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January 28, 1932     Times
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January 28, 1932

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i:: ,.:. /ii  !!: .... : .... :/) THURSDAY JANUARY 28, 1932 O-d Tra-Te Name "ottccno W_ar!c e-'aval SI,:'s '' iS ,o!tl::.rtqa| tlUt rid It gvn:,r:!ly m!u'ders:ood by th lblie, says t'a.'hfinder Magazine. Al- though some:hoes appl!ed to the ordl- mary snppties for war vessels, the term ill a trade name for the re-h1,,us prod- ncta derived fr-m the gum or pitch of Dine trees. In the early days these product8 were used for calking and waterproofing sailing vessels, and vast glRores of tar and pitch were accumu- lated for the use of the navy. A de- to obtain such supplies Independ- qmtly of the Vrench and Dutch was erie of the chief reasons for the first Ra'Itlsh settlements in America, At on tlm@ 'haaval stores" Included all the Haw materials wmployed in building Jmd malntalnlnl sailing shlpL ch all tar. pltck resin, flax. eordal mazU and timber. CoMil qlrhea gold is transferred, It is mealy east in what 91 called the $10,. q IN bar, whleh meuur three and m m-half Inches wide, Idx and thrt IImrtqa'a inches loqt and one and M-ee-qtmrters inches deep. Thin The buJ,..u ,,i i;:. ;, ,,i,,. :;s u tat P,  ticirl!) [i ', l [)C iS l t:l't'H Il}- "i l ' t F!td variety of It;If:lilt marline with br-wa markings. This marble is p,q,ular ia this ctnlntry for itHrior decorating De- cause of its bcamiful coloring and markings. The outstandin example ,,f Interir construction in this marble Is the lmerior of the Gr'md I'entral sta- tion in New York city. which is c,m- 81dared one of the most beautiful ta- tloaa in the country.--Washington Star. Children and Birds Children always find a great daal of fascination In watching the birds. If you make a sanctuary for the feathered visitors the children will be deeply Interested and more than anxlous to help. It's ,er tsy---ever- green for sheRer, flowers for color. berried shrubs for the birds' winter mean. and  of all a lovely bird bath. Simple, isn't It? Yen will find tt l-ult to decide who ls most plmumd--the elMl-a of the blrdI gad of e Mmeluku The Mameinkw were s/area brought tt largest regular b made. and Its into Egypt from tha Otueamm and val although roughly given u $10,- formed into a standing army. In 1254 ls calculated by actual welghing, the arm7 raised one of it memb4t to the supreme power. Mameluke ad ramped on the bar. It may run rui,d over Egypt until 151T, whe they a high as $11.000. Jewelers matlly buy gold in the small $100 and $500 bm Pm-h No Lone "Wall.d =' Pgris is no longer walled ei. th@ /eatlona having been razed tel. lowing the WoHd war. At that t/me th measured shout 22 or 28 miles in dlamference and Inclosed an ares of qlt IN} square miles. quotation From Bible Tits proverb "A house divided eaallmt itself cannot 8tsnd  ls found h the Bible, Mark $ :26. Abraham lAu- rel quoted It In a statement about tO Nmt and Soh at the tim of Im Ivfl war. lgv Tlduk of Tlua "Many a man," said Uncle thaks other folks llJ oItteful when IM merely holdln" a 'mq,ereted Idea of de Importancu o his servle'-. ington Star. South American wild dog, te Mm of a fox. has a  ImMt e@ nate for Imm to a emmm Unmlud Evil Yanlt caste, ttl. ute genes, hUth and inure* and un mthing at tuat--a teq way mre.--mer ordtng to Greek mythology Aleyoae, or Halcyons, the daughter @ft wmt overthrown by Seltm L sultan of I Turkey. The country was ruled by 25 Mameluke bays under Turkish vice- roy. In 1811 the pasha of FJpL by a wholesale massacre, annlhliate4 tho Mamelukes. lntm'e*tlng Gold Nugget In an Anstrellan museum ls a gold nugget made Into two flap, the star and stripes and the other representing the British tri-eolor. Thes* flags are probably the smallest Is existence, be. In only half an tnch in length and thrt-elghtlm ' an lack wide. Thts trophy was so made by an Amerlean- born miner and was the first nugget discovered in one of the eelebrsted gold fields In Australia. F.lIble B;rd*a Nt Tim neat of the mdaagave Is valuable u food. It is used u a delleae7 by tl Chinese. It has the shape and MmJ of a half teacup, is attached to reek In the interior of a esve &ud turn the appmraneo of fibrous gelatin. It is eoml,ed of a mee/laglunua sub- stanee  aSinm, wwoted l, spe,d giunds, ud is not. u was thought. tt rode from a gito mwm, Cytmtte Belt, m mt  w emlvo* pro, as of tha world m the reo eTelonle storm Two chief ftm, of eyeloale r,loua are rainfall tnn mmL- entre eb4mdane* at all eaam and wember mm to mated ebut m few ys. Uot  the United Ul  d laa'o, U I tha lWg Nemm eyelonle belt. D,vtm re, H** a Umt.rbe*d ,med '- makms eM. keolu married   wut mhteml drinks w an Iron teal haw owned and Alcyone. on hearing hi I tug t long handle entlin In 8 bl er te* threw herself tnto the e The I bulb. It w heated lad thrmK hate were moved by the tragedy of ; tl ppartql drink to beat it. tim young lovers: they brought them I : back to life In the form of haleymm m, kiugflahm-s, and they decreed that for tim Nvm days from Dember S tO December 2, l'e es uhouid main eslm while the seablrds built dr ages upon IL These Nvm days t lut of the year. are tlrofm alled kalcyon days. day of tr. I is s toga givm to mlhm of tho abom him. ks atl- e Oo41; wlme an allue is elm who Iafeee lponme* u tO WheU ee raze tbea-o may boa GI, a tw tisteaee, etc., tnd who often bddo in eaan  preve Mine mmtXer e way. qa. tavemts d Mm m qme w Tlmm i[. t.---Ctoval Pitm ttt hmaU is mad m to tnermm e m/s|,t of rain  b,e.m  m, random It Wsdlse--4M. Weakly. It, Wo4n Ituttr Me happens thag Ia lie bo e- I eml for ,m ber. I, lure eN Im qm*q| nd there I u tnbar eeemk8 ,.dm Asa Wb ,m.h the natives of &iris* tit, I1 Ikfb tlt ap m u wo  to tm or.r no* to be *bllso to Spss of the Prehietarle Indians lm Ut 81tes mm m of ee e.l omy topom,d # b|to m u tt Ut bad  st eer tn ha4 m haewiede of m Ik, cest exptaratlons in &ida I I. IJ8 H-edln indicate that them 8158t walls hs  hr  o. famousd h the Anglican church, which k 8m the hlgtr branch  BIt*h *hureh. ordained mtntm Sl -the o**A wi, ee, I Timed  wise lmtne er.ene4 the bowl of p'' The bureau oY 8tandm-d NYS htarh tp4mtures are   Wr-n,metrle emes,  and tsmperatur  tl hsln nt ef liquid8 are mmsml tq the gu. lmmmm Bible The Imles$ Blbis ts tl  add to be the Bible ptqnted by lul$ Wsrnel ad his eaet4tt. hmms, lee nge R weqt'pmIm Jd Is 8 fst high. The maker8 8bet two 7earn println8 tt J lured. tonymut Btaologieally the wer ".md" mid "fiend" are antonymL They come AsSlo-Sxon verba mmalag "to Im and "to hate," eselp.etlvdy, 8urn rMatod to words of the NmO tm oh Totonle lamgruagr q Anrlcan Ats Nm that the  and Dt   mutM by wldm amrkm la tim m of tabl Them mackem m lecated on all male blghwayL all- and other r. em Qmfla at an old chair wffl emmo, set the fancy to tmne* eoatemplatlon u to a departed   nd tho whole thought i on with it wilt be ifletua IM tlm mind.--ExehangL Zeal The only true zeal Is that wMeb M 8uid 7 good light m the that which eonslsts of good Innocent ffectton in the heart.-- Sprat. Net Enough Boy Babies  Insurance company flgm that the number of boyS born In tl United Bastes Is insufficient to pet'- petunte family name. America's Oppe4qlty America Is a fortunate country. She bl the follies of our lnr,-)pea lttoLNapnl oan. David aa*d ,ollatl, To be a hero one doesn't trove to hammer throwee.---Amaq zn "VHE MT. PULASKI TIMI3. 1811'. L LAaIL IIA,/N Most E.penslve Drink Carpets Affect Sound Aesop. sm ,,f 'l,,dHs Ae.,,I,US. - The bureau of standard says that -]v in vi:.r a pearl valn,.d at carpets and rugs absorb sound and $40.000 tim or,b'r to hays the satifac- have the effect of reductnz the rever- tlon of the most expensive beratlon time of a room. The area of drink ever known. the floor covering In a choir loft of ...................................................................... average size would hardly be large erugh to have any deadening effect upon the reverberation In the church as whole, Musicians generally pr far to have th4r Immediate surround- in bare and reverberant. Twain at Hi, Best Mark Twain detested the autograph hter. To 8 request for sue he one, mat tht letter: "To ask 4eetor m. Imfldm, or sculptor for his autograph would be In no way rude. To ask one of then for a specimen of his Work. however. Is quite att'thef tMl. It sorer be fair te tk a m, mm of Ms eor17s'te  Imm tq." m letter wu typed threeg oIL Hebrew lift. aney ' H' CH,Ht*HIF) S ;era .f the if,: . .... f 'l;:hta. "l'bo ratio of the ,.!:., ,f ,ld to .q!iver was 1:13 1-, .',,i {, ' ' .-o,- qll ,-t,.llarll AaJ9 $1 i1511 .... i i ii i ii . Come In +y Your SYRUP PEPSIN At 'ENS REXALL DRUG STORI I i III IIIIII III III nl It  id of Hwedenborg. the ats tlutt the aloofness of Ue Ilf- iigh ruck him o that In his theotogt- ell mm with thmrhtl comber- tiee be provided the  wi Np815to heaven for thetuealvea. ItabMt', Odd esbblt wlth one mar aho I other wu killed oar Mew Orlem. 0t el ,ra nerm! M b Ilk ahot tWO inches lel It was tke rabbit had le an o It llmt It m Irowing Imek le e td ed 8 i.t Joan Advamtqlo *eorgo Senti," said Heinrlch llado, "Is, Indeed. as bsautlhd am the V lk. rid has the alRlomt! vmttai of being much young.,'-- Book Magtste amm Wll Vlal to ruat Wall of Clllaa, with tt tlU and  of 2,O00 miles, prob. ably Is tim only work of sun's a.nds mmld be vls[bla to  a eg frem tSm monn. Studett (eep eaemtsm Is a greup of studts engaged under u lastruetof Is ork rematch tn partleuhtr ttne and i fl.n of the reeults I I rtlete may produce mtcalJmt d-  they will  Uttle the tazte e( the public i amflcle/ eltlvated to alneato fltt.-- Mgo. , Mysld Mad Useful The great mystics of the Middle w'b am and womu of act/on, lvm tim mm rvtving |meboHtm to Jastlfr the/r ,ndete, by w- Ne/al dutitisaing them- sdvg s, ferrlm er bes  Is pathlm8 weodJ ud remote valleyg to ae bdp and heoplttllty to tl ebane, wrfm. !1 OF Phone No. 144 For Job Printing - Advertisin00 Mt. Pulaski Times Mt. Pulaski, Illinois DID YOU00EVE_R STOP TO THINK? Illlll IIII Ill That building decent homes for people of mod- erate means would do more than anything else to stimulate the revival of prosperity. Throughout the country we have people living in city and slums and country shacks that are a dis- grace to our civilization. It has been. easy to get capital to finance the buying of automobiles, radios and various other things, including the building of homes in Germany, but so far there has been no great comphrehensive program for decent home for people of moderate means in00,America. Such a Movement would automaticaliy end our economic depression.