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February 4, 1932     Times
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February 4, 1932

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THURSDAY FEBRUARY 4, 1932 THE MT. t LLAS'.,* TIM, MT. in i i ,, , .... m. , P UI_ASKL ILLIN()I8 , i i i l i i ' .i S0UT. ,OSA. CO .EWS ...... large t,r,'.:' of l,.ican origin. In many town ,',alsh Is the pre m dominant I,.',l;l:_.,. "rhr, re re numeroas Indian I)uehlos whore trsv. i AND VICINITY m.,d00 of ,,re ..mar. , ably different from thai nf their own, - Alaska Dancing Advocated a l % CHESTNUT In the language of the Aleut Indians Remedy for Human m Non.Purring "Cats" the territory of Alaska was called All members ,if lhe cat family do Mrs. Mertice Lakin who has been "Alakshak" or "'Al-ay-ek-sa"--meanin Not infrequently the alleged "quack" not purr. The cheetah and tiger pm'r ill for some time is much better at "grest country." The white traders f one generation finds Justification in and the puma. or cougar, makes this writing, and prospectors corrupted (his to the next. and the recomtrmndation of noise similar to a purr. The follow- Mr. George Schaffenacker is con- "AlaskaY William H. Seward, who dvnclng u cure for mental and Ins member of the cat family do n.{ fined to his horns by illness, as secretary of state arranged the physical Ills by so cautious scientist purr: Leopard, lion. lioness, ocelot, Charles Kutzi who has been ill purchase from Russia. made Alaska o 81r Arthur Keith may rehabilitate mwval and caracaL the official name. The territory had the memory of Donald McAIpin. who a with pneumonia is not much imprgv- also been commonly known up to that century ago set up as a healer by dane Weasel a Fighter ed. time as Russian America. tag strathspey, writes a col|lintel The weasel is fearless and will at- Miss Irene Unger visited Sumiay tim the Manchester (Eng.) Guardian, in Athens with her brother Roy. L. Old Mississippi Boat baldshepherdwu reputedand m famousto havedancer'euredDn-his whethertek any provokedllVtng thlngor not.If In Therethe mood.are "Lager and family. The old Mississippi river packet mistress of mysterious malady by esral records of weasels attacking Donald Babb, Paul Sehutz and Robert E. Lee was built by Capt. John dancing reel with her. and this el.cry Imrmm. As a rule. however, they at- Bessie Lgughery of Minier.visited at W. Oannon. It was 300 feet long, 44 being noised abroad his cottage wml tack oly small animals and fowls. feet beam. 10-foot hold. having two beMeged by erowd of sick folk who ] Helpful Hum the latter' home Sunday afternoon, engines with 10-foot piston stroke hoped to rid their aliments by Im Aden Zeigler and baby Phyllis and a cylinder of 40-Inch bore. She lauding him to dance with them. t *q tt true that eolors can affect returned with them after vis- carried eight boilers..2 feet long by Donald. whether he bellev hi his hmlthT*  a orlNpondeuL By three weeks at home. 42 Incnea. and her side wheels of 38 own power or not. was shrewd enough mental mgestlon they may do so. The Farmer's Grain Co. elected of- feet diameter had bucket 16 feet m take advantage of such etke Red, for tnst..nce. Is stimulating, sun- =fleers on Tuesday afternoon Feb. 2. long d luclL He engaged an ancient piper dflne yellow enlivening, and mft blul I stant. and between them the mzd msuv dlrtnetty soothing. Mrs. Rachel Clark who is staying Ishmd Group pair evolved course of dancing treat- with her daughter Mrs. Straud Don- The name "Polynesia" is applied to meat foe almost every Ill to whleh the 11tosaad of Plmat Typm mn in Peoria is still bedfast but a region of the South Sea islands in- I  hi heir. establishing au extenMs i There are believed to be shout ln.. much improved at latest reports, eluding HawalL New Zealand. Chat- peaetla* from whielL for time, they 000 ndm of plants growing through- Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Laughery and ham Islands, Rapanul or Easter islands, llwl eonMderuble lncom The  tl werid. n rseo Mrs. Alice Israel were shopping in Marqueas, Rarotonga. Tahiti. Tun-  of course, denounced him as lag 0 species of flowering plants In Lincoln Monday agternoon, mote, 8amo Tonga. Urea and Fu- dtariata but It seems Just po single patch of turf three by four tuna. The name i derived from the 1o that te Mt on real remed  mmr--as le. Greek "poly'many and "noses"--  Izoubl. Chestnut M.  Church Island. i Our Sunday school has not been - " " Cannot Break Thi* Minor Ttmvii as good attendance as it had Metlkod in Hie Vfsdt Old Trade Name [ t nonbreakable mirror Invented by for the corresponding period last My nephew, age five, who goes to German sclentlst Is made of wood, kindergarten and whose teacher makes "Naval stores" is commercial ea soaked In cautlc alkali and then pm year. We have too many members him stand in the corner every tlme he 8rid is enerally misunderstood by tl through process of Immersion In met- -who seem to think that it makes no talk or does something he should not labile. Jays Pathfinder Magazine. &l-  and chemicals, with final rubbing ,difference-to them or anyone else do, came home from school the other though ,ometlmea applied to the ordl- with m piece of lead. tin or sine until whether the? attend Sunday School. day and said to his mother, *'Mother, mary nppltes for war vessels, the term It takes on brilliant polish. But it does .make difference. We I wish they would make oois round, la trade name for the resinous prod* can prove tt next Sunday if every because then there wouldn't be tny I ucte derived from the gum or pitch of Removing Ob, thmte Cm4k officer ami teacher and every scholar corners.'--Chicago TrlbunL [ iflne trees, in the early days these To remove cork from a bett produchs were used for calking and when there is neither eorkscw who is in good health will make a , waterproofing sailing vessels, and vast knife at hand, eliot two misty leal effort to be present. ;, StoesS of tar and pitch were eeumw. dMIgonally through th  oppoMtM :Next Sunday's services also in- Groat Sklpptag Pdnt lated for the use of the navy. & de"  other. By lilting on the -edmie the morning worship at 10".30, IIngapore is not in India. but ill " 8re to obtain such Impplis independ*  of the two ping the eoek eg lie the Intermediate and rth Lea- toWlt and island dtuated at the south- marly of the Preach and Dutch wu esmoved uMly. mm gtremity of the Mala penimmla, one of the chief  for the first Ders t six o']cock. The evening war- the moat Important Part of the erow ]Briti settlements in uoserieL At oe p services have been dispenl colo of the Straits 8ettlomento. The time "naval tor" included all tl  of MtJalgkt Jim m with for the month of February. port k one of the most valuate of the raw materials emplred in Illd[lmg Na'way reache 300 mflm Into The choir will meet this week at miner poJmmlous of  BritllL u lid malJtelning ImiHng eldlMI, imc 88  lone. and mmrl eMll e the home of E. C. Myrick on Friday It !1 midway bet-ma India and tar, placid, rile, flax, eerdnl ma  eonm'ry 18 in the  of -evt, aing. China, and forum the most Important mad timber, mldlallt sun and whRer 4m, kg halting place on the trade route to the Imt even In the eatrmsm math tim The Women's Poreidrn Missionary lear   day Is le and the oiety will meet Wednesday t- It,dns UsbeL.t--# 4a  short. noon of next week at the parsonage. Kqdaiing Cdadal Pertoeb Infldd IS term giv to  Sit of Cauw' Lrhms The glacial periods were caused by  in  by thosm who do I* th number of rough FOR_]  eglmnMon and muthward move- IIe, rather than by themmlvm, Am tlp to the district, the skeletJm *If me of the great Ice asp located ta lafldel 18 on, who does ant believe IS aa unconed Roman sc4dler er imHor tim Polar rlon Due to varyln e-  or,  t,, the patti,mira' sm found recently  lhmdhmd. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burton and  of aem mad tmperetm Isdlgien of thrum about hl An tl eotland, and on one finger wu a "little daughter from near Lexington  tim Polar   lee brol  la mo who denies the mdt of lfl with a beveled rm of chaise- here and visited her paret,s 8wy msd spread,  everything of God; wMle n aguefie  W dem. . . and Me. mer Moore  faro- h, t, th and m  w prefm Ipozea 8m tO whN " It/ a fzw days t] wtk. ,nat of t Ins et 'm lololli- w  tlm my  Og ts Had te Trm Orlsts Mr. and Mrs. Joe Duskey of Soda- ul perlodL  exJtene etc., and who oftm  To cod a pe,'o.. In the souse of to lie, Me., who has been visiting their that man mmt Immlbll prove tbO matter e/that way.  Inventor  kid penmn, has been  In our aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Walter tim m retie was 'theme  IJ!guage Mnce the middle of ha It Manley and other relatives for some A!lc.-by' Great Victory ' le.---4{eveland Plain Dceise. tury. It may be related to tim time left Friday for Danville to visit word cod. meaning "8 fool." Ofl his aunt on their way home. Justified Arab Proverb Gold In Bars lopla try to explain that word by Mrs. Russell Fuiten and children An old Arab proverb sys that  When gold L truJtsferred. It hi eo until the Nile flows into Palestine shah gorily cast In what is called the 10,- visited the latte tart of the week the prophet tram the West drive the 0 bar. which  three pal with her parents at Williamsville. Turk from Jerusalem." cue-halL inches wide, x and threm- James Coats had the misfortune But that 18 exactly what took place quarters inches long and one sad "to have his Buick C, oulm Stolen from when Allenby's British army of 96,000 thcee-quarters inches deep. This 18 his home Sunday night, fighting men with 46.000 horse 40,00@ the largest regular bar made. and ltJ lt . Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gill moved one ,-smell and 1R,000 mulm fought  value, although rongbly given u $10,- way nrth from the 8aez canaL It 00@, M celculated by aet;ml w | Trmlimld Ire= 'day last week to the ]Prank HandHn defeated and drove out the Turkish d stamped on the bar. It may tun To escape imnUnaen's bounds ffo Jsrm which was recently vacated army, which opposed every stx, p of na high a $11.000. Jewelers usually Ill imld to have climbed 40 f to the "by Orville Donavon. the advance, j  gold In the small $100 and 000 la of tree near KInK's  ilP Mrs. Goldie Quickanoor, Foryah, The British forces were closely fol* i  lamL The tree wu In Is,j,-eovered fir vialed here Monday with her par- lowed not only by wlft laid   the dogs had lost the cent. wen eats Mr. and Mrs. Louis Keehler. way, providing eommluartat cllltl IMuvy of G'leht the fugitive was a st the UP. A Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gill are the hut also by huge pipe line to wste that host. That Nile water drawn  ebewlng gum lndmm datm lisper climbed the tssm about 20 Parents of a baby girl born Feb. 1, from a canal in Egypt was filtered 8t gem almut 1860, wh u Am'lel  o longer feeling fe, the fox dO- being their first child. The me- the Kantara water works and then Inventor, while maklg u   Jumping from beaneh to attempt to vulcanise the sap of  tqmeh like a cat. It iuded It8 pll before her marriage was Miss pumped underneath the Sues canal m  and was pot caught matll Helen Hardin. reservoirs on the east bank. Here it repel ere for rubber sulmtlt tscov'ed similarity of chicle to  latlng an hour. Vern Marks was a Lincoln caller was chlorinated and then. thanks to spruce and cherry gum& wMeb Mthef- Paris No Lmg. all" Priday. weventeen auxiliary pumping station& to bad been the male chewing  IPqa is no longer walled clt, tt carried through the pipe over 200 miles ImowL Mr. Jmnca Coats and Mr. C. L. of arid desert. rUflcatlous having bmm ras fat {7,oats went to Sprild on business. In order to realize how eompletel The Gontineatal divide of Nd Iowlag the World war. At that -------:o- _ the terms of the proverb were satisfied America eoaists of continuers BUCKLES CORNER ou must know that the word prophet gending north and south from tl in Arabic Is AI Nebi which you will &rt  to the boundary betwet admit is pretty close to Allenby, tim Panama and Colombia. In the U Mrs. Wm. K spent liday of name of the brilliant strategist who States It follows, as a rule, but mot last week with Mrs. John Earhart. fame from the West and who did drive always, the most elevated portion of Mr. Robt. Rothwell of Chap|g the Trk from Jerusalem !---Charles H. tim Rocky mountains. Water falling pent the week end with h% wife and Sherrlli, In the American Review of east of this line flow Into the Pacific. son. Reviewer The term "Great Divide" Is popular Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Billington who lie, but rather Indefinite in meanin MI applies to vast region In M- "have been residing on the T. L Rx)th- Netlmrlamdh Darker tolsa, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado Well farm moved to a farm in south- qPhe dykes whleb protect The Noah- truversed by the Continental divhb, Illinois Saturday. erlands from the North sea In ninny Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords cal- ce go baek to Roman times. Maw/ led on Mrs. Clara Gluse of Mt. Pu- L"e raised as much as 40 feet above M,mctos Tidal BeN hmki Sunday afternoon. Idgh-water mark and are wide enough qNl# famous tidal bore, near Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Cowan and at the top for m Isoral readwsy or tat. N. I$. Is the inward rush of wal on Donald Wayne and Darwin Lee meal They are made of earth pro- UP the Petitcodiae river of acted by atone slopes and by plies Brunswick from the Iy of It, visited over the week end with Mrs. and at the more dangerous points by wMeb b one of the blghest tJdm van'SKersehner.parents Mr. and Mrs. John artl4]elal structures of brushwood tim world. The watml mt" laden with etonee. The West KspM  of the Petlteodlse In tl Mr. and Mr Gee. Litterly, Jr., dyke t8 12.48 feet Ion8 and Ires of  or tidal wave, from  to and daughters Doris and Esther Jean esward slope of 800 feet. Ou ridge dx feet Idgh. The dlffecence spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. 89 feet wide are roadway and Ill.  Mgb and extreme low I1 Elmer Ridgeway. way. et Monetoa M 30 feet. The Buckles Community club meets Soul's Tt4umpk Peb. 5 At 6 o'clock there will be a Betqdsm Is the brilliant triumph Pot luck supper served by Mrs. Theo tl  over the flesh, that 18 to saT, Aderman. Mrs. Charles Sehahi and over fem-fer of povwt, of nffm. Buy Yoer Milk of Magnmla Mr. Earl Potter. The program to h of lumny. of Illness. of follow the supper is being arrguged ae and of death.--AmtL At by Oswald Brooker, Miss Gretchen Steam'It and Mrs. Oscar Rickords. Unmixed Evil .__ mousy. 'ENSREXALL women, health  peace,  la The Secretary of State issued claw.  mathtng st last--4 k my lesd- ters to 6,273 domestic ear.ration ta lug aewhere. Emmsmt. RUG SYORB Fi efighter :. ;*: By H LOUIS RAYBOLD :*: i b M , ',,wpaDer Syndicate.) VI" er vieet A NOTHEll tire ell Bald Peak! .lane from i:er bungalow veranda wal(.ied the nlenacing spiral of sm0k- rising :tbove tile l)h)teh ;,t pines on th*. di8l;tnt mountain. Probably the range had long ago detected it and called out td. llretihter. Valiant men who I bored hard for board and a dollar a day and yet over whom Just now llov ereda cloud of susph'lon like th;l! white smoke now settling upon old I',th] I'eflk's slope. For three weeks not drop of r;iit had fallen. Everywher,: tile W..] were tinder dry. And, in spite -: posted warnings, one fire after .: other had blazed out to be conquers. only after the most arduous efforts Already people were beginning t. say, "Are the fires being set?" Au,l if they were. wha was the objeel What man needed u dollar a day wl board thrown in s. badly that he wi- willing to run lime risk of a Jail ,l, fence, to say nothing of burdenJ. hi- conscience with pslhle loss of IJtt " There were conlparatlvely few n,, tvuJiahle In this part of the coumr> Jane ran them over in her mind. Me, from the lumber ('l|ll][}s, most of native sons--the yotlng boys of the town who enjoyed the excitement-- a sudden anal)ping of a brant.l| startled her. She turned to Hee a stranger coming up the path+ A tat+ fellow in dtsrel)utlble sweater, pal('ite, J r.users, sboes thal were gray w;Ih dust, "Wonder if you could give me a ill tie information.'" he drawled. "Where do I go to Join up with the fire hrl ga de ?'" Jane looked at him a moment curt ously before replying. Then she mild a funny thing, considering the need appearance of the youth before her. "They only pay dollar a day and board." "There are times when that is a for tune." Jane shrugged her shoulders. "Oh," she said. "Well, you go down to the fire warden's next to the post office. Likely he'll be glad to sign on an- other man." Then she turned away, but for the rest of the day she found hemmlf usly disturbed. Suppose that he was the man who had been setting the flres l or severSl days she heard no more of him. 'then. at ths upper table. her brother, for whom she kept house. remarked casually. "I understand they tlflnk they've found the firebug. Some new fellow Just come to town." That night, fanned by northwem wind, whlrlwlnd of flame wept Bold Pmk. At midnight the churcb bells were started ringing, the fire siren reeehed, matomobiles collecting fire. fighters tor up and down the stroet Jane, hastily donning flannel shirt. flnicker and heavy Imts. InIsled on climbing In beside her brother. AI! nigh! hills the lin of grhuy. snloke-ataiAed men labored mightily. digging tribes, building back fire& lugging wr. And ida by side witb them tolle Jane, herself grimy and I it Is an abbrevlaUon for ger. , smokeain, but thrilled to her In- ntt seems to   In some  m  . the exment  it. Itanca BuL It appears in our Ii- t And most of* the ,late bestde her m earlier tbsn eodger, go thai at. i sqbrked the gray-eyed stranger who mmhip Is doubtful. No one can was the object ,f so many suspicious uy accurate informatto haul" glance Yet he seemet to work more easily than sny of them, wh4iiug cheerfully , and oeceMonally breaking Into snatches ' of py song: Borntimes he talked with Jane, ask- ing casual questions about those around him. "Do you know that fel- low over there in the torn gray Jer- sey ?*' "Surely. Known him all my life. e's the town clerk' son." "And that man with the pall'r' "Roy Llbhy. Run the garage." "And that boy tn the overall, the one that's had seventeen cup of eoff If he's had one?" "Why, let me see. that must be--." But Jane did not fulsh her sentence. At that moment one of those giant of the forest that have stood for genera- measured about q m, 28  in ons and seem likely to stand for gen- dlslmfereace and Indmul Its arm of ( m-atlous more. shivered where it was, Ilmqlt S0 square mllce, t mvayed, hesitated, then crashed to the , gr, mnd three seconds after Jane had felt herself seized In pair of strong How Schllemann Found ; young arms and thrown clear into Hi8 Prfeet Helpmeet : pile of brush. And, strange though It may seem, khllemanu (th, aeavator of Troy) went to Crosse, mlddle-aged man, believing In th MmpUclty of his heart that he would find the manners of Aead He was to begin married life ever gain after an unfortunate expe- Iqenee In Buss;a. What more fltti than a Greek wife? It Is hardly er. lbi but be asked his old Greek tutor to find lIm ms. It is not incredible tlmt the tutor found one for ,tiNt Wealthy hweigner among his own s- MUonsl Before the were betrothed he pwt I1 viva-voce examination, Inela4- the tlmg of passages from Ho- mor by heart. She passed! The mar- WS nearly broken off whMt the m/IIJonstre asked her why 8he was tsd to be his wift 8he plled: *qcaum my relatlon have WM me Umt you are rich ma" And he had eme to Greece sure of finding mum. ImettT of art. Yet the marriage took place. &mS It tmeeeeded, Mme. 8chUematm ran'- qved to see her husband' reputation orJtblished beyond the reach of ridi- cule. She made perfect helpmeet to ;  growup boy. HIs Imlnet had Im right In matrimony gaint all the IM'obabllltles, as It was  arebe. elegy against all the antlqua [dOII Rvlew. for the instant that she was in his urals, Jane know that she cared for this man of whom she knew so little and about ucb dreadful thlngs were being whispered. Dawn found the fire checked, after acres of green forest had been meta- morphosed Into seared and desolate waste. Jane, eating her seventh pancake out by the busy crew of cooks, looked up to see tall figure slip Into the seat beside her. "We've got the firebug,  he announce "As I have sort of suspected from the first, it wsa that boy in overalls. Only fourteen years old and ,mr on parole from the reformatory, ale has Just confessed he has started a dozen blazes out of sheer desire to get excitement. You see. that was what I ease here for. Sent by the state to try and ferret oct the criminal. Thought stranger could do the Job better. To morrow I've got to et back to my regular work. up at the state experiment ta- Lon. Then, presently, I'm coming back ] in s decent utt of clothes and get e- l qualnted all over gain." ) Jane threw him an odd llttle smile. t 9ould she ever she wondered, dare admit to him that it had been tot love at first iht? PAGE Cuban i-2. ,'-:e (':,); - ] I : 'e Of tf't.)' I]1:(I ff lhe ['Ht'd ?titfe. wJ n(1oi,!d I,'obr.:,ry l. I!+()I. Spreme Court Sitt;ngs The SHpreme cotlrt of rhe United star(. meets I. O(.iobor of ea,.tl year, and with certlin re(, wh|ch at voted hy the eotzrt Itself. sits until the followlng Jlne. Pass;ng the Buck She (penslvely)--Three months ! was wild about Jack. Now I dol'g fancy hlm at all. Strange how chang@- able men are.--Boston Transcript. Ranked by Foreign Crltic It has often been said that th of a living artl can most gauged by the esteem In which ] held hy foreign countries, Plenty of Ezcuse We can't subscribe to the everybody ts crazy, the opportunities for getting that --Toledo Blade. "Specs" for Modkey B1anco, the London zoo's aiblne k,.y. v,'a fitted with a pair of. tacles due to hls weak eyesight. N*w York Led New York state had the mo In the World war. approxt 489,608. He Never Heard of Railroads George born 200 years ago month, encouraged development of transportation self organized headed a company the improvement of Potomac River. : Upon his death 1799 the was the nearly two highway and transportation. merce was meager a difficult, the pol3ulation was a Dare 5.0(X).000. and that was along the seacoast. Thirty years fter Washington's death the first railroad in Amer-!i ica was built. In ensuing cenfiJry our population has grown 125,000,000. and our vast domain has become an organized and effi- cient economic unit. Vhen we give thanks, as we should, for the progress made since Vashington's day, let us not forget the vital part played therein by our railroads.. Constructive criticism and suggestions are in- vited. Pra,Ment, Illlnei* Central &ydm Chicago, February I, |932. O It is no mere oincidea that the United Stat altd the railroads grew toletll. LLI NOIS ,CENTR/00 00SYSTE