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Mt. Pulaski , Illinois
February 4, 1932     Times
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February 4, 1932

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! THE MT. PULASKI TIMES. MT. i 00APTU BtYO r 00THA.IINI N BU.IT : a fairer and golden liffht shone from the long night were suddenly too the roo. { much for her. She fell dowm and wept Jocelyn came as far as this door. l in a sort of helpless spiritual agony. She ould ace then the leather en- When Felix Kent came to see his ed into an egagemdmt with tim Felix Knt. Her fa, Nidk (me nifht. He tell8 her he used D effin Tit, tora by ha" des to see e in mw d to b.amm part t bar soci/. Her fJth Ly.ds  her fatlr ia hls quartenL She finds four men pl- cards whea dm  Om  Jock Aeward, her father is like a mn to him, but war traz to her mr's little ttmry had not been closed, that its curtain, too, had been pulled aside The two tall candles burned steadily and a figure crouched l-fore its al- tar, surely the figure of a stranger. With a chill up her flesh Joeelyn then recognized Marcell. MM Spoke y and Imrdy. "Go lmck to your own room. What are you doing there ?" A few moments later the came a knock at Jooetyn's door. She opened it and stood aside. She was tremb- young fiancee the next morning, which was a Sunday, he fomd her so white and heavy-eyed that not on- girl he is a trifle, ling. But the woman who entered in rnd, pa a second visit to II a long red dressing gown was now t er and :lock takes h home, m lMareena, her usual el, sterner' I way cropping with her at an u- l perhaps, prepared to deliver a re- l fld calmer. Joek aska h tIPr - . j Did you feel ill, Joeelyn?" I ,k et nt a fieht with a zang-1 "No Mother. I heard you moving] i who it he.- I -He then takes Lynds-hemi "yo. might have known that at she mentions Felix's mme to'this time I should be at prayer. It's and Aylewrd's face display, nearly morning. You disturbed me." demoniac hatred of the million- tells Lynda tliat Felix caused to be sent to jail unjustly by up his report on a mine. Lyn- says she doesn't believe his story. pyes another visit to her fath goes to a cabaret with him and with Jock, who suddenly stolm tells her he is goin to take her home. He had seen Felix dane- with anothvom GO ON WITH M 8TORY few moments later she stood ide on the pavement with Jock He hailed a xicab. tthe door of Nick's lodging and in spite e Jock let her in of relling gesture, sort of i repellag I _ ___L-_  protest against her own comus- I suo he mounted with her. Joek turned to rejoin Nick approached him and offered her hand. It was an uneoRmous of trust and forgiveness Or- hand, his fingers doNd felt a raplmre of body aM It gs sweeter than hone, heady than red wine. She felt lips moJng, she heard him asy "I love"--- she was conscigus of what he l of its meaning, of the havoc. it caused. She lifted her eyes as for met Nick's eyes. He had fol- them from the cae instantly. come in, and had seen them and throwing hianself in one paiful across the room set his hands upon Jock's collar using all his strenffth,_ jerked up and back. The young man rose and was forced into a chair who shouted at him. Ki her with your mouth of a card-shooter." fairly oowered. His face look- "I'm sorry, Mother. I--I did not think that you were at your prayers You were holding something. I thot that you were--" "You must have been d. Perhaps you walked in your sleep. I shall have to lock you im Go to bed now. You're eo If you hear Such sounds agata you will know bet- ter than to disturb meT" Sedng the girl upon her piUow, Marcelh bent over her for one  the dry  and went ourt. Jocelyn lay broed awake. The clock in the living room chimed five. Chimed six. Jooeln's uspicion, her eurioty had become a fever, vain that she eauld not endure. Gotly she crept a- / ly his pride of a sor but his lover's tenderness was roud start- led. He suggested a day's "trip to the seashore. So they drove down. Felix proved so sympathetic that Joelyn was encouaged to ask him ff he had eve known a man named A Felix turned his head t. look at her more sharply than ever he had turned or looked before. His oondee- ceusion which was so integral a part of his really gregt desire for bern the little hmoeent girl--was momen- tary shake "What the dev! Now where did you ever dig up that name, e.kiklT" For the first time, to keep Lynda secret, Jocelyn made use of an in- vention: "Cousin Sara Mullet once knew a clergTman of that name--who had a son." "And who kcked the son out and ebged bls own name in order rot to share it with a convict. Wam that it? Yes, I knew that parson." "What did the son do to be set to priaon ? A cle's 0n---it so draa_ul." "Clergymea's sons are a proverb, darling. This one took a bribe and handed in a false report o zinc mine. I lost a good lot f money my- self through ti  Aamml junior got away with hie profit all right, I guess, but I was lucky enough to catch him out and I had him set up. "I was sorry for his lathed and his gain o to the living roon two sisters but if ever a man deservo Almoet instinctively her hand roee ed what he got it was that fellow, the to the velvet drapery behind the al- dirty trickster!" tar. She lifted it. "You don't think there couht have A smaii deep-set door with a lock been an mistake, that the owne o the key sll in it, lay behind that al- the mine perhaps deceived him ? I dare to take my daughter tarpieee, Marcella had been startled, mean--I feel so sorry for that to make love to her. My daugh - had moved away quickly, had left clergyman." touch her with your hand key. l "Be sorry for the clergyman bY Jocelyn tigh1ened her lips and all means but don't waste your pity o the young one. I knew that boy, knew him from the time he w a kid. He was always a pretty slick young customer. Queer how it came ot in him. He had crafty gift for sleight of hand. He could make a pack of cards do. anything. He'd pub coins out of the air. Got eircm chap to show him how to throw knife. I got this little scar on my cheektxm letting Joek prti knife- throwing on me. I certainly did t0unce him for that. And his father gave him a bigger whip- ping afterward. The )ld man was al- ways trying to beat some virtue into ' him. , "He was a no-account entry from the starting post. Seemed to settle down at college and came through the mirdng school with honors. But that yellow streak was there; and ther box which was decorated with a when it came to riding life--he t, him. Then carefuly, rot to hurt s. hands, he freed himself and out into the night.  went over and laid dawn oli OU did wrong to come to me/' ned Nick. "No stutter where I R_m y life defiles your fingers." :lPking, he was caught by a ofp didn't put his spurs in straight and, well--he bit the dust." Joelyn schooled herself to believe him. By ten ociock of that Sunday morning Nick's fever, with the worst of his pain, had left him and he lay still with a white racked face and looked sanely at Jock. The young man had not yet changed from his even- ing clothe "Ybu'd better l.and get some spoke to her uneasy conscience. She will not let me know her secrets. She He quivered at the two will no love me. I must learn the though Nick had used a lash truth of my own life by my own efforts. She turned the little key and pul- led open the thick small metal door. Behind it lay a leather box and this she drlew out and set upon the top of the prie-dieu. She Msed the li& The glory that had bin hidden there gluttered acro her eyes like a mesh of living stars. Jewels as of vhysical agony whiehirich as a queen's. Rubies, emeralds, s there in pitiul and sac-I sapphires and white diamonds cut in ance until nearly morning, i to blazing angles and set in a heavy to 00"mou-I of da,k .old . Y eward. Her father had Slavic splendor of this ornament RReOrt a number and almost etl made even the ignorant convent M f _ sue had taken down the  catch her breath, it was so beautiful. er ooek anawered. I Two lonft ,,o to match " h;Um?,ermg tembly. I have cr at either end of the old lea- worn golden coronet. The value of these jewels in such a setting must be fabulo. She returned them to their hiding place. All other thoughts and fears were obliterated by the shock of her dis- covery. She knew that sire had deed been living with a stranger, in a black gown with a silver eross : that she wu motherle. She knew that Mar.lle was a sombre u+" against its breast but within it a. sleep," Nick . "Businus blaze of jewels giamoured an earthy, good last night" virit. xcella and she were stra-" "Pretty fair. We k Judson." ; gets. No eion could move her game myself coel voice answered been  it, Il fifteen minutes Lymla admltt to Nick's bedroom. He passed went to NiclL The sick man's tsee smiled crookedly. Joek arm under the writhing and seemed at once to give it ease. Neither of them said to Lymta m even seemed to timt dm wmt am. dimbed in at her bed- window she was seared by the r. she slipped into her mgtown Nick's eyes be beg. a movement soewtmre be- toward the woman who had exmched, "I'm a great o to 11 you a co- the bedroom PaSsage. At its geeedily absot)ed, above those jewels, vtct and eh? W]mn I e@ea and, The oek and the attemmt of taht you PULASKI, ILLINOIS nd llve on what you make from it. Why don't you chuck me, Aylew1trd" "Got the habit of holding on to yOU." "Last night,--when I came in-- you and Lynda, you know? I'd like you to understand why Iwhy I flew out the way I did. When I mw you making love to her I thought of. other women I'd seen you wi of myself--and--" Jock swore softly, "Why not shut up?" he suggested. "You were right at that. 0nly it was a superflumm exhibition of paternal chivalry. I don't love your danght, Nie  "What, were you doing, sf_,ug then--on your confounded knees---- holding her hands?" "I was teaching her somethingl about an atomatic pistol. I lost my I head .for a second; but she doemt'{ lose hers. I tell you I don't love her;' I Niek looked at him hard but eould' make nothing of the cool set smiling face. But, between them, riley agreed they must move and hide from the girl, for her own goodL A few days later, apurred by aa imlulse/Lynda hurried to her fath- er's home. She opened Nick's door I and found hersel looking down upon Jock Aydeward. In the midst of a great confusion of things, of seat- tered clothing, f trm and boxes, he knelt busy with packing. ! Lynda went weak and brealem. [ Is Nick here. I though----I t / thought--" she closed the door, fal-[ tered over to the old sofa and sat I down there as though her led 1 I fused to hold her up. ! 'You thought we'd give yon the I slip? We were foolish enough to l think @ too." I mm Ne=t W ] j justice Oliver Wendell Holmes found the burden of 91 years too heavy for him and resigned from the Supreme Court Bench ldter 29 yea o| service. LyttoneStrachey, who dieff in London, at 51, was the first biogra- pher, to make historyread ilk fiction. His 'Queen Victoria and '!Elizabeth and Esax" were best Mers tof year ...... m i i iiii i i I Will Govern !' " :.:,astruction Finance Board J I II1[ I j General Charles G. Dawes, former Vice-President and re,early Ambassador to England, is shown lvlng the Senate Office Building with Eugene Meyer. Gee. Dawes, as presiderS, and Mr Meyer, as chairman of the new orpotion, will have charge of distributing the two billion financial pod sponred by tbe Government to absorb frozen assets. Otto H. Kabu, Wall Street financial man msd I banker, it speading the  in Palm , i ...... "W'dl the Groundhog Stay Out? ,.. " By AUrt 7: Reid I // !