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January 28, 1932     Times
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January 28, 1932

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Mt. Pulaski Times Entered as second ellms mail ilR the pest-omce at Mt. Pulaski, HlimdL November 17, 1903, under the Act of[ / Congress of March 9, 1879. i |1, ii ,i i i i1,1 ,11 i , i BY MT. PULASKI TIMIW M-L JNm L. Eyr gd Slbocptm  Yur Months Months copi00. IjH Rates SIN .H .IS .N THURSDAY JANUARY 2g, 19& ii .% RIlL THRIFT Every year at this time, the which begins on Benjamin Franklin's Mx.hday, january 17th, is celebrated I National Thrift Week. We think is a pretty good idea, and that year, 1932, is a particularly good in which to do a little hinking thr An irmnmme amount of the trouble which this eonntry experisneed in IN1, and to a lesser degree in 10, about besause a  nmnl folOt about thzfft tntho llama  from 1923 to 1. Tm ma always a cimmm to Lt a bozr more mom, so why worry a- uid f s day? t thee  a lgt f million or mso momethtng t of eveT 1 e- into a savings bank or & be|ding and loan association or a ltce of property or something elite af permanent value. Those people o were thrifty are the ones who  not eovnplaining of distrem in ] on principal and interest are not too heavy to be borne out of fixed in- comes. The people who are in the worst trouble today are the ones who went into debt in boom times on the notion that their incomes were ne- ver going to be less and probably would be more. Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, "A penny saved is a penny earned." BANKS AND BANKERS It looks to us as if a good deal of financial distress is due to the fact that a great many people who had no right to be in the banking business were permitted to call themselves bankers while the big money boom was on. It was brought out in the hearings at Washington on interna- tional banking that more than six hundred million dollars of bonds is- sued by different South American governments are in default. That means these govermments haven't paid the interest when due and that i there is an excellent chance that i people who bought these bonds will ! not get their money back. These loans were made on the in- vitation of New York concerns which call themselves investment bankers. I The bonds were sold at high prices b0 individuals and to small banks throughout the country. And these are far from being tLe only so-called investments on whivh the public and the small bankers have been stung Real bankers do not advise or en- courage their customers to invest in doubtful securities, or buy them with their depositors' money. PNie m prone to think that bankers are spec: ulators. That is very far from being the truth. The vast majority of bank. era have a very deep sense of re- sponsibility in the handling of other people's money. They regard tthem- selves as truztees, and they natural- ly feel that they have to be much more e.uotls about  ]o@s than if it was teir own money they were leading. To be sure, even the most eareful and honest bankers sometimes make ,  we have obeerved that the banks are in the soundest eendition today are the ones which did not buy ly speculative mmuritiee while boom was on, and who are not them- selves in the business of selling bonds. I --:o:-- TREMBLING ON THE VERGE By Bruce Barton The United States is a famous hard times. . trembler. There has never been a Thrift does not mean hoarding time in its history when some one money away where it does nobody' was not ready to announce that it dtny good. It is thrift to buy or build i was "trembling on the verge."   home, or to nut a little money s- Washington despaired of it. Lino waV every pay day for a lie  coin deslmiredof it. Many presentday we or old age fund. Running into I prophets assure us that it passed ov- er the peak in 1929, and is now defln- itely on the way down. Yet within the past few montha I have enjoyed some interestinff ex- piences, I have attended the mm sales conventions of a number of ma- jor industries. Their busine,  ! visited tlmm, was terrible. But what took placo at the conventimm ? In one of them, an electrical in- is nt always thriftletm, provid-! ed ,the debt is for something of ae-) J / THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, MT. PI/LA.gL ILLIN_fR EN BABIES THERE are th',cs whe m baby is too fretful m/I fish to be sung tO Thsm s som pains a motim it thss  d'ustry, the head of the research de- partment revealed plans for a new household utility which promises to! banish one disagreeable feature of household utility which promises housework. It is certain to have a tremendous sale. In a furniture company, the "plan- ning department" displayed a whole new line of improved floor covering In a third, an opitcal concern, the ientists told us of work now going on which may give all of us better eyesighL Everywhere I found men's backs I turned upon present discouragements, and minds busy with better goods, better methods, better ideas, better li. I spoke to the head of one company about it. He said he had recently been holding a meeting of their English representatives. He told them casual- ly that the company had hired an engineer and assigned him the task of making a world survey of their souses bf raw materials for the next twenty-five years. One of the Englishment exclaimed: "Confound you Yankees! What Erff- llsh company would ever think of hiring a man to look ahead twenty- five years ?" Coming to the end of all these meetings, I concluded that it is u waste of time to worry about the fUo ture of American business. We have an asset more fundamen- tal than gold supply, or raw mater- ials, or electric power, or climate. That asset or a restless dissatisfac- tion with the past, a spirit of contin- uous improvement. As long as we are inspired by that spirit I believe that our future is se- cure We shall not go down to des- truetion. No matter how often we may tremble on the verge. This Week In Washingl0n January 28---More activity has beem displayed by the White House in the past few weeks than in many month& Cong-veas will meet a moth 'om now and the spotlight will shift to Capitol Hill, especially over the choice of successor to Speaker Nich- o] Lonworth of the House of Re- presentatives. Meanwhile the President has been grappling with the immediate lmmb- leas that are facing the country. Premier Level's visit here is gener- ally conceded to have  of importance, not because of anything that was actually accomplished, but becauae it resulted in a thorough understanding between the two coun- tries regarding their individual aims and purpose Before even the leaders of the gov- ernments of France and the United States clasped hands a definite state- ment as issued that nothing that might be done or said was to be ta- ken as haing a binding effect on ei- 'ther country. That statement - ed of any possible criticism that Mr. Hoover was about to engage in any of the "entangling foreign that political spellbinders use so ef- fectively in campaigns. The greatest good secomp diplomats here believe, was ti elear enunciation on the palq; of the United States that it would not foIlow En- land's exmnple and forsake the gokl star, lard. That was France's first- eat anxiety and to prevent sueli seo tion vas understood to be Premier LavaPs main object in eomil It was agreed at the conference that the aim of both countries was identt- After We Serve the family realizes that our twenty two years of experience have per- fected our services in many ways The family realizes, too that our services are modestly priced; we do not hesitate to advertise the fact hat comp4ete services here may be had for as little as the family wishes to pay, . JOHN T HEKSHEY 00erfga.9 THURSDAY JANUARY 28, cal in desiring to keep international eign minister in their countries. 666 finance on an even keel and that they Nobody in the United States has would work in harmony to prevent any false notions about Borah's ira- any major disturbances, pertance and his demands for a res- haping of the boundaries of Hungary 666 Liquid or Tablets used While statements were issued that and revision of the lines of the Po- and 666 Salve externally, polities was not discussed at the con- lish Corridor were not taken by any eomplete and effective ference, nobody believes that either of the French delegation as being of Colds. $ 00 IN" CASH Mr. Hoover or Mr. Lava] could keep any bnportanee The only thing Bor- t off the subject entirely. They are both ah said that the President backed Ask Your Druggist for of them too deeply interested in the as his declaration that every Buro- subject to avoid some remarks, but, pean nation must be left as the best . " whatever they said, it was not dis- judges of its own security. ..,, closed, i Both the President and M. Laval Senator Borah did not overlook the 'agreed any action on disarmament chance to grab the political limelight, must be held up until the internation- however, and his interview granted al conference is held next year to to the French newspapermen, start-  discuss that subject. They also agreed led the world until later assurances that the resent cot of arming from the W'nite House made it clear  the rival nations has grown to such that Borah was speaking only for an extent that the burden is too himself and not for anybody with real ! ..... ........... grea o ve orne ann that good times aucnory, toran m enmrman of ne Foreign Relations Committee of the cannot be e.ected to return until Senate, and Europeans consider that lsome solution is found of this prob- pst equivalent to the post of for - lea. I I SELL OR TRADE Farm or City Properties Or Rent Properties Anything. 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