripti(m for protec you from ferat iek m big bottle of Dr. Caldwel/s syrup at:kee aez am:] pure pepsin. Jzmt  tods. Use often enough to ..---ML __..ffi.Pulasb;, ,or Dr c.   ., .t,.,. o, a.oo Illinois Tahe a tle eve day or o, antil or a coated tongue or bad bre'alh ryLF0r body feak tl  When you feel weak and run.own mt warns you the boweh need to bc te have you bilious a stimulated. Give it to children or feel aH bound-up, take instead of strong laxatives that sap N BUD .. BUB By i/d 1{ /ELL SIR [ You ^ -r=  !> ,," J FR[QUEN'T CLUBS IE ._2 Cc,, If anyone desires to have infotma- tion about funeral establlshmet, funeral services, and funeral prtce we'll gladly supply it. All one need do is visit us and state his wants. This visit obligates no one in al i way. One merely learns things that will protect him in time of need. One will learn hat we give for a very i small sum. Funerals here may be had complete for as Httle as the faro- ] (, ily feels it can ffold to pay. ! LO Bt/I) N  BUBSa= ' / . JOHN T HEIHEY ,foror ftr ear8  ....