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February 11, 1932     Times
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February 11, 1932

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!//! : :i prcE TWO TtIE MT. PULASK, TI!=3. MI'. kit. Pulaski Times  as second em mail is s.t-oce at t4t eul,i, UUne Nevember 17, 1903, under the Act of of MareJl 9, 1879. BY MT. pULASKI TIMIB . M. JoJm L. Eyrse, Edi*,r S.bscriptton Rates _.__$IJN Months ............ .I ,,, .._ Uon*h- ...... -, ...... ,N Copies ................ .J[IURSDAY FEBRUARY 11, 1932 i ,,| TOWN AND COUN- TY GOVERNMENT Thomas IL Reed,  .of the Department of Political of the University of Mk- has bu mak a studO m- r leeal governments in the United atstm and has me to tim o0odu- there are too many of that they are out of date and .... i tbe  d when it w s jo._v to g  us to t n to Md them more than to scheol, the nsth0a need !of Sovernment and of ,zluaCloa or in evry eommnlt. Pro- Read  out Umtitmmd to go Um ndl and henev i he  . g to b, fouad fl , eonsoli& tion of eounti and instion of superfluous town- dlip rovelhtr'aeats, all of which will to reduce local taxation. The movement toward consolidate country schools and haulin$ children from a radius of teu fifteen miles to a good, centrally 'ii graded school, is growing all the country. The little one-rmm is a survival from primi- times; it was .picturesque but the whole inefficient, Prof. Reed do expect to see such radi- nges in our times as Prof. thinks will come eventually, whole, the cost to the taxpeyers of i local government is out of all pro-I portion to the needs, and that one way of reducing this would be to re- duce the number of local governmen- tal units and make each one cover a larger territory. ----.--=o :------ WE'RE -COMING BACK -STR)N The economic depression from which the United States is just emerging is the seventh major at- tack of "hard times" that this coun- try has been through in less than a hundred years. The people who are scared almost to death for fear that America can't come back are n@t a bit worse scared than were the same type of timid-minded folk in each of these previous panics. But, as we all know, America Most of us are constitutionally un- able to see any defect in those we love. It might be better sometimes if we could. Perhaps if we could an- alyze our children cold-bloodedly we might be able to bolster them with added stren,th. On the other hand, what a blessing it is that we do not always see too well. In cleaning out my desk one day I lan across a phoograph of our first baby', which taken when he was about six weeks old. I remem- ber how proudly we sent it to all our relatives at Christmas time; how positive we were that there had ne- ver been in all history so beautiful a child. Today the picture gives me a fit. It must be my youngster, for my wife is holding it. But instead of the beautiful cherub I remember, what is she holding? Something that looks exactly like a summer squash. Without the blessed blindness of lwomen it is difficult to see how any back after of them, eme every one lmarriag e could be a sustained sue- and came back stronger than ever. lcess. We men know each other--that The first great financial crisis was l n one of us is very good. Yet our bank'Wives have the silly notibn that we in 1837, when practically every are great stuff. And by their faith ! y keep us going, i in the Umted States suspended pay-tth e i ,e half of the property of the t! Centuries ago a city was attacked nation s sold in bankruptcy i bY the armies of Syria. A prophet I proceedings and there was no work i lived in that city. A messenger rush- had led to him in great alarm: "Alas, my for anybody and nobody any money. But we came back so! master! how shall we do?" To which the prophet replied calmo i strongly that in less than twenty I i years our national wealth had been I : multiplied by three. I We came back from the crisis of i 1857, went through a terrific and devastating Civil War and again much more than doubled our national wealth in the course of sixteen years. i Then we had the panic of 1873, and that was followed by another great revival that again doubled our nlt- tional wealth, until the panic of 1893. We came back froea that one richer than before, and we did the :o.*. same thing after the crises of 1907 and o 1920. Everybody knows how ridiy our wealth  between 1921 and 1929, how prosperous ever- body was in tho fat ywam. There is only one way to foretell the future, snd that is by studytn the past. It'is as certain u anythi ! can be that we are oming out of the p crisis toward a ter and more widespNmd pzperit t, kan  [ ........... have ever known. And if we have az [ m sense we will take mster premu-ISHIRTS tione  another dep I Thelatmtsehetaetotqttalllm anti-war movement is for everytm than we did against this ouo. who is opposed to war to wear a ,:e: green shirt. Mussolini and his follow- WHEN TO BE BLIND era wear a black shirt, the symbol of an organized dictatorship. Crlbaldl, By Bruce Barton i the Italian liberator, and his follow- ers, wore red shirts, now the symbol A young mother who is a friend  of the Russian Communists. I have our family entered her daughter in a had an invitation from an orga 1 girl's school. She said to the head- tion called the "New History Society" to buy a green shirt and become an mistress: Internationalist. "Mary  not much of a student. She likes history and does fairly in French, but in arithmetic I think she is aknt a total 1o." Amazement ape oll the f.lee of the head-m "Do you mean to tell me," she exelalme lt are inclined to agree with you have brought us a child who him ' ...... .......................... faults! After sitting here for years ASPIRIN alway. SAFE OF IMITATIONS and listening to mothers whose dauh ters were lmra of virtue and q[n- tel!igenee, this is indeed a novel expertencel" ly: "Fear not; for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.And the eyes of the young man were opened and behold the mountain was full of hmmes and  chariots round about F2imha.  -There are forces of goodness in people that are ",isible only to the eyes of love There are forces of power that can be estimated only by the eyes of faith. The important thing is to be in- telligently blind to the surface de- fects, aud to be able to see and ap- preciate the things that can no be seen. Personally, I don't  think I shall put on a green shirt. The impBm- tion is that the wearer is not only opposed to war on gmeral prinetplm, but opposed to any ]dmt o@ pa-..v- aion for war and is, therefore, willing to hand his country ove to anybody else who wans to take it, I think I will order a red-whitend blue shirt with a star-spangled collar. HOUSING I look for another big "lmildin boom very soon ter the lo0eeni p of bank credits and frozen as- ....... Ill II II II I What Means Distance? i In this day and age, miles have shrunk to mere matters of minutes; we serve at a distance just as pomptly and economically as one could desire. Those living miles away, and still desiring mortuary service of the quality for which we are so well known, may call us with an assur- ance of complete satisfaction. ,LINO. P I;LASKI," ; " 'g THURSDAY FEBRUARY II, sets makes money available for hous- him. We sat down and figured out ing purposes. :how much space a million dollars' :worth of pure gold would occupy. It I think we are going to see some innovations in home construction worked out to a box seventeen and methods in the next few years, which one-half inches square and thirteen will make it possible for a larger and one-half inches high. That wuld percentage of people to become hId four thousand and thirty-two home owners. I know of several pounds of gold, which is a little more groups of home planners who think than a m_iIlion dollars. they are going to be able to build "I asked him what he wanted to houses to sell for $5,000 which will know for, and he said that he was I be better in every way than honses going to ,put a million dollars into which now sell for from $10,000 to!gold coin and take it out of cireula-! $15,000. . tion. I told him he was crazy, because ! That is only one of the big chang- if everybody dld that his gold would-i es that are coming, and coming soon. n't be worth anything, but he insis - ted, so we got him the gold for his GOLD I million-dollar check, and there it is The head of a big New York bank down in our safe deposit vault, do- told me this story the other night:ling nobody any good, not even the - -- ------ Uh a:rlaT=ipsit?d ac eiowner, because he has to pay rent in__ ____ ____ _._ .____..__ __ - : for the box and is getting no interest. ed if we had a safe depsite box big l enough to hold a million dollan in l Which proves, if it proves any- gold. I told him we had plenty of I thing, that all the fools aren't dead boxes of that size, which surprised, yet. SELL OR TRADE Farm or City Properties Or Rent Properties Anything. Anywhere, Anytime What Have You! T. L. Rothwell, Phone72 Mt. Pulaski, Ill. GOFF FUNERAL HOME | WILBERT H. SCHAHL Ass't "To Serve Humanity Better" blt. 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