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January 28, 1932     Times
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January 28, 1932

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INSURANCE """ OF ALL KINDS A. F. LIPP IPhae 268 MT. PULASK |,, Dr. 6. S. C0nnelly Hi. Pulaski, Illinois relehoe No. 99 Calls answered promptl at any hour ofthedav or night. N A. Balding, MD. Lincoln, Illinois Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat GImmm Fitted Broken Lens Duplicated }flice over Landauers Clothing stere s: Office 10 8: Res. 1681 BUY BAYER'S ASPIRIN At PENS RE -XALL DRUG ffrORE KNOW llAJO! are 14 of  ira- Illinois. Oal four  are the Capitar of IIUnols, lmcived a municipal ehazr from the ature in lS40. was in--in with the chartering, in 1806. Weetrn Star Lodge No. 107, at K. Yates. Jr., governor of I1- 1901 to 1905, was the e develownent of the West and west. is estimated that there are four times as many birds in Ilti- :O:. PROGRESS IN ILLINOIS , for 1932 highway construe- Illinois include 1,200 miles reads, to employ 30,000 lTlen. Hall, state health dirge- that final figures for 1931 how the lowest death rate in history of lllino He says that children were immunized a- diphtheria in the year. Aircraft En- Corporation's plant at Tay- now producing commercial types of aircraft. :o: SIT DECATUR O. E. S. Mr. Pulaski Chapter O. E. S., ha an invitation to meet Mrs. C. Hanson of Chicago, Grand Matron who will be guest of k, ott Chapter No. 934 at the Temple, Decatur on lgatur- 6. A dinner will be served o'clock at 50c per plate. of Mr. Pulaski Chapter go to Decatur for that asked to notify Mrs. Binder not later than Friday PROBATE OFFICER Charles E Dehner o Lincoln has avpohffed probation officer of County circuit court by Lindley. The appoint- to fill the vacancy cairn- the resignation of William E. formerly district par- and now holds a deputy mmission. THE MT. PULASI[I TIMES. II1. P ULASKL ILLINOI ......................... BIRTHDAY . - - -,- .., -*-o- -,m,ms.s...=ossssss,,s...n.., DIN N ER i I-I ":', ! The birthday anniversary Ot Wil- NeVY . helm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bau- : mann, which occurred on Wednesday : Jan. 27, was fittingly celebrated on ,s,,=,o,--,o,,....,..,-.o-.-.----o*,-- -Be, so,,,,,,,,,.......... ........... : Sunday by a group of neighbors and G_A. Voile and E,C. Clear too- The Good Will Soc iety of St. friends who gathered at the Bauman tored to St. Louis on Thursday on a Thomas Aquinas Catholic church country home abou the noon hour business trip. will meet on Wednesday afternoon bringing along a bountiful prepared Feb. 3 with Mrs. H. B. Kent as hoB- dinner. The party which was a corn- Mr. and Mrs. George Ginther, New tess. The meeting will be held in the plete surprise to the guest of honor Holland were Sunday visitors in the home of Mrs. W. F. Binder. So:h and the members of the family was home of her mother Mrs. Mary Sny- Lafayette St. The meeting will be participated in by the following: Mr. der. called to order promptly at 1:30 o'- and Mrs. Ross Shoup and daughters, clock. Mr. and Mrs. John Devantier, Mr. Fred Spenler hauled 66 hogs, 2 cows - and Mrs. John Beck, Mr. and Mrs. and 3 calves to Springfield for fon- Mrs. Caroline Fuhrer received word S. W. Gasaway, Mr. and Mrs. W. days market. Some of the hogs sold on Tuesday evening of the death o H. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh, at top. her nephew. John Gebhardt 64, who Mr. and Mrs. Kent Garvey, Miss died in his home near New Berlin Violet Cooper, Miss Susie Mann, Mis- Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Glose, Mrs. that evening. Decedent had been a ses Ruby and Alice Bobell, Misses Chris Weller, Mrs. C. G. Hughes and frequent visitor in Mt. Pulaski. Mere- Hazel and Mary Gasaway, Floyd Bo- Mrs. Thomas Wallace were Monday bers of the Fuhrer and Romer fatal- bell, Willard Gasaway and Glenn visitors in Decatur. lies plan to attend the funeral which Raumanm O will be held in New Berlin on Friday : : Miss Mary Katherine Sehick, N. IL, morning. HOFFMAN LOW BIDDER who is doi special work at St. John's hospital in Springfield, was a F.A. Penniman returned from The G. E. Hoffman Construction week end visitor with her parents. Hammond, Louisiana on Saturday, Co., of Lincoln were the apparent __ where he was called several weeks low bidders on the grading for the Mrs. R. N. Jones who entered St. ago because of the illness and death viaduct at Mt. Pulaski according, to bids opened on Wednesday in Spring- Joseph's hospital in Bloomington a- of his father, Frank Penniman, Sr. field by the state highway depart- bout a week ago for care and treat- Mr. Penniman was at his father's ment. ment is reported to be doing nicely, bedside when he passed away on -- Jan. 16. Decedent leaves his wife, Bids were opened for roed and bridge construction work in William- Ed. Oglesby and daughter Mrs. E. two sons and one daughter.  son, Johnson, Jackson, Fayette, p. Jarvis of Quincy arrived Tuesday. Cook, Du Page, Lake, DeWitt; Schuy Mr. Oglesby has been staying with The following directors were re- ler, Will and Ogle counties. his daughter for the past several elected at a recent annual stockhold- Among the projects and apparent months, ers meeting of the Middletown state low bidders were: -- bank: B. F. Chestnut, Clarence Drake, Route 121, Logan county, 1.12 William Obcmp, seve/t year old B. Garretson, E. L. Primm, Harmon miles grading, G. E. Hoffman Con- son of Mr. and Mrs. Willim Oboamp Johnson. ()fficers re-elected were struction Co., Lincoln, $12,947.56. is ill with an attack of pneumonia. President, B. F. Chestnut; vice-pres- Route 120. De Witt county, .19 mile Mrs. Ralph Welsh, R. N., is in at- ident, Clarence Drake; cashier, E. L. grading, G. E. Hoffman Construction tendance. Prmm and assistant cashier, L. A. Co., Lincoln. $8,335.53. Spence. Word from the state highway de- Dyke Halford, killed a rattle snake rtment to the effect that if 75 per on the banks of Prairie Creek near A ew of surveyors from the cent of the right of way deeds from New Holland on last Sunday. The state highway department are engag- Bell Station north of the Logan snake was 26 inches log and had ed in hecking reads near Lincoln county line are signed up, the paving four rattlers, which are on the 1932 construction job on route 121 in Logan county program. The right-of-way has been will be included in the letting on The appointment o* C. I. Miller as checked for the route 4 connection in Feb. 15. postmaster at Atlanta has been con- North Lincoln and recently the men The right of way committee have firmed according to notice received have been working on the proposed already signed up more than the 75 by Mr. Miller from Senator Glenn entrance of route 121 into Lincoln per cent of the deeds along the route and postmaster Crmmral Browm from Bell station to connect with northwest from Lincolr There., re- main on 7 more deeds to sign, four routes 120 and 4. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Gilchrit, Ltu- - of these being in Hartsburg and three between Bell Station and Harts- coln and Webster Purviance, Decatur The Twentieth Century club was burg. have been in Mt. Pulaski several days pleasantly entertained on Thursday this week looking after the affairs of afternoon Jan. 21, by Mr M. J. their father the late W. C. Purviance. Kautz, North Marion street. The en- TRANSFERRED TO OHIO tire club membership was present and Fred Shepherd and sister Mrs. Mrs. Everette Schafer who has Nellie Schute, Chicago arrived on 500 was the diversion at which the Wednesday evening to attend the I honors were won by Mrs. W. B. Jen- been visiting her parents Mr. and funeral of their brother Frank J. ner and Mrs. George J. Smith. The Mrs. M. J. Kautz since Christrn, Shepherd which was held on Thurs-!consolation prize was awarded to left on Sunday morning for Chicago day afternoon, t Mrs. Alma Reinder. M. C. G. Hugh- where she was met by her husband, es will be the next club hostess, they then going on to Dayton, Ohio where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brooks were Sunday guests in the home of her Thieves broke into the resideenc Eerette Schafer who is a son of parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bressmer. of Charles Hanslow, North Garden F. A. Schafer of this city has been Mr, and Mrs. Brooks are now located street on Saturday evening and stole transferred to a more responsible in Bloomington. They formerly lived a large hahn and the greater part of position from the main office in Chi- at Waterloo, Iowa. a quarter of beef. The theft was dis- cago to the Dayton brgnch o tl covered by Mr. and Mrs. Hanslow John Handy Picture Service Co. The Ever Ready Rook Club met when they returned home from the " on Wednesday evening in the home basketball game at the high school Ma--Aren't we going to let Johny of Mr. and Mrs. Jhn T. Hershey, N. where he is janitor. The dleat was take saxophone lessons? Pa--Not while I own the adjoinin Vine street. A six o'clock dinner to stored in a cool room in the upper which all contributed was fol0wed part of the house, but the thieves louL with Rook at 4 tables, knew exactly where to find it. -- Susie--I hear Mary finally consent* Mr. and Mrs. Wells attended the We are glad to announce that we ed to marry Sam Sapleigh. closing out sale near Kenney of John will start holding Friday evening ser- Agnes--Yes, she found out he b Suedmeier on Monday. The Sued- vices again at ML Pulaski each longed to a Christmas savln4g reelers are quitting farming for the week, as vur Revival which has pro- present but have not decided just yen to be a blessing to us will close where they will locate. serviceSUnday evening Jan. 31.will be held FridayOUr firstFeb. 5. AASP I R The L)yal Daughters Sunday We are inviting one and all to. attend School class of the Christian church these services regardless of denomin- held an all day meeting in the church ativn or creed. You are weleime to" rsonage on Wednesday,_ the day come and enjoy an hour with us. being devoted to quilting. The din- For further information call Orrin BER OF I[AT|O$ net at noon to which all contributed, Felts, 421 W. Morgan St.. ML Pu- was a pleasant socl feature, laski Phone 202. Harry Busch of Middletown has The *ollowing members of the Sen- circulated a petition in that section of Logan county, asking the state high- ior Walther League of Zion Luther- an church attended an officers dis- way department to construct a pave- triet meeting on Sunday ment on a short line between Spring- held in St. Paul's Parish house, Deca- field and Peoria through Fancy tur: Miss Mildred and Raymond Prairie, Middletorn and New Holland. Hahn, Miss Louise Mayer, Miss Eve. Mrs. Dwight Bailey entertained lyn Mittlestadt, Miss Mildred, gu- members of the Domes Guild on gene and Harold Tendiek, Miss Alma Tuesday evening in her home on and Miss Florence Wittrock, Misses ,outh Vine street. The diversion was Emma, Freida, Norma and Wilbert ....... Rook at four tables, the honors be-Schahl, Albert Grathwohl, Bernard ing didded between Mrs. O. E. Wag- and Ewald Buescher and Kenneth Look for the name Bayer and the her and Mrs. Frank Talmage Mira Stoll. word genuine on the package as pictumd __ above when you buy Aepir Th Norett McVey will be the next hot- you'H know that y.ou am g tess. PETITION FILED genu,, Bayer product that d phychns Immcrlbe. A group of some 30 friends were Mrs. Sarah Dittus, a former resi- Bayer Aspirin ts SAVV. as n,flEons entertained on Wednesday evening dent of Mt. Pulaski who died on Jan. el users have pvoved ,s not de- press the heart. No hat /er-effects by Mr. and Mrs. George J. Belmonz 18, left an estate valued at $31,000 follow its ram. street at a 7 o'clock dinner that was according to the petition filed in pro- Bayer Aspirin k the ,. " ::. followed with 500 at six tables. Hon- bate court on Monday afternoon. She dote for pains o/all kind,. ors of the evening were awarded Lo leaves $1,000 personal property and Headaches Neuri:is Mrs. C. E. GloBe, Mrs. O. E: Wagner, $30,000 real estate. Colds Neuralgia Sore Throat [,umb1  Mrs. Oscar Auer, A. F. Lipp, J.W. Her husband Charles Dittus and Rheumatism Toothac Mann and C. G. Hughes. his brother William F. Dittus ar Genuine Bayer Ap.Hn is sold at named executors of the estate, all druggists in boxes of 12 a:d in Heirs are her husband and tw( bottles of 24 and 100. Aspirin is the tmde-ark of Bay br/be for the Mt. Pulaski INme daughters Miss Eleanora Dittus and manufacture of mono.c:ticacidest d Only $1.00 l) Year Mrs. Herbert Flnk saUcyilcacid. THURSDAY JANUARY 8, 19_ _ Another question occupying the mission and making more money President's attention is his plan to variable for builders. A quick aid home builders. A conference of al of building operations, it is several hundred leaders in building will follow a satisfactory solution and allied lines, along with the men this financial problem. who finance such operations, will be:._ held here on December 2. The Prasi- BUY YOUR CASTORIA dent is aiding those working on the problem as far as it lies in his pow- i er. HIS aim is to make borrowing! easier for those who want to build I homes for themselves by cutting the charges, both for interest and corn- At PENS REXALL DRUG THRIFT PRICES at Pfau's Drug Store 111 So. 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