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January 21, 1932     Times
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January 21, 1932

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THURSDAY JANUARY 21, 1932 THE MT. PUL.SKI TIMES..&apos;f V ".+LA..Y ILLING/I$ Mr. Frank Handlin was a caller in Cornland Tuesday. Mr. C. L. Coats went to Decatur on Monday on business. Mr. Marks who has been very sick ig able to get out and around town a little now. Leslie Ketchams returned home Tuesday from down near Effmghgm where he has been employed for the last few weeks. On account of the bad roads it has nearly made it impossible for the children from here to get to Mr. Pulaski to school. AUSTIN TOWNSHIP SOUTH LOGAN CO. NEWS AND VIGINITY i I LAKE FORK l held Wednesday evening, Jam 27. work to provide her owu living more t Each family is asked to bring what- easily than forty years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lercher and : ever they wish to for the supper, and Mrs. Laura Fuiten spent Friday at the only expense will be the birthday J. Edward Jones, lawyer of Oak offering of one cent fdr each year Park. has announced his candidacy the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell of your age. And fear not, you will for the republican nomination for Fuiten. r. John Bryson and Charles Man- not be asked to reveal what your ! governor. I, were sho, i- Lincoln Satur-I age is! After the supper, a program I .., v--. _ of entertainment will be given, con- The annual report of the Illinois Qa+ -- -- e went to S . -_ 'sisting o numbers or stunts from J commerce commission shows a total Mrs. tay wy rs prmg the groups of folks bern in the dif-l of 1,138 application, petitions, and field Monday to visit her  ferent months of the year. complaints filed with the commission Miss Sarah Rotramel was a dinner guest with Mrs. Glenn Rau, Sunday. Miss Mary Anu Spangler wan a week end guest of Florence Rau. The "Lake View" district program given at W.arrensburg Thursday ev- ening was a great success. The teR- eher, Miss Rotramel, thanks all who eo-ooperated and attended. Mrs. Gun. Heilman called at the lmrsonage Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Joe Goretzke and Irene can led on Mrs. Mabel Spongier Sunday a.W*te rno OltL Rexford Rau has been employed at the Busher Dairy near Decatur. Mr. Frank Stiles and Walter Ea- ton have been attending a "Revival" which is being held at Boiling Spring Church. Mrs. Ed. Bresener was called to Dur Saturday on account of rein- tire's illness. Evans School is planning a big community program for Feb. 26th. Last Thursday evening the Rain- during 1931. A total of 1446 hearing bow Class was entertained at the lwere held and 1874 formal orders home of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Sith. t were issued. The comminsion collec- Seventeen members were present ted a total of $80,844 in fees daring and a very enjoyable time was re- the year. Through the reduction in ported. The class also elected ofltce I gas rates, the commission effected an for the coming year, as follows: pres- annual saving to gas users of $3,338,- ident, Merritt M. Williams, see.-trea& .500. Mrs. Roy Barber. -:o; I A survey met by the Illinois and BUCKLES CORNER , federal departments of agriculture with the co-operation of the post- I m Virgil Merreighn of Lincoln scent nil carriers, shows a large increase a few days last week with Mr. and once department through the rural Mrs. Oscar Rickords. m the 1931 fall pig crop saved in I]- Helen Brooker spent the week end linois, the corn belt, and the entire in Mt. Pulaski with friends. United States. About 18 per cent Mrs. John Kerachner spent Sun- day with Mrs. Wm. K/pp. Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Tendick were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Riek- ords on Sunday. Mr. Sam Hinds returned home Sat- urday from Springfield where he spent several days on business. Miss Mildred Tendick who teaches at Lynn Grove spent the week end ith her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Tendick Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilham were Lincoln callers on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickord cal- led on Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Brook- er Sunday evening. J L m more pigs were saved in Illinois this fail than in the fall of 1930. Julius Rosenwald, numbered am- ong the greatest philanthropists of all time, died in Chicago on January 6.. Mr. Rosenwald's youth was spent m Springfield. At its annual meting in Decem- ber, the Illinois State Teachers as- sociation went on record as being in favor of the federal dry daws and a campaign of education in Illinois' public schools in 1932, seeking to in- stil respect for the prohibition sta- tutes. PROHIBITION Anti-prohibitionists are ineuble optimists. Finland has ust repealed its prohibition law and American "wets" are jubilant, l How little chance there is of uy The first reports on health for the such action in this country is clearly new year indicdte a much more fa- indicated by a poll of the entire vorabte beginning in 1932 than pr membership of both houses of Con- vailed at the outset of 1931, aneord- green taken by International News ing to Dr. Andy Hall, state health Servie. Only 155 members of the director. Substantial declines were re- corded for typhoid fever, measles, arlet fever, diphtheria, influemm, meningitis, infauile paralysis, InCa- monna, and chicken pox. Frank T. Sheets, chief highway en- gineer, has announced new state highway construction contracts which call for 11.94 miles of paving and two bridge projects, to cost, in all, $221,861.87. Attorney General fair reflection of public sentiment in i the United States. The anti-proht- Oscar E. Carl- bitionists are indulging in what Em- D|stlncHve Belonl|n p The expression "'lures and peuate' is used collectively to denote the per- aerial anti Individual belongings in a home which make it distinctively one's home. In ancient Rome the lares were the household gods, usually deified an. cestors or heroes; the penates 'ere also guardian deities of the household and the state, but were more In the nature of personifications of natural powers, their duty being to bring wealth and plenty rather than to ward off danger. strum has ruled that counties have no authority to build in cities hard reade wider than through trafl re. quires, or wide enough- to permit curb parking. The opinion declared that any extra width of streets in cities must be provided for by the cities. Although the largest percentage of rabbits in the State of Illinois are normal healthy animals, a word of warning regarding the prevalence of tularemia among the cottontails has been issued by the Conservation De- partment of the Izaak Walton League of America. Tularemia is a disease among rabbits which can be ec- tracted by human beings. [t causes a serious and lingering illness, says the League. A number of eases have been reported in the state this year, so the League urges sportsmen to watch their step as one can eontrae the disease by merely handling an infected rabbit. I Carr|ed His "CredrHals " Tn the Mhtdie ;es the l uorite form of punishment for crime was that of mutH+:thm of .ome part of the hody, Tt+.,e who suffered loss of ey,*slght or loss +,l limb through accident were confH:.d wlh DUlli,lled erimirmls and there is r,',,r,I of an enJinent gram. l+Jrhtl who. h+tvilv+., had a foot frost+ bitt++t, carried ever about with him an att++.tion to the fact. signed by a numb+r of persons of credit, so that no ,,+'. wemld reard him as a crim- inal who had suffered mutilation. First Sessloe of Cnlreu On Wednesday, March 4, 1789. some I of the membera'of each house of cow + greu appeared and took their scala A quorum was not present In either house, so both adJourn They mot and adjourned from day to day until April 1, upon which day a quorum was present in the house of repre- sentatives, whereuln It was or,n- Ized. Upon April 6 a quorum was present In the senate, and Its official business was begun. Shapes us Moon's Surface To the unaided eye dark areas - per on the surface of the mm which suggest various slmpes to the fancy. This is due to tim fact the! the moon's surface consists of so-called moun- tains and crater as well as plalmk When the mountains of the moon are Illuminated by s srong crossllght, as along the terminator at sunrise and sunset, they are thrown into sharp r llef, and are clearly visible. Rizhts in Invention A shop ri2hl is the right to se 115 invention which Is automatically ere. ted ou behalf of the owner of the shop. when the invention is developed in such shop by an employee who uses the time and equipment of the shop for producing the invention. shop rights are non-asslgnabla ad apply alone to inventions p'- toining to the employer' busine. Unluhabited Islands Tlrisn da Cunha, in the south At- Innt/e. Is one of a group of three small Ildaitds, two of which are nninhahited. This group Is believed to be the most ointed uninhabited group on earth. The two uninhabited Islands are med Nightingale and Inable. The  or Keeling, I tl Indian oeesn, includes 20 islands, some of wlMeh have no inhabitmta. Concerning (Ndmnoys Tim bureau of agricultural engines'. Jag says that, while t round chlmn,q iS pt,erable to a square one, Imth am t/sfaetory. If chimney is straight and the air current is strong, smoke is Mkely to travel straight up. If it an obstruction, m" If tl Is only 8 light draft, tin em'renin will House of Representatives wet'e wfl- carry It up svlrsl. ling even to sniYmit the nnrHa- -# The Continental divide of Nor ' repel to. pop.00 = A.+rica o+. contmuo. "i ++msmusu.  +" and talam ....... mammns am outa mma tl , .m +,a o matt e a majority in the Arctic ,, to the bounde, t..-..-l I ower house of Con. Tirty-two Pimama and ololllL In the Ul I senators or exactly one-third m in 8intm, it follows, u a rule. but not l favor of a referendum. And the always, the most elevated portions question of legalizing beer could the Rocky mountalm. Water alllng east of this line flows into the Pacific, muster only 125 rePresentatives and The term 'reat Divide" is a populae 21 senators to its support, one, but rather Indefinite in meaning, [ think that that proportion is a d applies to a vast region in Mo erson caUed "wishful th/nki. tans, Idaho, Wyoming and lorado traversed by the Continental divl Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Kretzinger were Sunday visitors in Lincoln. Mr. ami Mrs. Lawrmee Whitmdde of Midland vislt tlm lattr'u pew- en Mr. and Mrs. Clark Fletcher ou Sunday. Miss Mildred Kurtz, teacher of the 7th and 8th grade treated her pupils y taking them to see "Sooky" at the Lincoln Theatre on Monday night Jan- lath which was greatly appr- dated by fourteen pupils. Stanley and Donald Harless of De- catur visited their aunts Mrs. Clara Laughery and Mrs. J. M. OBrien on Friday. Mrs. Alfred Wilson and Mrs. Roy Barber were shopping in Lincoln Thursday morning. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Smith and daughters Rosalie and Joan were visitors Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan in Beason. Mr. and Mrs. Bertel Carlson and daughter Dorothy Mac of Mt. Pulas- ki visited Saturday night with Mrs. Aden Zeigler in Chestnut. Mrs. W. G. Smith entertained the Rainbow S. S. Class at her home on "Pueaday night Jan. 12th. Chestnut M. E. Church The Epworth League of Mt. Pu- laaki will visit our young people unday evening and will have charge of the Epvorth League service at six o'clock. Our folks visited their church two weeks ago and likes their fellowship very much, and are expec- ting a fine meeting together this coming Sunday. They will also be glad to have adults attend their meeting. Rev. Harry M. Blunt of Mr. Pulas- ki will aoeorapany his Epworth Li- guers here, and will preach for us at the eveing service which will follow the Epworth League service. We are planning for a very he.l servie We want to give Brother Blout 8 good audience, and we want our oir members to be on the job with eeial music. The ol.cers and teachers of the unday School will be entertained at a social gathering , next Monday evening at annual election of ofln II be held. We hope every member of the Sunday School beard will be 1resent. The choir will meet for rehearsal at 7:15 Friday evening at the parson. age. They will prero music for both Sunday morning and evening ser- vices. The Ladies' Aid is sponsoring a pot-luck supper and Birthday Skmlal for the entire conglmgItion, to bo MURDERS With all the publicity that Nmw York and Chicago gang murders . have got, the public has a notion that those cities must be dangerous places to live in+ But an Alabama college professor who has been collecting the facts about murder in the United States reports that there are 77 cities in which there are more murders in proportion to population than in New York, and 39 that have a higher per- centare of murders than Chica@o. There are more murders in Mn- phis, Tennessee, in proportion to population, than in any other Ameri- can city. There is no such thing in any A- merican city as gangs of murderers roaming at  and shooting total strangers because they don't like tlm color of their neckt/es, thOUgh ae such impression of life in the big cities seems to be prevalent. I have knocked around this world a good deal, and as a newpaper re- An investigation of more than porter have had to go into some 8000 cases of appendicitis leads the pretty tough districts at all houm of state department of public health to day and night, but I never found it the conclusion that delaying surgical necessary to go armed, nor have I treatment and relying upon laxatives ever known of a sober, 1 dr- are the two outstanding factors con- izen tending strictly to his own lmsi- tributing to the fatality of the di- hess being killed except by a lunede. sease. Appendicitis causes more than a-.--. 1300 deaths per year in Illinois. The Illinois Jeffersonian, stata- wide Democratic paper, has made its appearance. The publication will be campaign under the direction of the intervals during the coming election issued monthly and at more frequent state central commit-tee. SouPs Triumph Hmism is the brilliant triumph of the  over the flesh, that Is to may, over fear--fear of poverty, of rotifer- of calumny, of illness, of Io- helm and of dth.--AmleL During the last forty proportion of widows to the total fe- male Population of Illinois has in- creased 25 per cent. State health authorities attribute the remarkable growth of widowhood to a more r. pid improvement in health among women, than among men, to the sibility that a widow can secure Moactos Ttdal Bore Tim famous tldel bore. near tea. N. IL is the Inward rush of warms up the Petlteodiae fiver of gS mmmte m the bay tf lhmd, which has me of the highest  Is world. The waters enter estuary of the Petiteodine tn tim hem of a bore, or t/dal wave, from  o six feet b/gh. The dlfferene betwsam mreme ithrb and mctreme Io ida sl Moucton is 80 feet. Ptctm-eqno Now Mnleo Th# population of New Mexico has s large percentage of Mexican or/gilt. In many towns Spanish is the pe &smlnt language. There are al numerous Indian plmbinl where travo eles may see a mode of life remark. ably different from that of their owl Nss.Pnn-lq 'q,sts" members of the eat fmlly do not purr. The cheetah and tiger purr and the puma, mP eour, makes a ames Iflmllur to a purr. The follow- ln members of the cat family do net purr: Leopard, lion. lioness, eeelot, Ntwal and earsesL Wu,,I Plsbt The weasel is fearless and will tack any Hying thing if t the mood. whether provoked or not. Ther veral records of weasels attaekin| hurs, As a rule, however, they at- tack only small anlmais and fowls. Helpful Hum "Is It true that colors can affect healthY' asks a correspondent. By mental suggestion they may do so. Red, for instance, is stlmulaMng, sun- lne yellow enlivening, and soft blu and mauves distinctly soothing. Tlkousand* of Ptsnt Trpes There are believed to be about 0,- 000 kinds of plants growing through- out the wrl( Darwin recorded aud. tag 20 species of flowering plants !1 Magic patch of turf three by four uart.--Gas Logic. Most Expmd Drink Mmop, son of Olodlus Aeop solved In vinegar peur] valued slt 1140.000 In order to have the satlgae. flo of consuming the most upenstve over known. year., the Buy Your Milk of MagneslS At 'EN8 REXALL DRUG STOI00 Jewish Fast Day Tit. fast of Gedaliuh amon the Je(vs commemorates the assassination of God:Hlah, which occurred the third day of the month of Tisrl. Gedaliah was appointed by King Nebuehadne gar the governor of the poor ad pro- tected the Jewish remnant then in @aptlvlty. The bandit Ishmael of tle royal line of Judah, turning traitor to his peple, assassinated this just man, which greatly aided in the ruin the captured kingdom of JudalL "*Tickling to Death" Long ago the Chinese had weird and terrible tortures, but perhaps t he worst of the lot was the "fentlmr torture." For this method of torture rm red hot irons were necessary. The vietim was tied to a low tahle, and the warder tickled the prlmer's feet with a feeher. Every four hours the guard was replaced and the tickling was kept up for days on end+ Often vie- rims went mad, and occasionally a man would be "tickled to death." Chivalrous Commander "Don't cheer, boys. the poor devils are dying," was said by Capt. Jack Philip, United State navy (the late Rear Admiral J. W. Philip), who was la command of the United States bat- tleshlp Texas in Santiago harbor. It was said regarding the enemy on the cruisers Infants Maria Teresa and the Oquendo when forced to surrender tO quiet the loud cheering of the Amer- over this victory, July 8, Discovery of CMde The chewing gum industry dates from about 16o. when an American Inventor, while making an unsueces t to vulcaniN the sup of the sapola tree for a rlb" subet/tute, distwvmd slmilarlty of ehlele to sprnce and cherry gums, whleh hither. to had been the main chewing 8urns knew Bemutlful Brioal hiss J21tt as we may know In America e Tukoslavia, we should always sun- elate with that little known land, the lovely Brloni isles. They have broken Into the newspapers recently because of the death there of Karl Kuppel- wiener, whose family made these is- la tim Imradlse Of the Adriatic, wMeb was sought out by royalty and the modern notables from (]enrge DmJmrd Shaw to geae Tunney, 5Nt were malaria-infested hdands sdma /uppelwleesr beagbt them m ago. but today they are noted tl-Ir freedom from mosqultoe late Archduke Ferdimmd wanted  be them. but they  mot br m. Ask any tmrlst who hveg the ;'taUe and he  sa, Ill t of Brtoul. Peculiar Old Belief In the Seventeenth century Jt wJ believed that If a plant was bruised mid burnt, a salt could be extracted from the ashes which, when put Into n flunk and mixed with a secret stance" by means of gentle beat. It eould he gradually reforml, with Item, leaves and flow Comprehonslve lisa! Wodl The slang word "'gadget" Is applied t a thousand different things. It la kind of generic term applied to any- thing. It takes the phase of the oM term "thlng-um-a-Jlg"--meadng somo. ffag oue does not know the maw of. If hal temporarily forlti. Hard to Trace Orgi| I ' To cod a persuu, In the ene of to a person, has been used In our language since the middle of the last tury. It may be related to the word cod. meaning "It fool." Soma pople try 0 explain that word by sayug It is an abbreviation for codger, as it seems to be used in some tw Eances. But, it appears in our litur- mriler than curlier, so this to- oashlp Is doubtful. No one can jlVO any accurate Information about MI origin.--IAterary Digest. Treo-Cllmblng Fez 5'o escape huntsmen's hounds a is said to have climbed 40 feet to th lip of tree near King's Lynn, ng- The tree was In ivy-covered fir the dogs had Iot the scent, when fugitive was seen at the tip. A keeper climbed the tree about 20 feet, ad no longer feeling safe, the fox do. ded. Jumping from branch to branch like s cat. It eluded Its pu. enters and was not caught untll after a ehMe lasting an hour. United States Fur Center The United States has displaced London as the fur center of the world. according to the latest government rt ports. There are ne accurate figures for the domestic fur catch In the Unit- ed States, but Its annual value is estl. mated at from $45J)00.000 to $70.0.- 000. and most of thls comes from the Mississippi valy, which is the larg eat fur-producing area In the world, with dotrble the catch of Russia and three times that of Canada. The four outstanding domestic commercial furs are muskraL opossum, skunk  rae- COOIL PAGE FTVI L I.:. .+:" 5 Ancient E=y.tian " " " ........... The Horus h+?;:,idr,::+ for t+:a+ +'. , women came Into ue In lhe lJto+','++ :++* ttme.. Originally. in tile e'}|'l!or |+|.o tory of Egypt, It w:+s <'tL++;lo;L,+lry f+r+ Iflng to have his t,Hue model+;! x'itt hawk back of him showng t!+,+ p:.+++ gectlon of the god ltorns. [,++t:,r, Isis. the wife of the god Osiris. w:ts om times shown with wings ,if a h:wk, aered bird of EkD'pL A hrge tI?tr,e of the goddess would have th +vi:+j Wte long arms protecllng a smnl! m,): +- I ! standing In front of her. As tfme psed this was abbreviated into a besddre worn by women of the toys! fiamlly. Cuban "Santa Claus" Day of the Three King Xan- mu7 6, Is the great boys' and day Jn Cba. That Is when the ents tome. It Is the Three rlng gifts they picture la theft, minds for days ahead. The toys may not be fine. may he only little carts made of packing box +"+,+'". -radle& etc. These are 4 mlntett Chlblroa come first In n++++r +'uhan parents will evel ,,+na| mlcrIflces In order that I +tr,n m:ty have gifts and play- I.' Comment 3"h/ Were Sl)endlng n holldy t ldaweo. ='Thfk I+:;'I+ ++'+" he :t|:l. "'.%Hppo +al bri';,++| h+)tlld come now In+ take m* from yotlY" Meted. "I l.,:id ::U; lhe brigands were lle t ti lame +tbnt's all/' h, replte in Favor of Greek ud Lt Nothing can take the plane of th@ examples and the tesmms wh|e b an. elent history and the ancient writers give of patriotism, courage and all l manly virtues. One of the men Inthe economic life of Albert Ballin. once said to me: bad two candidates for a post Hamburg-Amerika company could reed Homer and original and the other Intricacies of double was experienced in stock J8 exchange diseountin I II the former."--From tim M  Vo Bulow. Though ther -'n mu ruemt questioning as to his ancestry birthplace" most biographe a that he was bern at Genoa. [ta/y, about 1451 and was the son of a wool- comber and weaver, Domenico bo, whose family had lived generations. He kept a wltleb hss dtsappeared sent of it Is to he und I phlmt Do.a say that the aad Ins better ehanes to yw than pondag@, Doeto look the Indlvidmtl of eess weizht. His he fewer In numher skinny m with for,, buR. A medical OtBeer at lism ham been studying I It  charges i 1 to fiat me not Inwbreakm5 or if they avoid the etletsd results im lifo, Tipsy do ot Wilkts Oellllm know that fat mon for be made the u In White" fiat Ioundr 1 only fiat vlHal In u tba  I Om tl  th are ,mqptioml fiat vlllall  be e the Japans medico who fftat the pht. ms,--lamt (Fla.) HexAd. "Lngtlsy rap MITetehlng from tim &oNs, a tapellne was reeled out atasm,r to obtaln u aetto m  th distance tfbo two landL The tspelln, wall piano wlr G*orlda's Fht otts 0ettou was first planted In It lVM from seed  from the i easel asserts a profemor ot Instil, doa, the refere to wldtme 0- eharscterlstle If a  llPent from modem lmml'. Early Americam hat would be nowadays eaU leh0ols, and as rate as 100 years t/thmette was still a regllhtr m em.e of u, WasJdng Dislms |Ht't All Viewpoint is that plate muls and looks at waing and a