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January 28, 1932     Times
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January 28, 1932

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THURSDAY JANUARY 28, 1932 PJ HH I I H I I I I _ ,t, ,= THE MT. FULA$ TIMES, MT. PULASKI, I1.LINOI9 r I SOUTH LOGAN CO. NEWS [ AND VICINITY I LAKE FORK Born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Mil- hm, January 17, a son._ They have named it WilLiam EdWard. This is their fourth child and third son. The mother and baby are getting along nicely. Mr.. Mac Turner is on the sick list this week. Mr. and Mr.. Lee Stults and chil- dren of Hartatrarg visited here Sun- dly with their parents Mr.  Mrs. Dick Stults and Mrs. Laura Fuiten. Mrs. I  IMm Imm mB7 8(tek the past week but ia sums bet- ter at thm wtmg. ]b'vm;t and Orvil Kehler went to at. Louis Friday with a load of stock. Mrs. Glenn Gill who has been very slek the last week is some better. Mr. Vern Marks went to Lincoln Friday. Mrs. Winnie Moore visited her sis- ter Mrs. Mae Turner Monday. Milton Tarbox and his friend Claud Anderson of Clinton visited here Money with his grmuifather and family M. F. Tarbox. Those from here who took advant- tqe of the Educational Exeursiot to Chicago Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Willie Ogleaby and the formers sis- tar Miss Gladys Oglesby. =O =------'-- AUSTIN TOWNSHIP Mesdames John Albert, Hershel Wright and Charles Tuggle visited the Lake View School the past week. The teacher gave a Birthday Party ]Priday afternoon for the puis. Fats and favors were given. Mr. Tom Hoaglin and Frank Stiles were in Springfield Wednesday at- tending a private Hard Road meeting. Mr.. Louis E. Emery issued a num- ]mr of invitations to friends and neighbors to their home on Sunday in honor of their 25th Wedding An- aivenmry. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rau entertain- ed on Sunday their nephews Ardon and Aaron Potter of Latham. Marion Kerwood and sister of Forsyth accompanied Mrs. Gee. Hell- man and daughter Hattie to Lincoln Wedmlay. Mr. Re]fiord Rau of Decatur vis- Red at the Henry Davis home Sun- day. The Christian Endeavor Society of the Harmony Church were invited to "Illini" church Snnday evening. An interesting meeting was given. Miss Eva Eaton has been quite ill the past week. Rev. J. Jones and wife of Decatur called at the parsonage Wednesday. The ,ptor is slowly recuperating. Mr. and Mrs. Lonso Hurst are re- joicing over their* first heir---a bern Jan. 22at. Cradle Roll, Mrs. M. M. Williams, The teachers and substitute teachers of the various classes are: Primary Dept. Mrs. Ernest Blakeman and Mrs. W. R. Goodin, substitutes Mrs. Harless McKinley and Mrs. H. W. Neuschafer; Booster Band class, Mrs. Roy Barber, Mrs. Gladys Marshall; Class 5, Elizabeth Anderson, Mrs. W. G. Smith; Golden Rule, Mrs. E. W. Park, Jeannette Laughery; Crusad- ers, Mildred Norris, Ruth Andersoz; True Blue, Irene Unger, Mrs. M. M. Williams; Rainbow, Rev. Strouse, M. M. Williams; Loyal Circle, Mrs. A. H. Lakin, Mrs. Fred Morris; Broth- erhood, C.C. Howland, Gilbert Schmidt. These officers and teachers will be formally installed at a special ser- xce for them next Sunday morning at the 10:30 service. There should be one hundred per cent oF them present at that service if it is at all possible. The evening services will include the Intermediate League and the Epworth League at six o'clock and the evening worship at seven o'clock. The choir will meet for rehearsal at 7:15 Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher. The regular meeting of the official beard will be held next Monday ev- ening at the home of Mr. J. M. Do-ning. BUCKLES CORNER Miss Gretchen Stennett spent the week end at her home near Latham. Mr, Robert Rothwell who has a position at Champaign Iqmmt the week end at home with his wife and family. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maxheimer are the parents of a son born Jan. 18th at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Riekords were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Ten- dick (m Sunday. Mrs. Wm. Kipp spent Friday of last week with Mr.. John Kerschner. .Doris and Esther J their grandparent8 Mr. and Mrs. Gee Litterly, Sr. of Mt. Pulaski Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mittlesteadt and family called at the homo of Walter Maxheimer Sunday afternoon. Dr. Everett Wilham made prvfes- sional calk in this vicinity treating horses. Miss Mildred Tendiek gpent tim week end at her home. , =O." A!lenby'a C:'ec-t Victory JuzL:ed Arab Proverb An old Arab proverb ays that "no until the Nile flows Into Palestine shah the prophet from the West drive tim Turk from Jerusalem.  Butthat Is exactly what took pinch when Allenby* British army of 96,0(]0 fighting men with 46,000 hors 40,000 camels and 13,000 mules fought way north from the Sues canaL Ig defeated and drove out the TUrkish army, which opposed every step Of the advance, t The British forces were eioly fol- towed not only by wiftl lald way, provld|ng commissariat faelllUeL but also by a huge pipe line to watat that host. That Nile water draWl from a canal in Egypt was filtered at the Kantara water works and then pumped underneath the Sues canal to reservoirs on the east bank. Here it was ehlorinated and then, thanks to seventeen auxiliary pumping stations. carried through the pipe over 200 miles of arid desert. In order to realize how completely the terms of the proverb were satisfied you must know that the word prophet In Arable is AI Nebi which you will admit is pretty elosu to Allenby, the name of the brilliant strategist who came from the West and who did drlva the Turk from Jerusalem ,---haHes H. SherrllL in the American Review of Reviews. Dancing Advocated as Remedy for Human ms Not infrequently the alleged "quack" sf one generation finds Justification In the next, and the recommendation of dancing as a eure for mental and physical ills by o cautious a scientist u Sir Arthur Keith may rehabilitate the memory of Donald McAlpin` who a century ago set up as a healer by dane- ing strathspey, writes a columnist in the Manchester (Eng.) Guardian, shepherd and a famous dancer, Don- ald wan reputed to have eared his mistress of u mysterious malady by &tricing a reel wltk her. and this 8tory being noised abroad hi cottage was besieged by crowds of trick folk who hoped to rid their aliments by pro'- reading him to dance with them. Donald. whether he believed hs hls own power or not, was shrewd amough to take advantage of such ttrolm f luck. He engaged an anctent piper a assistant, and between them the pelr evolved a course of dancing trtet- t for almost every ill to whleh the , Ikmh hi heard emablishfng au extensive .ttetiee from whtelL for a time, they tmttl considerable Income. The Of turse, denounced hm t eltarlatan, but It seems et poe- mul# that be hit on real remedy troubles. Old Trade Name trlffaval stores" iS commercial east and Is generally mlmnderstood by the public, lays Pathfinder Magazine. Al- though tmmetlmes applied to the ordi- nary supplies for war vessels, the term Is a trade name for the resinous prod- ueta derived from the gum or pitch of pine trees. In the early days these produeUI were used for calking and waterproofing sailing vessels, and vast stor of tar and pitch were accumu- latsd for the use of the navy. A de- ir" to obtain uch supplies lndepend- mtly of the Prench and Dutch wes one of the chief reasons for the first British settlements in ameries. At one tins "naval stores" Included all the raw materials employed in beflldlng nnd maintaining sailing shllm, such an tat', pitch, rin, flax, eordege, masts mid timber. NeLIrlamds Dykes The dykes which protect The N:b- eeland from the North sea In many tam go back to Roman times. Mawy are raised as much as 40 feet above Mgh-water mart and are wide enough at the top for a general roedway or canaL They are made of earth p r 9- tooted by stone siopes and by plies and at the more dangerous points by artificial structures of brushwood laden with stones. The West KapI dyke is 12.468 feet long and ImJ sesward lope of 800 feet. O u ridge $9 feet wide are a roadway and way. Soul's Tz4umph flm Is the brilliant triumph of the  over the flesh, that Is to my, over fear--fear of poverty, of nffe h, of calumny, of lllnemL of Ioitelk uess and of dth.-- U.nd=ll g! VaDlt costs money, labor, h women, health and peace, and Is still ming at Isst--a !o way ld. nowhere. -EmemL Sunday guests at the home of Rev. and Mrs. L G. Strouse were Mr. and Mrs. Arvon D. Jacolmsen and children Arvon and Wands Irene Bloomington. Donald Hart o Chicago visited /mds over the week on& Gerald (]kleman retued to Chicaffo with him. Todd Bnehler, ling outh of town was seriously injured by team of horses while attending a Pttblie sale at John Suedmeier's o Monday afternooL Mrs. Egene Kretzinger, Mrs. Clara Lughery and daughter Aden Zeigler were visitor" in Mt. on Friday atternoo Mrs. J. M. Oq8rien spent a few last week in Mt. Pulaski with mother Mrs. Emma Vandevender has been ill for some Use. and Mrs. Roy Barber md Thelma Lee visited re]a- in Divernon on Sunday. Mrs. Clifford Duane went to Boa- Saturday to remain for some tlme at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ollis. Charles Kuntzi, son of Mr. and Mre Oliver Kuntzi is suffering with pneumoui Chestnut M. R Church The Sunday School Board enjoyed a very pleasant evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Newsehafer Monday evening. The annual election of Sunday School offieers and teach- ers was held with the following re- 8alto: Superintendent, H. W. No- assistant. Roy. Sireso; Everett Park; assistant Alfred Wilsoc: treasurer, W. G. Smith; pianist, Mildred Norris; assistant, Mrs. Strouse; Librarian, Smith; Temperance Supt., Harless McKinley; Misiomwy Supt., Mrs. A. H. Lakin; upt. Home Dept., g. W. Park; Supt. eft t Picturesque New Merlce ! The pol;t!tt ,f Now lexieo has a large por(.r:t: of 5lxh:an origin In many town. S],anish Is the pre- dominant latr.'aae. There are also numerous Indian pueblos where trav- elers may se a m(de of life remark- ably different from that of their own. Non-Purrlng "Cats" All members of the eat family do not purr. The chvtah and tiger purr and the puma. or cougar, makes uolso similar to a purr. The follow- Ing members of the cat family do not purr: Leopard. lion. lioness, oceloL serval and r-aracal. itdt# Ustlhd Infldd is a term given W ha rellOm by tho who do m- tisv rath than by themve & Infidel  one who dew not believe 18 rellgin or, often. In the partll tUglon of those about him. Am atb t Is one who denies the existence of GI; while u aotl Is who professes Ignorance u tO wheth r lot  may hea God, a  mdstenee,  and who Often that man cannot lUlbly prove matter e/thief way. Tim Inventor tim m alostle m T1bnm Bm Is.--4eveland Plalm Dmlm, GoM In Bars When gold is transferred. It IS eola- mnly east In what t8 ealled the $10,. 00 bar, which measures three add 0no-half inches wide. six and three- quarters inches long and one and three-quarters Inches deep. This Is the largest regular bar made. mad its virtue, although roughly 8/Yen U 000, IS calculated by actual weighing, and stamped on the bar. It may m U high as $11,000. Jewelers ulmally buy gold in the smaU $100 and bars. Dtovery of CMd* eltewlng gum industry ftm about 1860,  am lnveto, while makiug u unmwes ful mlmmpt to vuicamse the asp Of tiN, sapola tree for s rubber mtbetRute, similerR Of eMele to mru and cherry gum  hitb to had been the maim ehewhag Imow Continental divide of Nd America consists of a continuous eramding north and south from the Arctic seas to the boundary betwu8 Panama and Colombia. In the United tates It follows, u a rule, but Itot always, the most elevated portions of abe Rocky mountains. Water falling east of this line flows into the Ptqfle. The term "Great Divide" Is popular , but rather indefln/ta in meanin a! applies to vast region in tan, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado traversed by the Continental divl, Mutton Ttd Born famous tidal bore, near tea, N. B. is the inward rush of watat'g tim PetRcodlae rivet, Of Nmw  .n tt bey Of . wMeb has mm Of the highest tM In tl world. The waters t" tim tf the Petitcodlae in the e bore, or tidal wave. from few to dx ft Idgh. The difference betwsan etreme Mgh and extreme low kJe St Mmeten is 30 feet EN8 REXAI00 DRUG fflY)RB Weasel a Fighter ']['he weasel Is fearless and will it.. tack any living thing If in the mood, whether prowked or not_ There are tvertl records of weasels attacking herre. As a rule. however, they at- tack only small animal and fowls. Helpful Hu, "Is it true that colors can affect healthY" ssks a correspondent. BY mental sug$,estion they may do so. Red. for Inst:mce. Is stimulating, sum shine yellow enlivening, and soft blues and mauves df.tfnetly soothing. Thousands of Plant Type0 There are believed to be about G0,- 000 kind of plants growing through- the world. Darwin recorded tug 20 species of flowering plant ill single patch of turf three by for gqmre.--Gaa Logic. Anti.TyphciJ Serum il'rdlna.d XVal. a native of AI- gle . and pv-i'e.sor In the Paris fat'- "aiD'. c,)lh:b,,r:d,,d with Chautemesse l;) Id earl)' w,,rk ,., preventive va('clna ag:tJnst typhoid fever, and made mark by Ii dis'overy of bacterial Igglutlnati,m in I,.)5, and its appUca Uon in the dian,,,is of typhoid. Sir blmrth Edward Wright, professor of pathology, made typhoid vaccination pccliohie In 18.t and 1897, lnoeulat. over 3.000 soldiers in India h 188. Ocean Level, The mean leve of the Paetfle at the isthmus of Panama has been found to be about eight Inches higher than the mean level of the Atlantic. In the month of February the levels are the same, but throughout the rest of the ar, on account of current, tidal and wd influence, the mean level of the Pacific ranges that Of the At- lantic. It IS as much as one foot high, " ha October. Famous Frenck SaHo Herv$ Rlel was a Breton sailor who saved the French squadroit, when beaten st Cape In Hogue and flying before the English. by piloting it into the harbor of St. Male (May 81. 1692) He was so unconscious Of the service I I had rendered that, when asked to I name his reward he begged for s whoi day's holiday to see hiS wife. 'wuing In 1867 wrote the poem RleL" Grand Canyon a ll.el i q[$m Grand of the Colorado ca|l)'{)n alva" In Grand t?anyon National park, I  offers what has been described anot Break This Mitt.m. I k many as nature's greatest slghL It b nonbreakable mirror invented by i t It marvel of natural processe s a German scientist IS made of wood,  byso cut. through the ages, by )aked in a caustic alkali and then pt [ tle river, and its tremendous sides through a proces of immersion in met, i gclflptured in a panorama Of color and and chemicals, with final rubbing, -insplrlng fantasy by eenturlU of with s piece of lead. tin or tins eatil '  and rain. R takes on s brilliant pollh. Dead'.y Flsh Removing Obstlmtte Cot  kJ generally believed fhat the To remove a cork from a bofl: Mmrk  the most dangerous fish. but when there Is neither a eork-'rew  t  Imrraeuda, a larg savage, pik knife at hand. mlck two safety plw" like ll of the tropical sea& Is ml.e dlagonslly through the eert oppodte i apt to attack man that the shark It meh other. By pulling on the  Is almost as large as It twelve-year-old Im of the two pine the tort m am] boy and Its mouth Is such that auy rmoved Soly. bite is likely to result in permanent q.mad of Midulght Sm Nm, way reaches 800 miles tnto tint son and nearly one-third enuntry Is In tho detain of rite mldaflt sun and whatm" dartaNm, lt even in the extreme south fl smmmor day is  and the d la short. O ef Lioast lmenth a number of rough boulders tdmT. &nn Use of of the prehlstorie Indians Of t Undted States made use of je,  nly to .pomBd t little ap@ as if It had been stone, foe they had as Imwledge of making bromm. Cld=. Wall Not Unkpes lecent explorations In ASIB by Dr*. Jlve Hedln Indicate that there wm or"/p to the district, the skeleton Of I otis t walls I the r lt 8- am nncofllned Roman soldier or flor   tim tmmm IP't 11 It was found recently uenr [htndhmd,  Scotland. and on one finger was a ring of Iron with a beveled gem Of clmlea- dew. Had te Tr*e Odlis ej[ cod a person, in the sense of te a person, has been used In our language since the middle of the last entury. It may be related to the word cod, meaning "a fool/" 8use people try to explain that word by saying it Is an abbrevlaUon for codger, as tt ma to be used in some tw snc But. It appeam in our ilt- ttm earlier than codger, eo this t' afloasMp Is doubtful No one eat any accurate information about tl8 orlgln.--Lltera DesL Tr,Cllmbi=V Fen  secape huntsmen'a hounds IS said to have cUmbed 40 foot to tha t of a tree near Klns  i1 The tree wan In lvT-eovered r the dogs had lost tl I'enL when the furtive was seem at the fll cflmbed the trot about 20 fNt, It@ longer feeling Ife, the fox de- Jumping  branch to eh like a cat, It duded Its i lair" Ud was not caught until arts chase lasting an hour. Psrl. No Lm.g. "Wallml  Protestant IB  Anglican church, which ill lUl the hlghm' Iwsaeb of l church, ordaltmd mistors In peta Groat Shipping Point IKngapora is not In India, but Is a town and island situated at the south- n egtremlty Of the Malay peninsula, the most Important part Of the crown colony of the tralts Settlement& The port Is one of the most valuable of the minor possessions of Greet Britain, as it Io midway betw India and China. and forms tim scat important Imlt]ag place ou the trade route to the gn#d=iq dldd PerJod The glacial periods were caused by the expansion and southward movo. meat of the great ice cap located tn the Polar reglan Due to varying een- diflous of atmosphere end temperttom k tlm Polar regions, tho tee broke away mad spread, covering everfthlug In  path and obllter"tin| a first many of the traces of fermer gologl- Hospitable Ihnm Handbook of American Indians ays: "H(mpitallty, dltingulshedfi'om is no longer a walled elt. t charity, was a cardinal prinelpla' ! fttcatlens having bm rand foL v Iltdlan tribe. The narratives of the, World war. At that tm many pioneer explorer" and settlers, memmred about 12 or 28 milu In from De oto and Coronado, Amida ehomference and ineleml u arm  I  Barlow, John Smith and the eft- 80 square mli. { ,lma down to the most recent 9erinL m full Of Instances o wholesais Im I pltalit toward the whlta Straug How Sldlema Found i sometimes at considerable cost to tin His Pmrfe:t Helpmeet t bta" 8chllemaan (the m[eavator of Troy) went to Oreees, middle-aged man, believing In the simplicity of his heart that he would find the manners of Acadla. He was to begin married life eve," again after an unfortunate exp Hones in Russia. What more fitting than Greek wife? It is hardly ered- Ibis, but Its asked his old Greek tutor to find him eat. It Is not incredible that the tutor found one for tin wealth foreigner among hi own t- Istlons ! Before they were betrothed he gave Imr a viva-voce examination, lnelml- lag the reciting of passages from Ho- mer by heart. She passed! The mar- Ige mm Dearly broken off when tl mflllmmire asked her why she wu to be his wife. 81m replied: "Besoms my relations have tom me that you are a rich mS2L" And he bad nose to Greece sure of finding sin- Buy Your Milk of Magmsi81 plielty Of hrt. Yet the marriage took plaea. And mzded. Mme. 8chllemann nut- At .v to see her husband's reputation established beyond the rteh of tqdt- sale. She made a perfect helpmeet to tim grown-up boy. HIs Instinct had Mght in matrimony against !! tim Imbabilttles. as It was in areha- aloi against all the antlquarlamt-- London 8turday Revtew. Uncover Ancient Tem qNut skeleton of a woman, believed to be s prophetess Of Pannoui, at, Hungary, attached to the suite of p4'or J.ptlmus Severns, was found Chalone-sur-aaoue, 'ane Dur. the plowing of a Ileld, five a tombs formed of rou lava, were m- ovml. One of them contained the bones of very tall woman weari crews of iron tipped with silva. Dietery lmpmsfldllty Jbl applicant for the dole had lt tqldm questioned by satr local police sergeant on the ground that he was at owa of houses--altlugh he received no rent from  fro" moitths past. "Of course I OW two h, TM retorted the Lndlguant one, "but I mm't eat them-I aln't a we anL"Bl 1n, ttydney, N. 8. W. River Mae Lako Reel Foot lake II Tennesm caused by a change II the eourl e@ th@ Mlestslppl fiver, part of forms' bed separated from the channel of the river ht the fermM a lake. It l located ha the northwest corner of 'Pennesam sad part of It8 area also  ha the tt@ Of tcky. PAGE D;stlncllve elongtns rhe ':prt:shl! "'iare and i la I;.t| lle(,tlvely to (Jessie the sunni n;d il|dJv|dtlal hohnhtgs In-8 home which make t! distinctively -:e'9 home, [n ancient [{mtte the lart  et the i,mseh,dd gods. usually deili,.d am cestors or heroes; the penates ve(e also guard|an deities of the busd,4J and the state, but ware more In the nature of personiflcatlms of nmura| powers, their duty heing to h'i|g wealth and plenty rather than to war4 off danger. First Session of Congress On Wednesday, March 4. 178J. of the members of each house gress appeared and took & quorum was nm present in house, so both adjourned. They and adjourned from day to day until April 1. npon which day a wae present in the house of sentatlves, whereupou It was ized. Upon April fia quorum was present in the senate, and its business was begun Shapes m Moon% Surface TO the unaided eye dark pellr on the surface of the moon sugg(;s various shapes to the This Is due to the fact that surface contts of so-called talns and craters, as well us When tlm u|ot]nfftIig of the t|lumitl;t,,d hy  :tr,mg cr;;..l',bt. along tt. tel-tH!;i;Ior at sunset, they are thrnwn lute Ilef, a.d nre clearly vlqlble. P.{ght in Invention A shop r,'..'.lt is tits fight .s U@ invention which is automatically ated on behalf of the shop, when the invention Is in such shoo by an uses the time and shop for pr,,ducing the ucb hop rhzhts are and apply ah)na to inventions mining to the em Unlnhabited Idaad Tristan tilt Cunha. in the lunate, is one of a group IsleUds, two of whleh are This group Is believed to be imlated uninhabited group The two. uninhabited Islands I which have no Inhabitant& ConcernlnI CJmnol The bereau of agricultural usys that. while a round Iq'er"ble to a square ma satifaetotT, if a and the air current is Ig Mkelf to travel strnlght meets an obstruction, or if thee@ only a "light draft, tl era, rents esrry It up lrallx Carried His Cred-nt|al In tie Middle ages It punishment for crime was mutilation of some part Of the Those who suffered loss of of limb through aeeldent confused with punished mlnaBi there Is record of an eminent I marian who. having had bitten, carried ever about with attestation to the fact, umber of persona of credit an one would regard fal who had Jowish Fat Day The fast of Gedaliab Jews commemorates the of Gedaliah, which occurr th Of the month of was appointed by tmr the governor of the t'ted the Jewish atptlvity. The bandlt royal line of Judah, go his people, aessesinated which greatly aided in the I e the captured kingdom "Tlddig to'* Long ago the Chinese had weird tort|hie tortures, of the lot was the Fr this method of torture irons were necessary. The tied to low table, and Uckled the prisoner's fmtther. Every four hours the m replaced and the Up for days on end. Usa went mad, and oeeasi0naUy would be "tickled to death" vah'.ms Cmsmudor qDon't cheer, boys. lure dying," was said by (]pt. Philip, United States navy Roar Admiral J. W. Philip), who in command of the United 8tat tlelp Texas in Santlal was Sold regarding the enemy oat eruim' Infants Maria Teresa and Oquendo when forced to 'l'ettd- tO qult the loud cheering Of the leans over this victory. July $, The proverb "A house against Relf cannel stand" is h the Bible, Mark 3 .'2,. Abraham coin quoted It in a statement the North and South at  time the Civil war. lgvm. Thhak of Tlt? **Many a man." said Uncle hink other folks Is he'a merely holdln' a of de importance of his Washlnon tar. Wild Dog's Quuw IJmt The South the size of a fox.