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February 18, 1932     Times
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February 18, 1932

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PAGE TWO THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, MY. PLASK1, ILLINOIS THURSDAY FEBRUARY Mt. Pulaski Times financiM world. There is at least aldepression stronger and more pros-/ought to be. But whether hair or petticoats are feeling of hopefulness, which was al-[perous than ever before. I Only recently I ran across an old long or skort is nothing to worry l/ntered as second elas mail ia most lacking a few months ago. / i copy of the Book of Rues issued by about. MFORALITY la coeducational college a quarter of m the post-office at ML Pulaski, Illinois, It is hard to blame people for being By Bruce Barton a century ago. It consisted of thirty HOOVER November 17, 1903, under the Act of apprehensive when there seems to " ,tpages of "Thou. shalt nots"_ and, Congress of March 9, 1879.  no encouragement ahead. It is! In Mary Roberts Rinehart's auto- having prohibited almost everything, I think there has been a no'ciceable hard for a man to keep up his cour-, bigraphv, My Story, occures this re-  it *ound up with this blanket injunc- change in the public attitude toward age in the dark. It took a long time ference to ettico}ts: tion:  Mr. Hoover in the past month. At "They had to be made. two or three ,ieast. I hear less abuse of the Presi- BY MT. PULASKI TIM for most people to realize that we had " "'In addition to the foregoing aries, dem and more expreions of sym- very full and generally a short flan- students are expected to refrain from pathy. Peo?le are realizing that he M-s. John L. Eyrse, F_.Aitor all beep dazzled by the false prosper- he! one to the knees , caiTt playing, dancing and theatre-at- "" has been unfairly blamed for condi- =_-::::::- - ......... - ity of a few yea ago. Money was Not lomz ago a young girl of my!tendance, and to observe the o*.htr easy, jobs were plenty, wages were acquainace was going through an common rules of morality." tions for which he wds not respon- .-.ible. and now that he has presented Subscription Rates [high and. as it turns out now. even ht trunk of her mother's and came a- The Old Testament contains many' a sound and complete rehabilitation cross a brief bit of embroidered precepts, but in the book of Mlcahprorra m to, and Congress Year ..................... SLOO and intelligent leaders in business fiannel. . . Months .Se [ i there is one verse which is a sum Months ................ . the men whom we ro'arded as wise "'What on earth is this?" he de- - has started off by accepting it. I hear Bilagl6 Copies ................. 05 land finance were fioled, like the rest mantled.  mary of them all. It reads: less talk about his supposed inaction of us. into believing that these condi- "Tha ? That was my flannel petti- "He hath showed thee, O man, in the face of a serious crisis. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18, 1932 tions could go on indefinitely. Most coa for 'm- wedding." what i :ood: and what doth the t I have not seen the President for t,ord require of thee, but to do just-  several mmths, but friends who have Whereupon the girl burst into ly. and to love mercy, and to walk:talke d with him lately say that he of us spent mone5 recklessly, and a shrviks of delighted laugbter. I stall- humbly with thy God" tot of us were greatly sur?rised when ed when I heard the story," says.. " acts and talks like a man who had we discovered that the old natural Mrs. Rim, hart. 'q too have some- This is the basis of all morality, if.un d the answers [aws were still in force. It turns out wht, re just such a garment. I seal- This is fundamental and unchanging,; had been baffling him.t problems that rrassh,that thepperOht sti]lfable rovidesf the anttheandsafestthe  in 5shameless "oppedwedding,and emhroideredand I Mmuldit myselfhave feltfr ....... - ......................................... [tR ! woman without it." SELL OR TRADE e st e s$ guide for human beings, t Julian Ward ttowe when a !ittle " : From all we bear and obserre, we' girl. grew wea- from a long ride Farm or City Properties think that peo?le g6nerally have get h the family coach, and allowed her knees to dror apart childwise. In- Or Rent Properties over fhe noion that there is an esay staptly her father reproved her: . Anything-. Anywhere, Anytime .................................. road to sudden wealth. Folks we "SIy daughter, if yeu cannot sit know are much more reconciled to Uke a lady we will stop at the next What Have You/ working hard and living within their tailors a:3d have vou measured for a T L R th ell mean than they were three year.: a- pair of pantaloons." O W go. We know a gocl many who were The characteris:ics which distin- PhoneW2 Mt. Pulaski, II1. :ruish a "lady" and comprise her mor- [--- never fooled, and they are the ones --- a] code have differed wdely in differ-! who are sitting pretty today. And, as eat enerations. i Sk coated tonguecaUsforjutal aorr FUNERAL_ HOME00iA t o. co00.000.oo:00 we said in the beginning, all the I remember the first girl I ever [ suggestion of bad breath. signs that we can read point in the saw who had cut off her hair. She children don't eat well. don't WILBERT H SCHAHL [ =, .:o,  vegetable preparation ia "T s H" ,, B 2" i o erve umam ett I I situation throughout the ,ountr way of thinking, bobbed hair was a Uker to be changed, and changed Mr. Pulask, 235 PHONES-- Lincoln 1234 t THE LEGION TO THE RECUE direction of better times ahead. It_ worked in my office. The president of i looks to us as if, along around 1936, the company called me on the carpet It seem to us that the unemplo-  we may be looking back on 1932 as and wanted me to fire the young" lady. which I declined to do. To his the year when the biggest of all our " national prosperity waves began. For nre Mgn of an abandom woman. loon, now that the Amexicn Ion I one thing is certainly true, and that I recall the first lady whom  ever has go on the job. [ is that the United States has  saw lighting a eigarette. All of us  ......... There are somewhat more than a who witnessed the performance we millio men who wore the Ame.ri_a failed, to come back from periods of  .sure that she was o better than ah___ 'ashington's favorite is lying about the President, the President may happen Hoover has suffered from his share of he has acquired the titude of most of his who learned not to let pin worry them. mRform in the World War who are BAYER leadership of HemT Stevens, Jr. bhtioaal mmmuir of the mi with the aolaioa of t CHILDRI HILDREN will fret, often apparent reason. But there't Castorial As harmless as on the wrapper; mild and tastes. But its gentle action a youngster more surely than powerful medicine. That's the beauty of children's remedy! It may tiniest infant- as often as need. In cases of colic. similar disturbance, it is - Order Oil Now For Spring Delivery! AS P IRII PENN BLUE m Fedrat4on oI Labor, a move- has begga havi or i avo- lawla o aaiag af at lw (m men, aow out of work, in BOND SEAL is always c National Ad- .all. the i.lmxtat SAF E s aiiona, news aadie.att I ot.,hear agzmi o publt. II We think this is going to be a s- - ,awe th*; , ,,  xms t "" coun-s on Orders for Delivery between Feb- t for   beware of ruary 1 and May 1 Additional discount for to underWJ We earn tink ,. or o, ,o,.,. ,, imitotions Cash on delivery of oils, See our Truck men who pate wore Uncle oo o  o Salesman or Call--- to the rescue of an iatenlatioa- Uale yofflme the name Bayer and imitations. Millions of u.=.- have Mt. Pulaski Office 198 or Residence 53  i like the. the word uruine on the package as proved that it is L There ha been  exi  pictured above you can never be Gluine Bayw A Igionintlmpabecauaeio. sure that you are taking the genuine limam: Logan Mason Service Co its spokesmen have given the ira- Bayer Aspirin that thousands of 1 physicians prescribe in their daily Headache Neuritis @ they were more con- practice. Colds Neuralgia t ** Mt. Pulaski, Illinois The name Bayer means genuine ][nafiam Toothr.Jm Aspirin. It is your guarantee of NO harmful after-effeclsfollc/w 11 unployment will not only purity--your protection against the me. It does nol depress the henri. - ........ -- ' -- BUD'N BUB By E d 1! it will turn out to be the begin- Legion the most powerful I ' . ' ha the United States .for tha ' - i and economic condition& IT LOOKS LIKE A GOOD YEAR I to gi any ] The year 1932 is still young, and -"- "r lisnmen ov our service.  , would undertake at this 7  If you wish, came to us in advare  : l Stage to foleat what iS gO-   of the need, and let uS advice roll   c, to happen between now and rlegt --  then. Any cooperation within our  is either a fool or a better -z [ power will be cheerfully reed. II == l,a,, We are here to serve the blic a it _. i " l ! off more hopefully than 1931.  I ned to ook ah with /  oHR IS , ame confidence that was exhi- "'L) VAIAENTII, IE- ) the old lady wha used to  = had noticed that if she JOHN T HEIH " gh February she alwa "1'.. ' .,. ,d 51.EAO OlFT,  PowdER ;9 the rest of the year. .jforoverfgl yea ,' -`  ,:,.,'2- "Z ">';'- .2""r_ q us that the work which EAST StO SQUARE Washington so far, b4OUNT PUI, I LL ' ' PHONe qO f remedial legislation tJ imONt 1 certain of , ' done a great deal I l ! 1