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February 18, 1932     Times
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February 18, 1932

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THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18, 1932 THE MT. PULASKI TLMES. MT. PUI.ASKI, ILLINOIS Fresh from a French convent, Jo- eeIs-a Harolwe returns to New York to her socially-elect mother, a tell- B00YON N IN BURT ona!ly w.eaured her. He ook her into the bedroom. ffious, ambitious woman. The girl is tumbled a suit from the closet to hurried into an engagement with the the bed. got a shirt, a tie and a soft wealthy Felix Kent. Her father, Nick Sandal, surreptiously enters the girl's home one night. He tells her he used to call her Lyndia Sandal. The girl is torn by her desire to see life in the raw and to become part of her mother's society. Her father stude her surroundimcs. Lynda visits her father in his din- gy quarters. She finds four men pity- hag cards when she arrives. O t them. Jock Ayleward, her father tells her, is Eke a sen to him, but wartm the girl he is a trifler. Lynda pays a second visit to her father and Jerk takes her home, on derworld cabaret. Joek asks her to the way stopping with her at an m dance. Jock get into a fight with a gang- ster who insists on dancing with Lynda. He then takes Lynda home. Later she mentions Felix's name to Jock and Ayleward's face display his demoniac hatred of the million- aire. Jerk tells Lynda that Felix caused him to be sent tc ail unjustly by fixing up hi, repor on a mine. Lyn- da say she doesn': believe hie story. She payes ano'her wiit to her fath and goes : a cabaret with him dances wih Jock. who suddenly stops and tells her he is going to take ha" light home. He had seen Felix danc- ing with anotherwomlm. NOW GO ON ITll TIIE STORY "Spiritually ? To know the combin- ation of an office safe ?" "Well, psychologically them It would give me a feeling of knowing hat and left her. The clothes weren't such a bad fit. The felt hat. because of her thick ?,air. wa a tight squeeze but she pul- led it dowm When she came out Jock smiled at her appearance. "You'll do, I guess, on a foggy night. XWnere are we going when we leave here ?" "Have you one of those small seahli'hts, Jck ?" "'An electric torch, sure thing." "Then take it. We're going to Felix's office downtown." Three blks away from the tall narrow tenement they took a taxi- =ab. Not many day-s before Jooelyn Har- lowe had driven through" the dia- n:ond air of noon along one v.f the ]iLerin, avenue of the gay town in Kenff smooth-running limousine, while his voice eager and possessive, exulted in her ear. She could nat avoid his lips, his touch. Now, plung- ]n and j-rking in the narrow :stuffy darkness c f the taxi. she c.sed a city lurid and confused, whose air was a wandering marsh light across her face and hands, wlTile the man beside her crouched forward, silent and controlled. She said to herself, "After this ride I shall never be alone with him again. And I love him. And I have never given him a word 6f ki. He will remember me only as one of many wounds." And the longing to speak softly to him took Poesaio of her almost irresia'bly. Jock spoke: "I won't see Fou It- gain," he said in his enbdued voice iL gave out a round white spot which startled her dth its preise revela- tion of the glittering knb of" the safe. She r!;eated to herself': "Three- eihtth turns to the left, eight- five ;wo. Tvo turns to the" right one one one seven. Six turns right. 'lrn o !eft." The thick door opened nume- ]es]y. Th,: mall compartments were la- belled, wt w!th letter or numbers, but wi'b hieroglyphics which mean nothing, he took ou bundle.s of pa- ors and qteadily examined them. Bundle after bundle, th names and titles utterly unknown, contracst, let- ters. slimed papers, she took them ou. reurntd them, Suspense ate at her vitaD. She col(t nor tell. qth the failure of each inspection, whrther her heart leaped or dro[6ed. Jock's eyes, Felix's clear ;rofile: both were haunt- ir: her. She endured not only her own horribie ur,=,, and fear of discovery but Jerk's. where he stood dov:n there in the chill fog', against he wall, waltinm No mater what hi delusion, this search meant. He r,ally hoped, he really feared. It was no:. for him, only a test, a mad ex- ;,,eriment; it was simply--his life, or his death. It was shame or clean jus,=ification, a prison .entenee dped out. a curse lifted. She thought she had imagined the words but her eyes had really picked them off a folded stiff sheet. She be g'an to shake. "Algernon Talley, Lost Valley Mine." "I agree to give your engineer the kind of look-in you sugge, prodded you come across with the million" Her sick eyes ran dawn the page. ' She saw his name, "Jock Aylewal" you better, of being in your confid- ence of being--" her voice fell, "real ly your wife------" Felix lifted the hair from oe of the delicate close-set ears and be0 his mouth to it w "Phre-eight--three turr to the "-eit-five-wo--two turns to t rlht. One oue one sev tzm right. Turn to the left. Did you bet that, my a'eet foolish wife?" "Say it again, Felix." He repeated it and she in her of a schoolgirl coned it over and over, sick with her own deception. To lie so in a man's adrns and to cajole his secrets from him for what nglrht be--no, she trusted him. "It is to prove my confidence in him--This conience must be silenced' It is only t/, prove his honor in such a fashion that he may never know it has been questioned; t,, rid myself of this-X3ther --this Other--forev and forever--and forever." Next day she wrote a line to Jock: "If I succeed in arranging matters tm I hope, Iql came to you tonight abut eleven o'clock. I shall have to ask your help." This she mailed with her own haml. Pleading weariness, she asked Pelix to stay away that evening and to her relief he decided that he would take advntage of this dismissal for ',You won't forgive me---no m[Anoher letter: "I've got him where what is found--omething or noth-w want him. It wasn't such easy do- .................................................................................................. i ing. I can't help hoping that welling either. He's a shrewd cha!5 and : find mt is bound, I supo, to knows his job. But I kept him away, two things to you; One---that I think :; from a shaft and I let him go over--" you are brave. Very few women i It was true. Felix Kent had baited i would have the courage and the ho ! a trap for an unmmpecting friend, & or to search out such a truth. And ! boy he'd played with. Felix  I the other is--I loe y'ou. It ctm't*, had sent his scapegoat, an innocent hurt you to know that. L, ynd I man to priso. The proof lay in her i love you." two cold hands. She did not answer. 2he murky city It would mean, for Kent went past their silence in blurrl tion. By her treachery. And he had one of his flying btmineas trips, light. j>eech of any sort would be At half past ten Jocelyn got u disloyalty. She said at last, however, and locked her door. She took her in a sweet mutted voice. "It hurts disguise frova it hiding place and me, It hurts me---that you love m" dressed herself. She ran her fingers "I'm a fool, Lynda. Not even pri- through her hair. For this one last son has cured me of folly. I hope I'll ti,e she must wear the dangerotm die in the gutter hoping. Great thinl tmmblance of that "conspicuous young --like the uession of your love." Woman." "You mustn't hope." As she stepped briskly out along  He drew one of her hands quickly the steer past the aaing of the over to his lips and let it go. apartment house she height that a! "Good-by, Lynda Sandal," he said. man emerg from the alley she had As long as you live, I'll hope," ast left and walked, nat very rapid-- ! In the darkness she took that hand ly behind her. i he had kisised up to her mouth and ll'ived at Nick's place, she raa set her teeth upon it. The fiction kept the stair and entered Nicsher from speech and tearL room. chosen her to be his wife. This v something that she could not do. She could tell him when he returned tomorrow, she could leave him. His face vividly replied with its shallow eyes and it hard mouth. "I ride life with a spur and a whip and I ride over fallen men." If she told him he would ride her down. And Jock would he trampled deeper into the bloody dust. Suppose that she hid the papers and threatenedFe. lix Kent---No. That was all moon- shine, all a glrl's phantasy. No way to handle shrewd and scheming men. She must either put the lmpers back and be silent for all her life, loy- It was more dult than Jocelyn al to a knave or she must snd Joek rose. He was dressed in a i had foreseen, to locate the spot they up now and go over to that window a nitp fromf roughthe floor.tWeed and took wared. But finally they found it. i and then down to the honorable man At the foot of the fire eape they  who waited at the bottom qf the "Speak low," said Lynd" "Is Nick i .tood together looking up. h,e?" wall, the honorable man who had "No. I took him to a hoital for, "You must wait here, Jock, I know served a prison sentence while Felix tment. He'll be able to get out ha just where the safe stands. I have enjoyed a million dollars in the gum a .few days." memorized the corr, bination. Let me .She stood up, closed the safe and I have your toh." went over to the window. "I'm glad he im't here. It  ' "I must go up with you. You don't As she leaned out she heard a A man's across this alley imagine that I'd let you take tis sound behind her terribly close. in a doorway. My mother has eg. cha alone?, With no further hesitation she ed a private detective to find out who ;took her jewek. He must have see me come out. In fact I know that I've noticed a in this g. aock, what I we do? f we go together now we'll both he at- it for "YOU have to. If I am caught I've' only to let them k-no who I am in order to be released. But ff you ale found in thet She took the light from him mt 'felt the iceof his flinger She counted the md fmt  to Felix's It v and e let threw the heavy bundle of letters in their band down to Jock Ayleward "Get out. Be quick," she called urgently. She had swung her leg out Over the sill when heavy hands clut- ched at her and pulled her back and a down qpon her In  of a Washington wha istic forces, these were not the only' fevers in his blood. His marrilpe wa but a .few hours ahead of him and the image of Jocelyn kept his puls stirred. After day break he fell asleep and was awakenet by the sharp call of & telephone beside his bed. ffis watch on the night table showed him that it was already eight Celock. The voice v,-a Beck Deal's. "Is tbi- you, Mr. Kent? Michael RoW has just telephoned from thhe police suction. It seem, that your of- fice ,..'as entered last night. He caught a b)y leaving by the window. I don't believe anything's been taken." Felix committed himself t an oath: Continued Next Week ,:0;- I)CTORS Doctors, like everybody else. are not finding it easy to meet their ob- ligations ,;r collect their bills these days. Too many people think that the doctor can wait until everybody el:e has been paid. The American Medical A.sociation together about ten year on college income and r epor:s that it take al- has been makin a survey of doetor' and hospital work and getting a prac- tice established before the average doctors begins to earn enough to live on. The next ten years, or a large tmrt of it, his surplus has to go to pay for the co:t of hi medical train. lug. Very few doctors get to the point of independence in less twenty years after starting their medical studies. Every doctor, has to do, and do do, a certain amount of charity work. Those who can afford to PaY ha' less excuse for postpclffg the tors' bills than for deferring payment of almost any debt. t , Happy Warrior Back j U. S. Beauty Queen ] Mabel Ellis was chosen as the molt beautiful girl in the cou!ry bF judges named by the national aSSOCi non of ,wr;m r of M.a,ty parlora Th" na: ,', abn,;cd phot,ographs [lW : L, LICt Americans Win Olympic Sk afing Contests '.ack Shca (left) a,aved the first American t :,i, at 0u- Olympic : this year lie was first to breast the tape in tim 50Gmctcr event. Jaffec another New Yorker. won the 5,(K,0-mctcr cvc::t also on emng day of the contest at Lake Placid. Washington Still Lives m the Hearts of His Countrymen J All America i: ,.lcbrating the two hundredth anniversary of Gorg Wuh, i Above is shown thenew national Masonic memorial named ht hls honor; hts wlhkl tored; his tomb, built according to plans laid down in his will and GiNrt SI famous Preside 1 t His Spirit Still Leads