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February 11, 1932     Times
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February 11, 1932

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THURSDAY FEBRUARY 1L 1932 00APTU00BtYON :7 " " ,the&apos;apartment n, risingly t){ "7 ,. [ her, to filYitself With giftli. " .... I '*" <'- I "You'rb giving me '6verything, Fe-I N..   hx, she murmured late one evening l / the @edding day just sixty-two hours I ! i ahead, "except one thing and that is ; what I want most." } i He had beeii about to say gd L { night, one of those lingering good - . ,' nights that taxed her patience and "I want to marry you soon, "elL, toented all her nerves. They were How soon can we arrange  i;T '' .... seated together on the small brocad, eel 0fa. Felix sat back in the sofa He eat straight, visibly excfla-- corner afat held Joceiyn close against Dearest--my darlingthis goea thru i him . me, like lightning. How soon ? Todayl" I "It's just---" the pale girl faltered, Next week, Felix? If Mqti-cma lifting her eyes to him and letting manage it? That's not too oon?"  them fall again with a convent child's He smothered her--the people on timidity or shame, "your confidence." the sidewalk notwithstanding--and Felix stiffened, then drew her even ]let her gO. closer. "I am married to him now," "All right. You shall have it. What I " Nf0000VL "" '0000,T00ARIN[ IN BUH I I Fresh from a F--nmeh  1@-] She loved Nick. Even now she lov-' eelTn Harolwe returns to New YoLk Ied him; this knowing climber-in at ! to her socially-elect moth, re-Ibedroom windows, this beaten man ffious, ambitious onm The  is whose friends had hard faces and hurried into an engagement with the I quick eyes--Here pain took her heart wealthy Felix Kent. Her father, Ntdk i in both its hands and squeezed it. andal, surreptiomdy enter the gdrFs! "Jock-in the box, Boxy." What crea- home one night. He tells her he used tures Went about under such sobri- to call her Lyndia SandaL The girl ! queta ? A hideous clamor came to her is torn by her deaLre to see life in mind whose ears she tried in vain to the raw and to become part of her close! "Thief! Stop. thiefl" mother's oiety. Her father studes! She had herself admitted these her surrounding linen into her mother's homm with LFltda visits her father in his din-!her own hands. EY quarters. She finds four men play- He had not come himself that orb- cards when she arr]v 0  er night. He had sent Jock. She had them, Jock Ayleward, her father tells admitted $ock herself. He had stay- her, is like a son to him, but warns ed a long time. He had not been thought Jocelya, "now I am really married safely to him," and she sat there as still as a trapped mouse in her gray fur with her chin bent but with that look of sember June thun- der in her eyes. en she turned home she found Joek get into a fiEht with ga[- zter who insists on with Lynda. He then takes Lynda homa Later she mentions Felix's name to Jock and Ayieward'a face display his demoniac hatred of the million- aire. Joek tells Lynda that Felix cauaed him to be sent to jail unjustly by fixing up his report on a mine. Lyn- da says she doesn't believe his story. She payes another visit to her and goes to a eaibaret with him and the girl he is a trifler, watching her while she played. He:a small thin man with horn rimmed Lynda pays a second visit to freq,:had burned his eyes elsewhere. He lspectacles, his hair very closely cut, father and Joek takes her home, oulhad quick eyes.--Her wrist watch leaning forward, from the sofa to- the way stopping with her at an mr- was gram---He had light-fingered { ward Mareella, who, rigid and white, derworld cabaret. Joek asks  to hy had held her own-- looked  in apparition in her carved dance. Kent's diamond upon them-gld]mt high-hacked chair. The man was in his fae the middle of a long speech. His Now she knew what name her lvoice lifted itself for an instant in- father and Jock Ayleward carried on to her hearing: "It can hardly be a the shrewd implacable tongue of the l mistake, I think, Mrs. Harlowe, she law. She knew the secret of their i has been seen twice by two differet quick wealth, their .sudden poverty, people." Of their hidden and sordid homes l "GOing in by the alley entrance?" that changed and chaned.  "Once, ma'am, yes. And once again , The next morning Marcella had!just leaving a taxi at the eorn of recovered her If-peassion She I this block; a conspicumm-looki[ young woman with a big bush of hair !came to Jocelyn's room early, [under a tam and a full pleated skirt "I will take steps to diseover the thief, Jocelyn, very quiet and pri- dances with Jock, who suddenly stol i vate steps. There are reasons which and tells her he is ge to take  I yo can't know" all, she did know right home. He had seen Felix danitoo many reasuns'Nvhy I must move ing with anotherwonma.  very carefully. I will engage the sea,- NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY " vic of a vrivate detective. Meau- I while I entreat you, I command you "And you were going to leave!--to say not a word, not so much as without a word to me? Nick Wa breath about the jewels and my going to." l loss of the" "It was my plan." "I promise you, Mother. On my "I'm sure of thaL From the be I honor." 'v 1 ing you e tried to separnto Cln't you see how wicked that Isl ...... =. And how selfish. I can help him av ktn" ekwho was new on hk fmt lookinlg down at her. -ve kim--from what " She flushed but went on Imvely,  Jock Ay IFlmm this life of his wRh---yo,,_" Jock began to move up and dow the littered room. With rough lmir and in his shirt sleeves he looked . soYUnger than she rememberedthan hlm--Fellx \\; [ many years younger  Kent. Scarred, yes, by life; but so much younger and more flexible----- " \\; The eyes in his spent face began { unwillingly to flare, to widen, as she ,  , t told him of her ride with Felix. "Ask Kent about your father now. Tomorrow. Tell him about me. Put "Not a word to anyone, not evm him to the test_" o Felix Kent." "I will." Her heart labored. 'i'e& Felix Kent; the name flourished in I will. I've already asked him about her earn with the sound of alvation. you." He rode life proudly 'with quirt and with a tight jacket." Miss Joeelyn Harlowe, turning to the mirror, sleeked her hair and fit- ted down upon it her small felt hat. No nun had ever looked paler. 81m came into that room quickly with her proudest gTae Marcelta said, "i__s is my daugh- ter, Mr. Catting. Sh has bee told ofmy loss." The horn.rimmed spectacl turned and rested, ab2ning, upon line The young man turned to stone, spur, knight errant. A warm current Gray stone. He wet his lips and ask- of reasoning flooded her childhood ed slowly, not looking at her, "Did;heart. you ask him to prove his ease?"  She would marry Felix Kent. Art "Why should I ? To me it's proved by his word." "ffmm esk him to give you his eorrespendea with Algernon - iy dur the summer of 1920." "He would have mm" "And if you find the letters?" "If I find even a erap of paper that has anything to do with your! ease, I promise ou that you shltll have it. I am going now, I won't: wait for Nick. I dont believe you will  be cruel enough now to take him aay from me. Let me go, Joel," He had seized her hands in a firm grip. She fled from him. She heard her- self laughing breathlessly as she ran down the stairs. once` She controlled her nervous sob- bing and went to summon him. i Felix Kent had already left his Park Avenue apartment. She rang his oice. Miss Deal's voice came with a brisk authorative clicking. "Mr. Kent's office, yesr--Yes, in- deed, Miss Harlowe--No, he's not here--He will be back--Yes, Miss Harlowe, he said positively that he would be back about noon---Why, yes Miss Harlowe, of course you may come here and wait for himWhy, naturally, that's entirely up to you. After a time the two women heard Kent enter the outer office. Kent was speaking in a low hard one and the clerk's owryoung voice fae` "May I search your bedrooT" he asked her. "Why certainly, if mother wishes you to." Jocelyn went along the hall. For a merciful twenty mintos th imrpe tion of her own room was deyed. Catring stayed first to examine Mary's quarters. During that twenty minutes Joee- lyn took dbwn her skirt and tam-o'- shanter and jacket from the doet hanger and hook, folded them flatly as she could and hid them be- tween her mattress and the  Mr. Catring came in at his leisure and made a quick and sharp exam ination of her closet, her bathroom, her windw and her fire escape. He <ed down f  time at the court below with it opening into he alley. An hour later she breathed ester when she heard the detective take his leave. Jocelyn thereupon studied coldly and fiercely what must now be done That night after she had finally fallen asleep with her last memory of Jock on her mind, she was awak- ened early by Marcell "The jewels--the jewels are gone. Get up and help me. Tell me whe you've hidden them." Her mother's hand tore her dreams i to pieces, hurting her. They wel lifted in reply piped such a tune of before her wedding day. abject cringing contrition that Joee-. She said to Lynda Sandal, "You lyn's blood came to her face in sym-]must find Nick, if he is to be found, pathy. iand persuade him to return the "What do you suppose he has I jewels." done?" she whispered, t She said  .locetyn Harlowe. "Be- Miss Deal. unsrrriling, balefully re- I fore you marry Felix Kent you must i pr:ve to Ayleward and to yourself hat you do no fear the contents rTing to Ting mething out of her. "Mother, Mother. please*. What is the matter? VOat have I done?" "My jewels," Marcella faltered close to Jocelyn's ear. "They're not l where they should be. You've taken I plied, "He forgo tLe scrapbesket." Jcelyn threw back her head and laughed. At that raining of golden carele laughter. Felix became aware of her presence in the inner office, cut short his Ionge-lashing and hurried to greet her. "Jocelyn. darling, you here?" i of that safe." t! And speaking in the character of Mrs. Felix Kent she said to both =hese girls, "You must be very care- i fu] and you must not be afraid." I A. small number of church invita- !tions had been sent out, an wen the?- "e_ I tried to get you on the smaller number of invitations to a It was spoken. Joceln now re-{telephone at your apartment and breakfast afterward, a larger num- alized, in hope. , then here. Miss Deal said you'd berber of announcemenL went through 'q dot know anything about I in. I want to lunch with you." the mails and the paers had thdr them, MotherY  "Splendid." information and their photographs. But she was remembering her "Some quiet phtce, Felix.  To these matters Marcella, with father's m3e visit--tha  she On  way, in the baak of mar- had eLned JoeelFa Joe- do you want to know ? Ask me for a ! There fell a silence which Felix' pleasantly employed, stroking her! hair, touching her warm eheel Joee- I lyn whispered. "I wish---you will  think I'm worse than a baby!--but" If do wish I could tell Miss Deal that I i knew the combination of your pri- vate safe." Felix threw back his head and {laughed heartily and tenderly, the laughter of an indulgent eider. "Little goose: What good would that do you?' "No flood of course. No practical g!ood. But--pirituaBy--2, Coatinued Next Week $eI---.. It is believed that the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad set a new high reeeed in transporta- tion eflleiey by havin 98.5 per cent of its 96,972 trains operated in 1931 reach their destinations on time. 1 ,, ::,..-th He iS a Civil War . E. g. eetheart Weds{ Elsie Jan: ,- wed Gilbert Wilson, 16 yea' vou.v,-r than herself. She is .. Dl:ving the ';t lip A'tS tI:. HiOSl ptqiullr em ,:e #ilk the American dout .uys. f DUMB" TH gY I"H It/K FREg WHEEL,NG MEAN5 You DON'r 14AVE TO PAY FOP.. YouP. OA..,. Polish Pianist, .etums R i lgnaee .[an Pa,.v c'? ai. fam' musician l,o was premier of Pol:,.l after the War, has returned for an- other concerl tour of the U S . :,' men and six .gb  the United States tm in the world  Mlul Iit r" ' won the r," be  the by cmpetition tn   -all over  . .r:, u,,..ew qr ,; ,,,y ry, .. ram, and Cryt srm MWmdm, .., n e men are. ,el, . rigElward Schroed, Valenttt Siali BAdi# Mmli,   I ,,,.an rom, :ng, we,lle, Uwill, Farrell. Jack Sbea and Taldm-. ----'- ! Let Us Keep That Pledge ?00&overnmem 72he peo ahall , , | ........................... B, AlberI T R,.t the peopic o :: 1 :,00or the peopi eo 00perish 00rom ear, h? j/ L