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February 18, 1932     Times
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February 18, 1932

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Mr. Patrick Spangler received a letter recently from H. K. Terry of Busleton, Pa. who is writing book on Abraham Lincoln's life requesting any incidents that "Uncle Pat" may know of. He was fortunate enough to furnish the pttblisher with a brief narrative of his trip to Decatur and of his good fortune to shake hands with the emancipator who was co- route to W D. C. Valentine Parties have been given in the community the pest week. lms Were teacher of Schre dlool gave a trty Friday after- ae0n for her pupils. After the dia- lmlbuting of valentines and games, tee cream and cake was served, t The Christian Endeavor Society enjoyed a Valentine Party at the Harmony Church Saturday evening. Misses Charollete Rau, Helen Ahoy, Maxine Westerman and Zella Davis rponsored the event. NeW mazm-Gallemay Mr. Arthur Galloway of this vicin- and Miss Katherine Newman of IlliRi township were married Sunday afternoon at the lllini church by the Rev. Cotton. This esteemable couple are web corned into our midst and will pre- side on the Clifford Games farm near Lathazm The Monitor School community chub was well attended Friday .re- Mrs. Mabel Sinister is teacher her co-operation in these activi- are very satisfactory. E. W. Greathouse of Chicago ar- Sunday .for a visit with his sis- Mrs. Henry Heilman and family. Miss Margaret Isneour has been at the parsonage the past Rev Ball has had a relapse M.his is very critical. ms Gortzke entertained e Eq League at her home Sat. day evening to a Valentine Party. The Oral Township spelling contest held at the Harmony Church evening. The Hadley school the honors, Lucile Reynolds, 1st the 8th grade and Wm. Heft in grade. Mrs. Edith Wene ia tea- A Valentine Party was given her honor Monday P." M. The di' of this out-standing school as follows: Ross Rau, Frank and Howard Heft. LAKE PORK Mrs. Laura luiten returned home from an extended visit with daughters, Mrs. Nora Billings Emden and Mrs. Lee Stulls of THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18, 1932 THE MT. FULASKI TIM1R= efT. PVLAKI, ILLINI)Ib I-- - II II IlII - L I [ ...... S 0 U T H LOGA N C 0 ' NEWS [ ' E'r]Y M[{rJPe" The O!d-! r,v,rd,,,,j licros(,0pe |fl exi;u-Iice i a [*IITJO-*,,JtV'.X I'P,S f quartz found in the ruins ,,t Ninev-h, IIOW ID thP P, rilis|t ttu]-',.um. Th,. silnple lenses CIIII" i|l| gm,ntt, r lib" AND VIGIHITY during the .Midd'e :s,g,.s. A sp,''t" "h': maker of Mhldelburg. ll,tlayl,l, named Zacharlas Jalls';pn. was tile tirs! 1o AUSTIN TOWNSHIP Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords cal- , Rellldous Um build a compound microscope, in 15:). led on Mr. and Mrs. John Earhart Infidel 11 a term gven to Mllat- and presented it to Charles Albert, Sunday evening. : $ U! rellgioe by tll0 who do  archduke of Austria. The following pupils were on the lleve, rather than by themesiv,  -- honor roll for the month of January infidel  ode Who does  III@I b Chinese Americans at Buckles School: ; religion, or, often, tm the parflellar Until the treaty of 18:. prohibiting Esther Jean Litterly, 1st gr.--93 i tellgion of thm abo hlm. n atl naturalization of Chinese, immigrants hR la one who denies tim tlsUIe0 from China, on becoming naturalized. Bobby Rothwell, 1st grade903-5 of Ood; while   I  were permitted all the prlvllege of Welby Moore, 2nd gradeIgl 1-3. , who. professes Ignorance u to wheth other cltisen& and at the preent time Wihna Moore, 2nd grade--92 1-6 i or not them my be God. I  Chinese born in the United States have Donald Voelker, 3rd grade--90 2-5. exinea, et aud who   the right of cltlzen The treaty of Betty Jean Brooker, 3rd gr--92 2-6 that man cannot lbly prove tbO 1882 was not retroactive and Chinese Doris Litterly, 5th Erode--94 2-7 matter th way. qNm htvqmtm,  having the privilege of voting at that tin m tic m  HI. time continued to do so. Earl Gene Potter, 7th gr--95 5-6 t.--4leveltmd PIII lml, Michael Tierney, 8th gr.--97 1-2 " Luor', E@ects Miss Gretchen Stennett is teacher, t Doctor Johnson had said to me ye ": t qAd-Sto88 go terday that Adam Smith was a most u-tr [ Dipping eggs In mineral oil  tl disagreeable fellow after he had drunk I pores In the zheU and thtm prevents me wine which he said bubbled In to a large extent the evalmtlttion of his mouth. He made a most excellent Roy. and Mrs. L. G: Strouse and water fromtheeg Most oltthepre remark. "Drinking," said he, "'does i son Shiloh, were Sunday guests of emmd  are placed in cOlditarage not Improve conversation. It alter i Mr. and Mrs. H. W: Neustafer: ff they are to be held Tor amy length the mind so that you are pleased with t Dr. J. W. Dunn, Gordon ZeUe lad of time. The process, therefdN, in' not ny conversatlon."--From James Both Delbert Schrishuhn are sick with in- primarily designed to repines enid stor- well's Journal. fluenza: age, but rather to preveat deteeiora- tton in the quality of cold-storage eggl Picturesque Adventurer Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Olli and Caganova was a Venetian adven- son, Dutme, visited Sunday with Mr. $tfbtlng Submaria tater who lived from 172,5 to 1798, who and Mrs. Joe Schishuhn and family. If the mm is calm and the air is pec- was remarkable for his wit, aceom- Mr. and Mrs. Clark Fletcher and fectly dear, it is potble for an air- plishment and intrigues. He traveled faxnily spent Sunday with their dau- plane to see a tmbmarine whtch Is sub- extensively in Europe, frequenting ghter Mrs. Lawrence Whiteside and merged 50 and 0 feet. Only under aristocratic circles and leading a rak- family gt Midland. these favorable circumstances is this lab life. His "Mmotres" fill 12 vol- The Senior Dpworth League gave possible Traveling depths of lmbma- umes and are vastly entertaining as rlne vary. The newer type subma- a picture of the corrupt manners of a Valentine Party in the basement of rine submerges about 230 feet. his time. the M. F Church on Monday night. About twenty two young folks enjoy- Frahlstorlc Remains City Lighting Oppmed ed themselves. Valentines were ex- Footprints of the giant Imperial Although gas Illumination was changed, gmes played and lunch mammoth are imbedded along wlth the known many years before the first served which closed the party, three-toed sloth and prehistoric birds, street illumination, the improvement In the prison yard near Carson CRy, was opposed on the ground that such The Parent-Teachers program Nov. The remains of some of the pro- a practice would be blasphemous, God which was to have been held on Fri- historic animals found there are In 1, vine divinely divided light and dark- day night Feb. 19 has been ostptm- the gmithsonlan institute, hess, and also that people would be ed until "Monday night Feb. 22. It is induced to stay out at night and catch ....... to be a Washington Program fellow- SpswMinlt Wlndows cold and fall prey to robbers. ed by a Jitney supper. After windows have been wash Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Snyder and with clear water, rewash with Aeathu, in -t daughter Ruth, sons Eugene and eatonIs dipped in a gallon of ink The acanthus plant has been most Keit" "rom r ........ warm water to which has been added used through the ages in decorative n, nea Mr. l-ulala spen, twotealousofkereme. Yourtaslt andseulptuttlart. Itapperainan- Mt. Pulaski Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Everett t flshed; no need to rub a, Park and family, watch the results. .... cleat @orinthlan, Greek, Roman, By- zantine, Renaissance, Louis XIV, XV -'tlmt M. IF.. Clmreh 1 Earth's Distance Ftm  and XTI decoration. The period can often be told by the particular way In . No institution in our land apro- 1 The distance of the planet  i whlch the acanthus Is used. cmtea the great characrs of the from the earth varies from 35,000,000 past more than the Chulh of $" to 247,0),000 mite. It therefore re- Our Language Christ does. Churches throughout quires from 188 to 1,328 seconds foe Experts in English tell Is that the America are setting aside next Sun- light from the planet to reach tim ancient Saxons said, "Oh, yeah." We day morning for the commemoration earth, depending upon the relative po- also heard the uess that they said, i sitlona. "Uh huh.'* While t for Ouch !" the of George Washington. Our own !first Saxon baby probably originated churrh will observe the occasion at Ask the Chlldm i that indispensable exclamation,-- the regular mornin worship service i Omufldertng the amount e@ mqtert Charleston (W. Vm) Dally MalL at ten-thirty. The entire service wiAli information available om the subJet 1 be arranged to pay tribute to this of eMld guidance, the children must ! Wlutht Vfltk Teeth t reat American statemuan. Readings be glded about far moaglb to t011 . Some species of whale, including the their paret, r whether the experts are sperm whale and members of the dol- from colonial times will be given, the rlght.Ind|anatmlis Ne, phin and porpoise family, have teeth, i full choir will have special patriotic ' - The sperm whale has ) to 26 teeth on music, the congregation will sing But They Can't Collect each stde of the lower Jaw, up to four mtional hymns, there will be a dis- "Yawning," s:).s a medical man. "In- pounds in weight ; the upper Jaw has play of American flags. We believe proves the lim, and contours of the eight pairs of smaller teeth. every true American citizen should face.  Possibly here are many younI take part in such a demonstration men who can recall a gtrl who owes Com Strip Scrap Book Mr. Ray Sawyers was in Decatur as this. If you do not attend some them somethln forbeauty treatmeUI. Choose a good comic strip for chH- and bought a new Chevro- other church next Sunday, yo --Toledo Blade. dren. Cut out the strip every day and paste It in a book. This can be used car. should meet with us. Let us make it Portugal'a Coloaie as a story to read to restless children Mr. and Mrs. John Smith of Crn- a great day. Portugal ha. ,-one 9:)/-'G4  on dull days or when they are ill, and and two sons Darwin and Lee The choir will rehearse their mu- miles of colonia| possessions and relt they can, if they wish, oleo the pie- here Sunday to visit her aunts sic for this occasion Friday evening after England and lance. Its  James I)unn and Mrs. Ether at the parsonage. Every choir mere- sesons are greaer than those of 111 " and family, her should be present and help make and the Netherlands. I Reheated Bread Mrs. Opal Barton visited Sunday this service what it should be. _ ............. I Ohemlsts studying stalene tn the home of Mrs. C. L. Coats. :o Old Hymn Tunes i bread found that reheating bread re Louis Koehler and sons are load. e Many of the old hymn ; .,o -- Itorea freshn, temporarily, and the named for their composers, ,t.ers t" Iwocet can be repeated  many u out some of the wood today "hat the writers of the word )me  tven times before the bread ioseg to@ railroad has had stored here on named for place with which thers  much moisture to benefit by heating siding for 2 or 8   . . a connection. [ ...... kyat, ape PcmndathHm Mrs. James Robison and danght" The annual meeting f the Illinois Power Vested h Hou In the construction of skyscrapers are numbered with the sick Farmers' Institute and I)epartmt week. The house of representatives. I- the usual practice ill tO excavate the of Household Science will be held at der the @onstitutton. has the  formdation 80 to 50 feet ud then to "You can ivo hhm and Mrs. Earl Lercher spent Mt. Vernon, February 17. 18 and 19 power to Impeach a President t  elnk tefl caisttmu to permit eollerete the home of Mrs. Clara Governor Louis L. Emmerson is on United 8tats. plera to go to bedrock all your del@ilh.. the prgram and will deliver an ad- ................... but none of yor Miss Aileen Gasaway and her two dress at the evening session of Feb- Plant "Feeds'* mt immd No True Pmdttlom from near Latham spent Sun- z-ary 17. The sundew plant, growing where I Perfection does not exist To undo. with their grandparents Mr. trogen ht deficient, obtains It no,led stand it is the triumph of human In- supply by ensnaring and dlgesUnl I1 telllgence: to desire to poue R IS Mrs. Sherman Peters and family. At the national democratic eonveu-  the mo danerou Iflnd of madness, Mr. Vern Marks was a caller in tion which will be held in Chicago in --Alfred de Nugget. one day this week_ June, Illinois will have 66 delegates. I , Pedantry lnomm MrS.weekS..H. Coats is on the sick Hat At the national republican convention i Plantry crams our   Ancient Swttm ltl Mr. Charles Brachear of Chicago to be held in the same city, two weeks ] learned lumber, and takes lt  The straw braid industry is o1 of previous to the democratic convea- brain to make room for It.--43olerl the oldest In Swi the first commercial organlzatioa being utab a friend visited here this week tion, Illinois will have 61 delegates. home of his grandmother Mrs. Make the Bat of It llhed in 1787,. In the brilliant coterie of those Rraehear. One should try not to be dlstremed men whose pens have earned them "-----to:------- Governor Louis L. Emmerson lure about anything, and to take all Uit Signs of  inclusion among the English immor- BU !! appointed James E. McClure, promi- happens for the beat.--PalL !I men are those who  yo  tals CORN0000. nent Republican of Carlinville, as as- ...... ornery Juries are and havtmt tim to and areinspirationmany whOin foundthe sanctuarYTenple, -- sistant director of the state depart- Europe's Oldmt Rae aeet Jury -qee.Lea Angeles that historic section of old LondorL Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Hickey and meat of trade and commerce. Mr. q[e Basques. of Spain are said to were Sunday visitors with Mr. blcCure is a former assistant dirge- be the oldest race tmrviving in lape. Dr. Johnson and his biographer, -- Iron Hands   t Boswell, both made their home in Dwyer and family, tor of the department of public web ht Map  ,heologists in the alttern Alp i its pleasant confines. Charles Lamb I and Mrs. Chas. Sehahl spet fare and has served as United States  are ym.000 maps In the Itt found left hands" made of Iron nailed was born there, and years later, re- Schthffenaekerafternn withand Mrs. marshal for the district. NaUIm library in Pm to eollln of about e00 B. C turned to the quietness of the Temple I[ precinct where the small flat he Miss Mildred Tendick was a De- Aeeording to the state and federal leerlnl Away tlha Ru Chromium Wi&ely Uul ]shared with his sister soon became shopper Saturday. departmen of agriculture there watt Sunday clears away the rut e the More than 2,000 different kluda of | and Mrs. Thee. Aderman and a 12 per cent i in hogs in H- whole week.--Addtm, articles are now plated wltb dtr the gathering place of a brilliant mlum. ' grotrp ineludkng Coleridge, Leigh Mildred and Betty L@u !inois, on January 1, 1932. when com. .......... Hunt. Charles Kemble, Wordsworth to Springfield Sunday lad ;ared with the number on that date Hold Fast to Frlead.hlp and other of his contemporaire. the day with relative, in the preceding year. This increatum a man should keep his friendships Voltaire was a frequent visitor tx the Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Tendick en- resulted from a moderate increase in Buy Yeer Milk of In eonstaa rcpair.--D Samuel John. chambers of William Congreve, while a number of friends from the 1951 spring pig croj, a trong in- son. Sunday. crease in the pig crop last all and At Buddhist Rosat7 Bead, much of Addison's beautiful prose tster Kerschner spent Sunday larger numbers of sows and gilts be- rooms he occupied there. The last his brother Clarence Kermm ing bred for next spring farrowing. family. Rosary t,eMs hae b traced to B  Milk Cows, other cattle and sheep If= "' NS ] the earliest Buddhlste. was also penned in the pleasant o ten years of Goldsmith's life, during Mr. and Mr Oswsld m- so ShOWed  ill the  Reference Made Easy lati from  deeree was noted in the number Bookcase,s, ,n r,,-rs are sated DRUG 8TOJ00 l An inventory which has been co- piled in the office of State Auditor Oscar Nelson reveals that n July ., 1931, all property of the state of ll- !inois v:as valued at $116,q),5)l.G1 The grand total represents a gain of almost $1,500,000 over the preceding year. The total valuation is exclusive of the state's hard road system. ---..___ According to President H.W. Chase of the University of Illinois, savings of several thousand d=,llars will be effected by the end of the academic year, Sey,tember 1. These savings will be made through the re- tarding and curteiling of many nor- real activities. The Univenfity has practically stopped all except the ab- solutely necessary expenditures and is economizing in every possible di- r'tion. On account of the condition 'of the state treasury, the building cf a second medical unit in Chicago has been indefinitely postponed. The last i legislature ;lropriation $1,400,00 for this purpc.e. - I Accodding to the state department of public health, prevalence of both itfluenza and pneumonia in Illinois is showing a sharp upward trend. However, the case reports during the week of January 24-30, were ntice-, ably below e:ectancy and there was ' a marked decline in the prevalence of diphtheria, i Subscribe for the Mt. Pulaski Times . Only $1.00 per year. IIIIH IIII PAGE I j iii STOMA "UST a ttattsn  dilk of Magnctda in . n alkali, effecUve been the o y?:trs. One I! :,: t/)?:e many ume its, [ s tile nht way, the quick, .nd c.cmnt way to kill ,x,. acid. The stomach :1, the pain departs. You y agam in five minutes. l),m't depend on crudq Fmploy the best :! the ycam of !'iii!lips Milk of to get the genuine. The ideal dentifrice i:eth and healthy  is Dental M a paste mouth. The 00heets Compan] 00.00ORTICIANS Sheets Quality Service Costs No and Mt. Pulaski Thertre Su00d00y and Monday February i i his literary, product ineludin Traveler," "The Vicar of Wakefld" and "The Deserted Village," we pent in one of the Temple C.u. Fr the first time this and hauntingly beautiful region be seen on the motion ,picture It is the locale for Ann forthcoming RKO Pathe talkie, "D votion," which is now at the Mr. ]aski Theatre: Leslie Howard plays the occuplU of a Temple flat with whom Harding falls in love. Others raying important roles are Williams, O. P. Heggie, Dudley D ges, Allison Skipworth, Louise ser Hale, Doris Lloyd, Olive Tell, Master Douglas Ruth Weston and Milton directed. Devotion will remain at the Mr. Pulaski Theatre.