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February 6, 1941     Times
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February 6, 1941

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Mount Pulaski Times-News % i 38. MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS, LOGAN COUNTY THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1941 NUMBER 211 i iiiii J J 00EFLEC'[ION00 By  iklit, ew ':11 Next to the dog and horse, the pencil might well be called best friend." tt Certainly, a lead pencil is man's companion. tt Despite the fact that It recelves treatment, the serenity of emil remains unchanged. ; By rough treatment, we mean itances where the point at a crucial ttme and we it energetically on the desk floor. St Celebrated 49 Years Of Wedded Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Oran Scrocjcjin Observed New Bus Service Started Regular Schedule Monday t Two Trips A i Delores Fleagle i Day Each Way i Peoria-Decatur i D. A. R. Nominee City's Oldest Resident, 96, Passes Away Mrs. Mary Lee Mayer Died Yesterday Date Sunday t Without regular bu service for I Miss Delores F]egie will re- The home o Mr. and Mrs. Or- a couple of years, Mount Pulaski i ceive the D. A. R. award given in Mrs. Mary Lee,Mayer, widow of was again placed on the list Mon-  the Mount Pulaski township high an O. Scroggm on West Jefferson street Mount Pulaski was the day, Feb. 3, when the Illinois lschool for her loyalty and out- Samuel Mayer, who had tl hon- scene' of a family therin and 1Transprtatin Co., of Peoria, be-standing participation in school or of being Mount PulaSki's old- turke- dinner Sunda- F^b2 in]gan a daily schedule between that activities, est citizen, died at her home on Y Y'  " ' 1 celebration of their 49th wedding l city and Decatur, on Route 12 . ! Miss Fleagle daughter of Mr. West Cooke street at 8 a. m. Wed- anniversary, which occurred Jam I Two trips each way per day will i and Mrs. Oscar F1eagie, is vice nesday, Feb. 5, 1941, aged 96 years, and 26 days. Her death serve ersons m De autr, War t r 28 1941 The dining table wast P " c " p esident of the student council 2 months . was cauged by the infirmities of But despite this rough treat- beautifully decorated for the oc-I rensburg, Latham, Mount Pulaski, !and secretary of the senior clas, advanced years. She was bedfast it %!1 obey every command .casion, the center piece being a i Maple Grove (Maple Club), was a member of the scho- for four years. Preceded in death long as it has a fraction of an!huge cake placed on a crystal coln, Hartsbuxg, Emden junctmn, lastic hnor roll last year and 36 years ago by her lmsband, sire 'Delavan Green Valley, Pekin,  ro w" te a sin this ear. - h of lead in Its wooden casing, stand, wzth a large crystal hold- , . p bably tll g Y l had snce lived with her daughter, $S l er filled with pink and yellow ros- East Peoria and Peorm . i She belongs to the glee club, and[ MiSs Estella Mayer. A lead pencil has its pla3fful i es. The cake was baked by their Buses fro=iF=12:ll V:n last fall, for the third year, w e Mry Lee was born Nov. 9, 1844, as well, especially when granddaughter, M r s. J o s e p h Mount Pulas P. - selected to sing in the All-Stat in Middletown, Ohio, a daughter tulahes at times when most Schroth. Fifteen attended the din- 5:35 p. m for Decatur. On the Chorus at the University of Ilti- ner. trip to Peoria the schedule for nois. She plans to study voice at- of Henry and Jemima Lee. After tt Mr. Scroggln's parents were Mr. Mount Pulaski is 11:05 a. m. and ter finishing school. She has at- she was 16 years old she went to Rock Iland, Lllinois, and from But turning up again in a most and Mrs. Alfred C. Scroggin, who 4 p. m. i tended Mount Pulaski township that city about 80 years ago she place, moved from Mount Pulaski vicin- The bus station in this city is high school for one year and a lcam e to Mount Pulaski with a $$ itv to Chain --- coun" in the located at the Carter PharrnacY lhalf; before that she was a stu- ,Ly, __ lJn. ty  ! on the west side of the square. In dent at Niantic high school. Rev. and Mrs. Young, he accept- Or, perhaps, just where we easy years oz tneuc marriage, ansi " " T be ing the pastorate of the old Get- it. Mr Scro "n was bo '^* ., ,Decatur tle bus terrmnat v i i gf l used, and m Peoria the Grey Elkhart Award man Evangelical church on alth S$ 1868, on near at VUnive;-' Of course, a lead pencil has sitv of Illinois city He was finite Ihund bus station. ! Miss Elsie Oglesby has been se- Washington street. In Lincoln lamentable traits and a Parlor type, 21-passenger buses !iected to receive the annual D. A. during the Civil War period, or on of character, small when the family came back St to this community. Mrs. Scroffgin, are being operated. Patrons from lR" award in the Elkhart high Sept. 15, 1862, she married Sano uel Mayer, also bf Mount Pulaski, As is showm by its willingness formerly IAllie Steenbergen, was this city will have three hours i shool. She is the daughter of Mr. and during this lung period of strlke up an acquaintance with born Oct. 11, 1869, on the Steen- time in Decatur, and over five land Mrs. John R. Oglesby of near time had made this city her home. who comes along, bergen farm four miles southwest hours in Lincoln. Cornland. She was well known and highly t$ of Mount Pulaski. Her parents Miss Oglesby is an honor stu- esteemed by everyone. And to follow Its new aeqdn= died when she was 12 years old, LIBRARY BOOKS PLACED dent in Elkhart and is a member Mrs. Mayer was a member of blindly and disappear eu-and she went to Williamsville to ON .MEMORY SHELVF_ of the Honor 'E" Society. She is the Mount Pulaski C h r i s t live with her grandparents, Mr. The Mount Pulaski Library Club a typist on the "Echoette," stu- St and Mrs. Orando Bates, and it recently placed two books upon dent newspaper, and dramatic ed- cl-=urch, and the Ladies  Aid l- Even though It 1 been your was in their home at high noon their Memory Shelves in honor of itor of the high school annual, ety of that church. friend for many months. Jam 28, 1892, that she married the late Mrs. Mary O'Connor and "The Echo." She is a talented mu- Decedent is survived by three  Oran O. Scroggln. Mrs. Ward Harper. Another for sician and is a member of the children, George A. Mayer Besldes b e I n g exceptionally After living on the Scroggin the late Mrs. Maude Cabs Staf- school band as well as the ac- Miss Estella Mayer, of Mount Ptl- in communication prob- fa southwest of Mmmt Pulas- ford will be placed soon. This is companist for the girls' chorus. In laski, and Mrs. Anna T1reft, of ki for five yesxs, they moved to a very commendable custom oi)- ndividual competition she has Cleveland, MiSSissippi; meve11 S$ It is extremely useful in mMtl- Jackson, Minnesot remaining served by the club for a number won county and district honors in grandchildren and ten children. Four lhildren to stimulate the proce of there seven years. The next move of years. Only books of real piano, her in death, tlree when qlflt was to Weatherford, worth are chosen for this purpose. Beason Award. and a daughter, Mrs. CI 1 and after being there four years, Among the new books upon the Word has been received fom Vinging, dying in Woodbine, g, Or to make a lot of wierd and went to Forest City, Iowa, and library reading table are '4y Beason that Miss Larene Knecht in recent years. patterns on the ta- living there trree years, they de- Name Is Aram," by William Sar- has been chosen for the D. A R. The body was removed to if a piece of paper is cided to return to Mount Pulaski. oyan, and "Sapphira, the Slave award fr(zn the Beason high Schahl funeral home and will convenient. They lived on their farm near Girl," by Willa Cather, both Book- hool. main there until time of the S$ Steenbergen ceeaetery until 18 of-the-Month selections, nerat.  funeral services will It was during the Middle Ages years ago, when they retired ann be held there at 2 p. m. Friday, . .= =d moved into Mo00t Pu00ki Sr id 's B II Into ash)esrto the Mrs. Scroggin has two sisters Headed For es ent a conducted byRev. J. Wayne St t" ley; pastor of the christian chulxl, IMtrumaent, hence the Mrs. Meta Newton, of Sault Ste. At Elkhart Interment will be in Mount PU' "lead penciL" Marie, the Border co.e.00 S$ ben, of Petaloma, Calif., so the The Elkhart community will It was during the reign of Steenbergen cemetery is all that , Four dashing buckaroos from give a President's Ball on Satur- Elizabeth of England, that is left: to carry on the name. discovery revolutionized the in- Mr. and Mrs. Scroggin received Mount Pulaski mounted their gas- day, February 8th at the Elkhart WEATHER SITUATION several nice gifts in remembrance eating steed Sunday morning and high school gymnasium for the FOR PAT WEEK tt of the occasion. They have three started on a dash toward Mexico, benefit of the in.antile paralysis In last week's pper we With the unevering of  children, Mrs. Harry S. Smallwood not to evade the sheriff and 'his fund. mines in Emgland. of Decatur, Mrs. Russell Buckles pe, but to avoid a summons Ray Kay and his ll-,piece orch- that the kids were having a - But on Thursday, tS The lead was really graphite, and :Mrs. Wesley Scroggin, of from Old Man Winter for at least estra from Springfield will turn- time coasting. plus a little lroL Mount Pulaski; and six grand- three weeks, ish the tousle for dancing which day of publication, the sun came tt children, Mrs. John Pal, of Chi- Gene Clear, George Volle, C. M. starts about 8:30. Admission 50c. out bright and the snow started The success of the new pencil cago, Mrs. Joseph Schroth, Mary i Merriman and Ben Ely, as gay Tickets may be purchased at the quickly on the melting procem.' As for temperature, it ha been cloe by sawing the graphite into Alice and Dee Buckles, and Jack a group of caballerog as ever Bertoni Restauarant in MOunt Pu- i to 30 degrees for a the coldo slabs and glueing it into two and Robert Scroggin. All of the crossed the border went bY way lagki. est being 26 at 8 8, n sections of wood, was lmmtaa- members of these families attend- of New Orleans, where they spent Most of the days have been ed the celebration, a day, They went from there to Vernon Ridgeway and if tradition can be depended SS Mission, Texas, to say "hello" to Today the peell is above re- AID FOR BRITAIN SILVER Wilhelm Zeiss, a former Mount IS Appointed upon, spring is not far off, for 01Z and since the day of TEA SATURDAY, FEB. 15 Pulasktan, and extensive citrus Sunday, Feb. 2, Mr. Groundhog, Vernon Ridgeway of Lake Fork didn't have a chance to see his grower. Queen Bess", Mrs. Lorah Z. Lipp of this city, Clarksdale, Miss., was the scene vicnity, Republican committeeman shadow as he crawled out of his tt It has been a perfect servamt--- president of the Logan County of an old hometown reunion, Mon- in precinct three of Mount Pulaski den, as is IMs annual custom tt Federation of Women's Club, is day, when thi quartet met up township, has ben named as time of year. But In thts bu$lnel Saying a lot, lint never talking completing plans for an Aid To with two other dashing young men, guard in the state treasurer's of- of continued winter only "time wtl] Britain Silver Tea to be given at Keith Rothwell and Everett fice in the state house, Springfield, tell." her home on North Washington Brooker, who were down South on under appointment announced Mrs. I1. M Galloway, formerly street Saturday afternoon, Feb. business. Monday by State Treasurer War- Patrieia Ann Cooper, the IAtham vicinity, but now living 15, the hours to be from 2 to 5 The party took two movie cam- ran Wright. He began his new daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Iowa, arrived in the o'clock. A cordial invitation is eras but no doubt a lot of the duties Tuesday. Mr. Ridgeway, Cooper, living west of evening on a busi- extended everyone to attend. "shots" will be cemsored before with 22 years of continuous mere- laski, was christened sunday, to vizir he iter, they show them, and then some ot bership, i the senior member of 2, at Zton Lutheran church the Logan County Republcan Chemut by Rev. ' She will  The Lallghery Community Club them will probably be censored by ite meeting will the ladies they left behind them committee. This i his first poll- slmnrs were Mr. and . Feb. 21. (in Mount Pulaski). tical appointment. Ruwe, of th