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February 11, 1932     Times
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February 11, 1932

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THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11, 1932 in ::ns and Porten%s A!! li :+. 11  di 5=! a b!:,- [.q ST .%S. oro v;hO Wa -: (". !y w i < ': ant  I !{ir t)c:'{ - ,, :i l'q;. : O[) li" Ir.lo:i JY v .!!, : ,.] d"!. i,r,  w fol!!,:',, of a, ,!:" ,kLv:,;, s,*m, r,:'h- g I,  o'.,n to ihe [ark as. whan the w.r:d was ,%'tIIlqlly SIIDI., "t to Voters were heard in ll{e hoa n of the rain. tile whisHe of md, r, dling of thmder. }n,l all ttnusua no:s#,s. alien the Evll One visir,,i th earth IN was supposed to take the form of ta black cat, or a black dog. He was also credited, uon oceaslons, with taking the shape of a black pig on the Iqdgepole of a dwelling, h branch from a mountain ash. or a horse- nailed over the door. was cam laonly believed to keep out witches. Iklng up a pin with the head toward wa supposed to Insure a ride. Wlum the sole of the foot Itched, expected to step on strange land. qhen the sun shone through the liml) ' apple trees on Chrfstmaa day it claimed there would be a good of fruit the next year. "Plant a i(n with the eye up. and It will grow tralght down through the artb to China." was a common bellef.--Ameri- ean Agriculturist. Livingstone Worthy of Stanley'a Fine Tribute The finding of a letter written by I)avid IAvlngstone In the heart of Africa is a reminder that the boys who went marching off in '61 also knew the Inspiration o'f an adventurous hero. Seldom mentioned today, that lld Scot who entered t eotton mill t ten and the Dark continent's wastes la lfla twenties, was to the Civil war bugle boys what polar airmen are to their grandsons. "The letter is of par- Ueular lntpre because It was written hortly after he discovered Lake Wyassa and eontalua an enthuslastle erlptlon of that great water." Hie tMty years of explorntIons took him tough a third of Africa--no other an did m much. He worked not hae for publishers back In Lem- don. bnt carefully for the dvane of lvllltlon. mad aecordlnd Ilowiy, Hying with the satires and Mtl down everything vorthy of tee- H18 were the flret whe maWl e8 to me the Vletm, ht falls, he mended the slave tntde'8 des knell, be 8ttrr the tmat4dee of sme8 5ou Bennett. In tim end he left a psea of accomplishment wMeh led Jtanley to wrte: "We look In vain mmeeg the matlonaliHe fee such a Mm."--Ht. t;oula Pot-Dlspateb, Pads Claims Ttm0m The city of Parts I to have espeeted Item added to the rtelpt dde If 111 bu owit to dlseoverr made ht the Bols de Boulofe last August, writes a correspondent of the London Daily Telegraph. A railway worker who was makJn mud pe to 8muse his child unearthed a casket eantatnlng a number of gold and ll- vm. medala and 7't' gold coln bearing t. effigy of Loul XVL 'Itking hla to a police statlo, he was l- rmed that If-no (me claimed the treasure for t year and n day R would become his property. But the etty of Par ha8 now Stepped tn to rege a etalm at the  and medal Itm ea m tlmt Im owner of the Bola de Boulog R b mUtled to 8 Imlf mlmw In matlflag mwi ttm 5 TSe 'One Arm" ..: :o #. :*7 :,. :*- By STANDISH B. REAMER :.. / , '.5 , : : ,: .*O e&te.l ANI" "i'l:( )31AS ',:':)nleveq ai:;d-,s lv :ll ;so "i;,,ul M:.}i." u::erty in dirD3r,.nI ',,> ,i;e .i)- 1.: ,,f rl. n,-nd) crt ads. Sv-h)ii2;, ti,liiiiig a:tra(:le,! his al:(,[ii)Ii. ).r ri()lhill2 of n)oodi- il('>S, ?lot *': OTt  !',()IlL:}II [ilineSS, ap peared to he occupying ida mind. I,;IIlfy %%a d : It!s--. A[ t||e [lJ)tnen he had nothina on his mind of im port, een nn objee:ive fur his walk For an h,,ur he had been roamin about tire loop district, with no par pose in mind. then the movement nl the crowd or some other impulse not of his own, caused hLm to turn into "Boui Mich." Equally unconsciously he turned with a section of the crowd into Randolph street. Several persons In the hurried throng turned into one of the several "one-arm" restaurants that line Chi eago's Rialto. Sensing a desire for a sandwich and cup of coffee, Lane turned with a small crowd, entered the restaurant and lined up at the counter. Receiving his sandwicb anti coffee, Lane looked about for an amp ly one-armed (:hair. All seemed to b, filled and he passed the length of the restaurant feeling rather foolish wih THE 3;% t'UI.AS':: TIMES, MT. IDT'I.AgKL ILLINOIf Feathered Robbers Bold r,A,b-r a'e Zh.: -}.:,:" ,i'- pirate birds found in tim ec)Id A:,);)r,'- ti,: rions. Traeling tn two's ,'!ey :.r the nests of the pe:;au!rls a:;,l while ohe eng,ges the attnti*)n of a n>srihg bird the other enjoys a meal Temperature to Order A Cincinnati t){yl,:ian predicts that h,,spitals wilt some day have con- trolled indoor atmospheres, so titan feer patients may be kept In cool rooms, moi chambers, and other pa- tients in temperatures suited to their condition. Rare CodfiJh A golden codfish was landed tn Scotland from a trawler returning from the northern fishing grounds. The rare specimen was caught near Iceland. Scientists say It was born without the usual black pigment in lta akin. Distinct Spee Rata an(] mice are two distinct Mo,t E: pensive Drink Aesop, s,,!  1'1,4 a Aes)!m di SOIvod |n v: . " i; ic,;r! :ali' ] &* $4.0() in tw' to have the snr: :c- ton )f con 7::" the mot l)enstve lieirew 7 ;net ";:, tn,; ::r:, s., ;(,:1 ,)f the t],r 5'  .,['l. "i'h, ratio ,)f the *lue of lci tO sliver was l :IS 1-8 n,t ta'l:v:,ii(-d over all western Aala, dnk ever ) ,v,wr) .... .,,.__ I II II II I I nlllnl ........ ___ m @ }. @ ty[s of rodents and are not different ._ Pll True mice belong to the genius Mus; true rats to the genus Rattus. Crusoe's Island The acene of Robin(on Crusoe's o>:ilo is one )f the Juan Fernandez islands, which are In the South Pa- cific, about 40(') miles due west of the !O his load, before he espied an empD ! coast of Central (Voile. O seat. Crowding In the space to sl,  @ down he jostled tie next chair, cau Men of Meat ing an over-full cup of coffee to los( i Meat deale came to be called s trifle of the contents. : butcher from the old French word "Beg pardon," he said mechanically-  "bochier," meaning one who slays h- without iking at "the occupant. ; goats, goats at one time being a much- "Granted" came back the reply H]ally mechanl,'ally. Such incidents are common in the one-arm eating Lane's back turned st)arpl) us he heard in a throaty voice. *'It would seem ha the originator of this s;yle of re..aurant had the community spirit" Lane stared in surprise at the speak- er. Not at all the class of girl to pick up an ar-quain)fln(', wa tire thought that rushed through 4ill mind. "Why':" he asked, 'The chairs are placed o close to- gether. It Just seems to compel ecru- prized meat. Wealth and Virtue Riches, though they may reward vir- tues, yet they cannot cause them ; he Is much more noble who deserves a benefit than he who bestows one.-- 'eltham. Probably French The name "'rip" is said to have bem adopted from the Freh reps, a word of unknown origin, and It has also been suggested that It Is a con'utlo of "rib.  Diplomacy sometimes t maim, of rpudlating the Intm'vlew. mad bet dee taking back what  Toledo Blade. Come In or Lane gazed Into a pair t deep, clear, steady dark blue eyes act In an ivory and rose oval face and sur- mounted by a fluff of red gold halr that even the tightly-fitting "plane". hat could not confine. He felt a sens of regret as he replied, "Too translat i Cinp Provi tr tm for companionship." He waved hla arm towards the hurrying feasters, t The ermine, the ptarmlgau, 'Push In--rush out. eelng nn one, i Arctic fox and the polar hare change their fur or plumage to white |i the knowing no one---earlng less for any ' winter time. one Three and one-halt milllonS -- I- Lnlthy 3;ape  worst  tching from Newfoundlaml tel "Oh," abe ga.,l, '*I--I--did not tam Azou, a tapllm 1,264 mll Im I think you would take my remarks that melnd cut rumti  cable way." 8mnor to obtain ms aeeutta mes m of tint distam traveled bmNm the two land The tspeine was fin# etmt piano wire. each struggling to maintain hlmsIf or i herself against all the rest." "Rather eynlcal, aren't yml? Om i not rather see the community apir It truggling for recogtlon? Wouldn't ] be the more humsn way to look l at Chleago's rushing mlliion--human ity building a more complete elvlllz tlon and dolnz it tn a community sift r i t ?" "Some welfare worker, probably new to It and trying herself oul on me." wan Lane's thought, for hie con tinned study of the gift eonvinced him fully she was not th type to star/ a flirtation. Yet his sneeng thought showed In his next remark, though lightly. Her slight flush proved she caught the Impressl(m in hla mind when he said: "How did you happen to start such a subject? Are you one of Chicago's welfare worker.--and do you think ! am a mltable bJee on which to Georsht'. lu,.t otton (Settou m fit planted In O dmm land ae  mm placi- d JT h Earse m the bland d 8Ndsws, which 18 Jocated off t Mt e Oorgia mad bel(m to tim 5to word "'leprosf" In the IN1Mo 8 81VO terred to a varl tla d I.  a p"ofMmr of Imctmb {l, t refereae to  ! areeteristle it  lt from modem . &lmqetn college of tit, Vht emtm mm aot m Imtt Urea tat w(mm be nowar  It mad aa late u 100  m ltbmetle was stlll a tssum, feds- mmm n, of study" Wul,t !  lImint Is that Ilaea where me  loolul at wulfl-ul dlshm ma Im and n half eve7 day ee mM Itemng a  llt lme II dw m a careor.--ltm WoMb 8tm **What dld you thlnkW Her embarrassment grew am aPllr- eat Lane felt ashamed of hlmselL I) he gsed steadily Into her eTea (to learn the truth. *'Oh. J--I--L" "q saw your back--and the back of your head, as you turned to plae your lunch on the am---and---and--" 'tWill, for the love of heavana, whet about my back? Does a front v$ change your Ideas? And what m your Idea. anywayY' A pleasant smile lighted her featm, ea w entrnnelngly, her confMon rog as It wsa, having failed to repress her rinlblHUea, that Lane himself ted with contrition at his sharpness me. ever mind." he sald. I apologlge for my rudeness. Still. I am Inter eed In knowing( what you saw in m) hack. Perhaps I ca bng a front view to your favor, also, If I know." Thla time she laughed outright. "Vell," ahe ald. "I'D be trnthful " YO" bae and the back of your head lupced me as belonging to a man who would do things--who would see ting in a broad iight---a man of real community spirit Tam see. rm a st. nographer--recently come to Chicago b small town woman, you ace. but on from the We-t. where people are friendly, where the community splrl' *q see." Lane said. tlil more con trite. "Small town womanfro,a where hom. real homes, ate. Corn munlty piri! -homes. bungalows married folk {tying peaceful, cnntent ed lives. I wonder--" What lane wondered may be au  raised, for he nm nnly l@fl the rester ran! with hi.,, newly-f.und aequai), anew. bnt carril the "eommunlt feellng Io hr nt thp Y M. O. A r, eaptlon room venln after ev@nir until a real -,)mm)),,:LV'" D!rit fa,, Ily named the l,ane Thomas be(tm promin,mt in 'P ocia! activities of a Ofieao suburb. :] @ i" Phone No. 144 For Baldy Teld Ience and speech are both,  they m lal, eltber tokeJ of m, badges of wimom. Jmtk in Hell.arms are sometimes deat dealers in India. whim toue of large fise fall with great force. POE :;uy ?our SYRUP At GN S REX.AL L DRUG STOR i Job Printing- Advertising Mt. Pulaski Times Mt. Pulaski, IHinois Hi8 CommMtt were spendinl a holldsy Memeee, Ernest," he Mt "auppo I)inds should eole aOW d m from youY" hapOtble, my dear,'* her hltlblt mmed her. if they dtd cmae and  v. what woull  aY?" she I1. "q should say the brigands were to tim lame--thara all," b tTHd. DID YOU00EVER STOP TO THINK? I ! The danger of suddenly becoming aware of a new notion and taking it to extremes is something hard- ly less in people of mature age than is young peo- 131e, and more strange still, is not less at all in com- munities than in individuals. Thus thane is the likelihood that the m, stence up- on the interdendence of states and communities, which is being heard from all quarters today, may become detrimental to more obvious needs and methods. Interdependence in finance and industry is chiefly a matter of co-ordinating financial mea- sures, output and consumption.  "- 1 It is dangerous to jump at conclusions that com- plication should be heaped upon complication in the matter of transferring goods here and there without adequate reason and so multiplying their final cost to consumer reducing purchasing power