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February 18, 1932     Times
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February 18, 1932

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PAGE EIGHT THE REVIEW MS. Pulaski Townshi High School First Semester 1931.32 HONOR ROLL Yaadevender, Herschel ......... 5..)0 Voile, Everette ................ :&apos;. 00 mile, Gordon_ ................. 500 Marie ................ 5.00 Byron_ ................ 4.75 Ullis, Lucy Jane ................ 4.75 y, Margttret ............. 4.75 Esther ................. &75 Hook, Louise .............. 4.60 @rathwohl, Florence ............ 4.50 Kemwner, Eldrid_ .............. &50 mmermann, Georgianne ....... 4.50 HONORABLE MENTION ffdff, Pierron- ....... (3 subj.)__4.33 {lard, Billie ................. 4.25 Goodpaster. Vincent ............ 4.25 dmnard, Don .................. 4.25 llaney, George ................. 4.25 ]uI, Irnm ................... 4.25 1, Gwendo lyn- .............. 4.25 Jkderman, Mildred .............. 4.00 Baumann Glenn ................ 4.00 ]rae'hear, Carl ................. 4.00 Geyer, Katherine ................ 4.00 1W_an, Alvin .................... 4.00 Halstead, Fern ................. 4.00 Xinert, Ile ................... 4.00 L..rmar, Marjorie ................. 4.00 Mnn, Erma ................. 4.00 thwell, Grace .................. 4.00 Bisk, William___- ............... 4.00 Volle, Junior ................... 4.00 Wessbecher, Albert .............. 4.00 'W;:? Gayford ................. 4.00 Zelle, aok .................... 4.00 Virginia L'_-= ............... 3.75 Michael __2"_ .............. 3.75 E-Win .............. 3.75 3.75 gams. Mabel .................... 3.75 Schaffenacker. Wilford .......... 3.75 Sehmidt, Wilbur ................ 3.75 n, Harold ............... 3.75 lgpenler, Gilbert ................ 3.75 Spher, Bonnie ................ 3.75 UnderMll, Jane ............ .__$.75 Yauch, Robert .................. 3.75 el}hamer, Emmet .......... 3.75 Kolp, Lois ..................... 3.75 COEtL Shorthand is a subject that is mm- tll to every one. It requires diligent y and practice in order to be able b write it correctly. There are e- rules to learn as there is a rule joining in Shorthand. Good is neceary in writ- Shorthand, as we as correct and punctuation in trar- Do you like acrostics, f so, here k that should be rmnernber in S1Ul'thand. There are but they spell SUC- as well as SHORTHAND, miles ard work bedience egularity inking Ambition Neatness Determinatioa I Class has finished eight chapters in the manu- dictation at 50 words The Advanced Class is taking and letters between 80 and Letters for transcrkption typewriter are dictated at 80 or higher. you know hvw to type you know save time. If you are requir- to do much writing you can do it on the typewriter. It is no tiresome you will have time to spare. The Typing I Classes have been  the two sections: Alvin Hahn 37--2; Marie Bertoni Lane 39---6. Advanced Typing Class is writing daily lessons from the Man- all From the 15 rain. speed test gi- , last, the best rates so far this year were written. The .following are which show good accuracy: Louise Van Hook Mildred Aderman 54--2; Mar- 55--6. ping Class has tnish- Set No. 2 and are now taking up interest, and Sales ami Purchases discount. GISH "Julius Caesmr" Caesar returns home from being At this time a soothsayer to beware of the Ides of Brutus is a friend to Caesar. Cas- sius, one @f the consWirators, against tries to turn Brutus against Brutus is blind and cannot see subtle flattery with which Ca., him against Caesar. turns, however, and be- conspirators. the eve of the Ides of March, ':filed, and pleads with Caesar not to leave the house. Caesar leaves in the company of the conspirators and is stabbed. Brutus is sorry that he had turned against Caesar and, as a result, is very low. Brutus makes a peeeh in the for- um after Caesar's buriaL He tells the people that he killed Caesar, not because he did not love him, but be- cause he loved Rome more. The crowd believes in Brutus and so agrees with 1 him. Mark Anthony then makes a I speech, in which he talks for Caesar] and against Bretus. The mob turns i against Brutus. Antony tells them of the will that Caesar left and then reads it to them. Brutus and the eight other conspir- ators have left, and the mob goes to seek them. Another part of "Julius Caesar,' will follow next week. ENGLISH II The rich merchant, Antonio, is very worried because his ships are out up- on the sea. Bassanio, a very good friend of his, comes to him and asks for money to go to Portia. a rich Baseme leaves Portia and goes to Venice. Antonio is put up on trial. 2he Duke tells Antonio that there is scarcely any hope that Shylock will have mercy on him. Portia comes, dressed as a young lawyer. She pleads Antonio's case. She says that in the bond there is no mention tf any blood to be shed. If Shylock causes Antonio to lose one drop ,tf blood, he will die. Shylock realizes that this is impossible to do. Portia asks for Bassanio's ring as payment. Basshie says to take any- thing but that, because his wife had given it to him. He, finally gives it to her though, just as she is leaving I will finish the story next week. FOODS The girls are becoming more in- terested in foods every day. They are working on quick breads for breakfasts. From the smells that come from that direction, I should say that they are making a success of it, Next week I will .put in some re- cipes for you. Be sure and follo these weekly installment closely CLOTHING We are still working on our dres- heiress, who lives at Betmont not far _ es. We are making good progress. I from Venice Antonio does not have .......... ur oresses snoum e nmsnea m a- the money, so he takes Bassanio to .......... - vouc vwo wees, we are no sis- Shylock, a Jew Shylock hates An- " -  couraged when we have to take some I tonio but lends him the money, he-:stitching out, because "The best[ cause he sees there might be a seamstresses make mistakes" We chance to trick him. The bond that Antonio gives Shylock. is a pound of flesh from any place on his body, if he does not ay in three months. Bassanio goes to Portia's home. Here he has to choose one of three caskets in order to dn Portia. If he chooses the casket which contains Portia's picture she will become his wife. Bassanio chooses right casket, can start on our home project any time now. We must hand in reports for these .................. AMERICAN HISTORY War, to the majority of the stu- I dents, is the most intesting part of! history; e.eciaily, the Civil War which was fought on our own terri- tory. Everyone knows it began over and so wins Portia. As they are islavery; the northeners or Unionists talking Lorenzo, Jessie, (Shyloek'sbeing against it, and the southerners daughter) and a messenger enter. !or Confederates, for it. What really The messenger gives B)assanio a let-'opened war was the "Bombardment ter fr@m Antonio In this Antonio I of Fort Sumter", a place not far tells Bassanio that all his ships have!from Charleston, South Carolina. miscarried and that he will have to There were eleven states ths se- pay Shylock his bond. ceded and became Confederates. Mt. Pulaski Theatre Friday and Saturday February 19-20 "BORDE i ROM ; Under a Warm Southern Moo= A Isllsat. dsshm| Am- Smorlta . .. And wm r ;m .le of horse thieves ma rite me sid ti pollee on tt mh. A DI Le.r A Ddt Gd/ut A Darlvleil H in art Outdoor Adv.tram Drms With Tslldnl and Me, ArmMi Den Terry Marorie Kane Victor Potei Wesley Barry Dlrt bF Itchsr The gift of a suit of clothes from i his brother made a comedian out af 'Victor Potel and lor tenty years he has been opular in pictures as a result. After various odd jobs in many parts of the ccuntry, Vic found himself back in Chicago, hungry and willing to work at anything. His brother offered him a job as a clothing salesman and, to bind the bargain, outfitted him with a suit of rather tight fit. Being over six feet tall and weighing only 123 pounds, the tight suit made Vic the target for isecracks from the sidewalk gallery as he passed by on his way to lunch. After about a of this young Potel decided that, if he was tat funny he might as well eltpitali_ it, I so he went to the EManay Studios in Chicago and saw Billy Anderson and got a job at once in one f his ecedies--nd he has been & com- edian ever since. P0tel's latest picture is "Border itemrice," coming to the Mt. Pulaski Theatre Feb. 19, and 20. It's a Tif- fany all-talking production with mu- sic and the cast is headed by Armida, D:n Terry, Marjorie Kane, Potel and Wesley Barry. It was written by ,r:hn Franc Natteford; directed v Richard Thorpe and sttpervised by Lester Scott. 7' I;I.._KL ILLINOI When Lincoln issued the proelama- of succs. At Warrens-burg on Fri- tion for troops, the Unionists were t day, Januar T twelfth, Mt. Pulaski de- rior !1  Idlxstrial re-ifeated the reedy Warrensburg ag- sources, nd money, although, the rgregation by a score of 21 to 14. Confederages were better fitted to Mr. Pulaski took an early lead on fght and also they had several great a basket by Zimmermann and from military rs, already trained, then on alxays kept possession of such as Lee, Johnston, and Stene-: the long end of the count. The re- wall Jackson. General Ulysses Grant bounding of the Mt. Pulaski tossers was the Unionist's greatest general. During one of the great naval bat- ties, Hmton Roads, the Confeder- ates prodaced a great ship the "Vir- ginia" Which was the first iron-clad in our history. This powerful iron- clad i r history. This powerful ironclad destroyed two of the finest ships of the North and would have won the lmttle had not the Unionis-'.s, not to be otdone, roduced the Mon- itor, a small iron vessel shaped like a torpedo beet, with a revolving gun turrent rising only a few feet. The wooden shps were saved, but at the same time they were made as obso- lete as "Noah's Ark". Many other battles took place, the most important being the "Battle of Gettysburg" and the "Battle of Vicksburg." The war ended on Aril 14, 1865 when Grant made Lee surrender at Appoatax. Meantime, Lincoln had been re- elected and on the night he was cele- brating the close of the Civil War he was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth. "In the hour of victory the great Captain lay upon the deck cold and dead." MANUAL TRAINING The past week we studied screw threads. Some of the more common types are: Whitworth, United States Standard, Sharp Vee, British Associ- ation Standard, Civil Engineers Stan- dard, International Standard, Square, Acme and ThuD- threads. There axe four methods of cutting I screw threads viz., in the lathe, by taps and dies, screw milling, and thread grinding. Screws have many uses. Some of the general classes of uses are wood scr%s, vises, jackscrews, microme_  ters and worn cylinder with a spiral ;projectlon or ridge on its surface. Archimedes wa one of the first to use the ple of the eerew. MS. Pulaski Tolm Wa ZI-14 1 WarrembmT's attempt to ave,ei their defeat at the hands of the MS, Pulaski lads fell seven points dmrti was a little off form, but they made. u for it by good shooting from a-: round the free throw circle. Page Waddell turned in a good I fighting game. Warrenburg's zone I defense sceened air tight and the' Pulaski team had to take flood ad- vantage of the "holes". t00ul YOUR CASTORIA Al ':NS REXALL DRUG S'iORi TItUI{SDAY FEBRUARY 18, HOLMES The retirement of Justice Wendell Holmes from the the United States Supreme court the age of ninety-one removes public life not nly one of the but the only surviving veteran of g and most distinguished of j Civil War to hold high public Justice Holmes served a a in the Union Army from 1861 to and was seriously wounded in three times. His father, the Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, w author of such poems as "Old sides," "The One-Hoss Shay," "The Last Leaf," as well as books and essays. Justice Holmes herited his father's literary skill, his opinions from the bench masterpieces of simple, plain lish. I Mother of 7---Still Young ] T_ mmu who fives h< ltm right stimulant nee8 m,t   growir old.  dmmn't stagnate: icr f  t  She has the health and  ttt  from a lively   acti bowels. 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