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February 11, 1932     Times
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February 11, 1932

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PAE EIGHT THE REVt00w !&apos; '! LATIN "8owing the Dragon's Teeth" After Jason had plowed a certain still had the task of sowing toeth. He went to the 'where the king was sitting | asked for the drapn's eth. kl- scattered the teeth with great into the plowed ground, a thing happened. Men of sprang up anmed with hel- swords ! chapter was taken from the of the "Argonants". More a- Jason and his adventures next CLOTHING We have not aovomplished a lot as in our sewing. Two of the girls their dresses all cut out and doing their basting. have found sewing to be very We have finished our of weaves and are doing some on seams, machine work, " FOODS foods class has been study/n8 fruits and cereals for break- with this work they are about foodstuffs. They find very interesting and seem p sider it a lot of fun. MANUAL TRAINING are learning how to boards flt, straight, and to a bage or knife line. No wilI start his project until he i rned to do this. They are rook- blocks to fit in vises to protect for practice, one may make a board if he prefers to. saws were examined and into three groups. If you a sw for use at home and can to buy twosaws, amp a cross-cut, the cross'cut may for a general purpose sew. and with the grain learned the uses af turn- keyhole, .. back rip, and gnmge; knife; plane; and miter-box. ENGISH of the second semester Senior English Class divi- three differqmt metiom. who made A's for the first permitted to - an advsed st/on if tl In thi_s o are pierrom Everette Voile, Carl , Tierney, Fern Hal- Stopher, Gra Rotb- Aderman and Loui group is working o41 the moo sto'ry, attempting to learn writing one. Pictures- collegiate fords, celes- forlorn huts in melancholy ' eropassed by grayish through the air like in d dream, and dwellings showered with a night prowler roams and "BEWARE"--such of our stories. short story i. quite interest- think too harsh of us if off luto Slmce with v look on our faces. We are o- and cam on the an idea. Join us, phone us, us "s penny for your PHYSICS energy can be changed into ener, and conversely energy can be changed energy. There are two which work accord- They are the engines, and engines. All types because the fuel is burned engines are external cam- to produce steam. kinds of steam engines, type and the tur- The turbine is usually us- speed is wanted. It less space than the engine. ]Secatme of the causes less yib- is more efficient, it is used on ocean liners and des- chief d/sadvantage of a it cannot be reversed. is an internal cam- The tw general engines w/th ition sys- the twoycle and the four- A two-cycle engine stroke every revo- while the four-cycle engine stroke every two com- nother 'y:e :f in- en,ines) were de- t'e oils heavier and a chea- In the regular is no ignition sys-' ',T  PI"T ,- ......  MT. 7WLASKI, ILLINOIS THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11, tern. The oils are compressed so much peal. From the French point .of view which was pointed out with pride as The largest single order for elee- I LIL'Y YOUR ,hat at last the temperature thus the American portion of cream or ica ,te place where Mrs. Stowe wrote ric clocks--l,000,000 or 50 ear ]osds l produced rises high enough to en- is much too large. It should not be 'Ucle Tom's Cabin." has been placed with the Hammu l At kindle the oil vapors. In the semi- regarded as a mere food--mere hour- The other day I was a guest at Electric Clock Company of  ] {N REXALL Jieel engine a hot firing plug ishment. There should be only a mor- the home o Lyman Beecher Stowe, by the William Wrigley Jr. Co. l DRUG (which is screwed into the end of sel of it eaten as a pleasing contrast Mrs. Stowe's grandson, who has in the cylinder) is'inserted in order to! to more subztantial viands.  and his study the walnut table on which start the engine. With the exoepon ice creams in France are very often his grando4;her's famous book was: of the automatic ignition this type served in little plated-silver dishes-- written and many of her personal" The Sheets Company of engine is not very different from that look exactly like very small par- memento. He said that the famous the two-cycle goline engine, rinrs. There is one neat scooFful hook was begun at Brunswick, Maine  'of the ice or cream on the dish. where her husband was a professor FRENCH "Glace vanille",vanilla ice creamis !i n Bowdoin College, and finished at A new tense, the imperfect, a.ptlmost usually found on the bill of Andover, Maseaehusetts, where he MORTICIANS tense, is being studied by the first' fare and s usually well made. Straw- taught at the TheololFical Seminary. year French class. They also learned berry sherbet is usual enough and whether to put adjectives before or sometimes a vanilla ice--a very an- after the noun which they modify, lemic sister to the more temptinq It its believed that the iea Sheets Quality Service Costs No Adjectives usually follow their nouns "glaee vardlle." North hor & Milwaukee Railroad in French, especially those denoting If you are going to France and set a  high record in transporta- color, shape, or nationality. Here is want to bring home an unusual little tion eeieney by havin 98.5 par a vocabulary for you metal "glaoe" dishea--J2be allemand-German; italian-Ilalian; souvenir, get a set of those little cent of its 96,9?2 trains operated in Mt. P ulaski and americian-American; 1 'langue-the that look like very little porringers. 1931 reach their destinations on time. ! language; anglais-Engiish; espagnol- Then when you have friends for din .................................................................. Spanish. net or luncheon and want to offer an Last week I told you that the old unusual touch to the serving of the priest was very sad because the sweet, you can serve some sort of great estate of a woman who been sherbet or ice cream o these little Flannelette very kind to him was to be Sold. French dishes. 614-616-61S GOWNS Well, now, we know who the owner Women's well is--Madame Scott, a rich American Simple Mince Meat Broadway made Gowns o striped f|an Protestant. No one likes the buyer Mix one cup of choped cooked Lincoln, nelette braid except Paul, a neighbor o the priest, meat, two ctps of chopped apples, rim Were who attended a ball at the Scott half a cup each of chopped raisins, ill 69c yearago home. He is very enthusiastic about currants, and mollasses, one cup of them. Paul, in taking the ,priest home cider, one cup of grape juice, two tea- 49c one evening, told him all about his spoons of salt, one teaspoon each of [ gay evening at the Scotia. However, cinnamon and allspice, and half a he endeditallbysaying,"But, Fa. teaspoon each ofeloveand nutmeg. Cold Weather Needs ther, I think you  John   Heat to the boiling :point, boil slowly two best people in the whole world." 30 minutes and pack in a stone jar Who is John ? He is a great friend until ready to use. of the priest's. His father and the Priest had spent many havpy and Grilled 00ears At Startling Savings--and Gay New Spring Apparel sad hours together. John's father (To serve with meat). Peel and was a charitable country doctor. John halve pears and brush with  at the New Low Prices at KLINE'S himself, was in the army. We'll hear butter. Bake in a moderate oen (375 I I I more about him next week. degrees F.) until tender. Sprinkle .... -- with grated cheese and con4nue --FOR  HOM] isIdngnnderthebl'i]@ruAi]eheeSemelfd and delicately b.w11ed, Final Clean-Sweepof HOSIERY COATS; In Prance ice crams and ices of TRADITION all sorts are something of a luxury.' Local trad/tious are often incor- In America ff not actually a em-ireS. Some years ago, in C/ne/nnst/, broht w/thin caw 7 reach of alL i her fammm book, Jne.]e Tom's CI been $24.75 at the start aS the Red ced advantsIN, but wh any article o/, lessor at Ims Thooloieal Seminary U food becomes  It  in that city. A few yesmlatlwm somehow robbed of some t its sp- shown a imwe at Mandarta, Flsrids, .... Our Popular No. 333 r,, _ Chiffon Silk Hose nd . Final u00ean-00weep of Famo.00 No. VVZ Ser- ,MRI00 COATS vice Hos  9 Reduced to n49 C RNI mod with hat al ml to mate]h Id and warm Snedine Tots' All Wool Navy CHINCHILLA  1 A COATS, Brcts to match ............ %0 ."fro Think of it' Now you can bay Doz. BRAND NEW SPRING Klines s., No. ,= ! o DRESSES a  Chiffon Silk in the wanted dull tone. The hose that is spedal. ,] la ud aot ly constructed for service and # New Higher Waistlines-- smart aplmran_ .  mia ncesssxy to ffso41 health, "" i Chic New Bolero Styles-- . Illa8 . . . . . 41 Ibs for c  _ -- ' Smart Jacket 5tyle Everyame knows our No. 7 ,. , . New Sleeve Effect-- service Silk Ho---it has gain- :, ed popularity for ils 6rape Fruit - . . 3  17  And a New Low extraordimry lerviee. This p. !   Price! feet quality Thread, 5 gge Jersey Sweet Potatoes 5 lb c  i  \\; Hoe win win even more tr .    x at this greatly reduced prlsL New Cabbage Per,00 " $ 99 Potatoes 1 O0 lb. Bag 97C  O. ii:i O Our Finest No. 821 COLD STREAM i  SILK Pink Salmon e Hosiery ! Sparkling New ! Chic models e Can- -.] ton Creves, Silk Flat Crep, Spriffh. ::: ..... ly printed Crepes and Wool Crepe combinations! In Loveapple Red. .,an Reduced to !i:!:: in all sizes. I 2.33 up to $9.95 Red Salmon  ZSt Longhorn Cheese . . 2 , 35 __< 1,, _ ' ] Daisy Cheese . . .  2Or ..dIT,.,  1 Captivating I " " " I ona .our . . . 2 6,.   New Spring J  OLDMEDAL 8" .IS. O . " ""'" ATS I, her that features a Special ex.   : ; of Cellophane Straw, Char tra .-enforcement in the heel or Smashett zmcm-e s.oz.  ./ , . and specially re-enfl t. Macaroni - araml 6 PKOS 5 ] I.i.'J  ] ] > YouthfUland Perky Brims!meUSecIseandFit'ChipStrawst Imported Sardines , S :s 25e NI i  i Ask For Them by Num. -- l.b;  | tlngmodels, Turbsns_lI .mltO l Ii Every Pair Guaranteed r AT ATLANTm  ImC TA CO. l "VO I Middlewestern Division , _ ! All Perfect Quality