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January 30, 1941     Times
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January 30, 1941

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CROWE-- (ConUnued from vage I) FIo has taken excellent care of him and he is a fine looking youngster, big for his age and good looking as the devil (as all the male mem- t)ers of the Crowe clan are). He is also smart enough to work lis mother and try to work me, ,but the sooner he finds that is out the better off he will be. He is forty- .two inches tall and weighs forty- six pounds, blonde and I think hiS eyes would be called brown, eats like a horse, and that i the true story of your Chinese grandson. We are lucky though, as statistics show that out of every 400,000 ba- bies born in China only one i white, and we got a white one. Do you suppose it was a throw- back? VChat do the good people of the great state of Illinois think about the draft? I talked to a lot of people at Camp Perry and they were all of the opinion that we had better arm, and that tl draft was the proper way to begin. The thing I am afraid of is that we waited too long to start and after starting are letting politics inter- fere too much. The old idea tlt a body of water could protect us is a thing of the past. The Brit- ish taught that and they are M00O00LU00S CLINTONIA THEATRE N CLINTON ANNIVERSARY Week lilt LAST TIMES FRIDAY KENNY BAKEI kl. nANC[S L:_ OIm AnN fdn.LF, Jt _ SATURDAY, FEB. I DOUBLE FFATURF HOPALONG CASSIDY in . WILLIAM BOYD I Feafure No. 2 Virg;nia Bruce - Dennis Morgan in "Flight Angels" i SUN.-MON. FEB. 2-3 "DESTIIY" DIETRICH a thrill- leaded screen TUES.-WED. FEB. 4-5 JOB-DAYS 20-Day Job Offered SALARY $b0.00 .SCREEN TI MOffNT pUT.AKI _T-NEW. MOUNT PULASKI, IIJzINOIB THURSDAY, JANUARY A h Do'ncj Dacjwood Dir+ Pa Pays n Income , Somet,mes-" Ma Does T i' 30 Women Have ]Go Slow On 00EF! , Looks like Penny Singleton, title star of Columbia nehvork's 'Blondie" comedies, has cooked up a fast one on co-star Arthur "Dagwood" Lake (left). During rehearsal for their popular Monday- night series, Penny is shown confessinq to Producer Tom McKnight that all is not just as it should be witl Arthur's script. catching it. The only way for us to keep from having our homes and families bombed and killed is to bomb and kill in the other fel- Low's country. If we wait until Germany and Italy are through bor and other parts of Alaaka I was due for a promotion the first of September, but had to wait until I got back here for my physical exanL So if I pass my physical examination I will be a Commission Warrant Officer (it is too long to explain. I'll haw a commission signed by the Presi- dent and that is supposed to make me a gentleman. What do you think? Anything you say will be used against you, so think twice and count 10 and then don't an- s'er. Well, I guess I had better call a halt to this as it is supposed to be taken in small doses and I will try to do better from here on. Tell all the kids hello for me and that one of these days I will drop them a line (all together now: Oh, Yeah!) Yeah, if only to surprise you. Flo and Jimmy send their love and we are enclosing a pic- ,ure of James Pierson. All my love, Henry. [S CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR OF CITY William Binder, who was ap- pointed mayor to fill the unex- pired vacancy of Clarence Frazier, has announced his candidacy for the office of mayor at the coming election in April. available for the first time exten- sive infonmation on the size of combined incoQnes of husbands and wives, and also shed light on the extent to which their combined Federal income tax may be re- duced by the filing of separate re- turns. Among 147,760 pairs of separ- ate returns matched 93,532 wives and only 57,472 husbands report- ed net incomes under $5,000. No wives with incomes of over $500,000 had husbands paying taxes on less than $5,000, but two had husbands with incomes be- tween $5,000 and $10,000. Approximately 56,000 husbands with less than $6,000 a year hd wives who brought in more. Incomes From $100,000 ,o SS00,000 j Inthe.,jnericanfanilythehus L Land Buying band usually furnishes the chief| Farmers who are :ext to1 wife " pencil support even when t h e buying more land and pa works, yet in 1936 there were 30 it out of increased income _ena n's besl women with a net income between ed as a result of the w z hus sl Certainly $100,000 and $500,000 whose - boom, were warned to go . .  bands reported income of less L. J. Norton of the UniverSe: sesz cow than $5,000. Illinois College of AffricultU . a Despite ....... o of the i onomics department, in ugh trea me researcn zvs n .... Home * lean  this areas a u'azva ana en il re Treasur, Deparmen g e information from approximately "It should be kept in I 300,000 tax returns which made when you consider purcb By roug] land," said Prof. Norton, Zone iLta any increase in value cau freaks at : wartime price will be t mrl it ene ary." r floor. He listed four things should be placed ahead of an  ut de 1 purchases in planning ent, it  ment and credit program: j long as 1. Obtain absolutely : ch of lea farm improvements nee make land productive, limestone and phospho A lead aoments needed.  k vanlshe 2. Pay off debts if you  eeded, excessive debt. 3. Purchase things n But tur better living or to oper$ mexpected farm more advuteouly- 4. Then further reduce  Or, per Farm investnents, h e aced it. should be made to create ty, make possible a bus Of eom, adequate size and income, ther lan DEFINITELY MINUTE invest surplus income not eaknes If an orange and an electron in the business. ! As is sl could be magnified until the or, ......  strke z ange was earth-size, the electron Lawn -zenders---ceu vone w would still be invisible, say West-[ According to the A_  inghoue research physicists. I Magazine, F. M. Webber, .$ And to Chee--s Fastest {wayl statiOnrid agentof theindandeli ely'Bratnce blin The fastest four-legged animal iV t., gets is the cheetah or lion-hunting leo- ]tl station lawn by collect Even t! pard, wl'dch is able to run over 70 I fluffy seeds with a vacuum msom frt miles an hour for short distances, er. i i ! Besides --elpful iz Son--Jimmy Pierson with England (if they are able to get through, and I don't think tly have what it takes) and then try to get out of the trap it will be too late. Even now we would have our hands full with Jape. I know, I was over there. There is only one way and that is total war. I'm a cheerful beggar, el We are hearing all kinds of ru- mors about where we are going. We do know that some of the Marines here are going to the east coast to man the new Naval bases on the Islands we got from England and that some of them are supposed to go to Dutch Har- ONLY SIX W KS UNTIL SPRI ms, It is ex Or to . !#zninteUig REFLECTION00 AND IT'S HIGH TIME t into (Continued from Page 1) YOU WERE HAVING THAT oaern Unless we hit a tree. i It "lee ,, TRACTOR OVERHAULED wa& Boy, are these streets ever ueen E .ck, And Ready For Sprincj Work do,. CLASSIFIED SECTION If you Imve Anything to Sell Trad Want to Buy, Have Lost or Found--this section of the Times-News will get ynu tim actl you want. Hundreds of otlm have found tl to Im true--why not you? CASH PAID fur dead horses and Cattle. Hogs and small animals removed free. Call Dr. C. M. Merriman, Phone 15. FOR S10 lbs. or 15,000 lbs. home grown Baby Golden pop- corm Also popcorn popped for special occasions. Leave orders at Schick's Shoe Shop or Mount Pulaski Theatre. Russell Buck- les. FARMS  160 - 100 - 80 acres. Have others. George E. Lathan Ill. WA_NTED---Washings and house- cleaning work. Mrs. Lila Bar- ton, Phone 281, UNTIL FEB. 15--Sherman Mine Coal, Oiled Stoker $3.10; p $3.75; Nut $3.00. Phone 109. Jinxes Goodman, Mount Pulas- I kl. BUI.J, BOARS . Young, any[ kind to let out for service. I Dick Bro'n, W'est Main Road I NO HUNTING ALIWD on my or Route 36 West. Decatur, Ill. I farm. Mrs. Fred Grover. I 0R RENT---Steam-heated room;FOR  baled Clover hot water and bath adjoining, hay. $10 per ton. Billie Shoup, Times Apt. Hotel Phone 96 Yellow. And How About That MAGNETO?  The leSp, We can furnish you a brand new, 9uaranteed ma, for as low as $29.50 and allow you somethln9 for your old .... or ma9 , we o rebuild your old one. WE ARE EQUIPPED To Wo on Any Make of Tractor. Better Get in Touch With Us At Once. Fred Holmes PHONE 325 MOUNT The su made by thin sda thin sectl taneou. Today proach, It has