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January 14, 1932     Times
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January 14, 1932

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THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, MY. PULASKI, ILLINOIJ THURSDAY JANUARY 14, l THE REVIEW t but the real value of the subject lies given to horses; but in Scotland in the fact that Manual Training may mapoorts the people); Boswel]b I SCIENCE --lall put to use in many trades. Menu- i The Life of Johnson"; Goldsmith, PHYSICS Training (Mechanical Drawing) is "The Vicar of Wakefield", a novel the past week our class used in electric works, steel works, l filled with the wretchedness of coun- has been on heat. The manufacturing;  eva in law itttry life; Burke, his speeches and distinct ways of dotermininK plays an important  In agricul-ifriendly feeling " to Amemiea and One way is by the comm ev- l ture, a farmer may put Manual Collins, his nature poetry. temlmrature, from readi a Training and Mechanical Drawin to l A thermometer mea- " i 1 _ , use very lmndily if he has the ab 1- HINTS intensity of the heat. Thee [ ity, lint&apos;if he does not have the abil- t FOR THE HOME also two different kinds of ther- it . :' . . 1 " -nd --- ''- . I y .... o .............. i Cauliflower Dulings B in use today. They are: the  hel-" from omeone else. dt (used in most homes) Manual Trning, therefore, plays  Cauliflower dumplings can be from left-over cauliflower. Put the Centrade (used . moSla part in every man's life at he the pieces of cauliflower'through it ' wrk). The only difference  time or another. A knowledge of the, vegetable ricer and add a little salt, the two m the different subject may avert diater or make pepper, mace, melted butter and milk. off of the scale used. a great profit for the one who em- Add a beaten egg and enough farina other way of determining heat ploys his knowledge. the calorie. The calorie inca- the amount of heat a calorie as the quantity of heat to raise the temperature one gram of water one degree The calorie is the in the Metric System. System the British Unit is used. This is the heat required to raise the one pound of water degree fahrexfeit- MATHEMATICS present, the Algebra I studen both for six weeks ex- for thei first semester ex- to review they had transpose terms, how equations and so on. and originals by the Geometry on angles were One example of a prac- about a tree,--gi- of the shadow, find This can be done. lvanced Algebra class is fol- example of the other in Mathematics reviewing exams. Systems of equations in variables containing quad studied. We have also been other similar problems, I will not pl&in .tm has learned terms. In- of ying ?the" all the "some of tMg' Six weeks exams ]ow. Lug" was a Jtory. tj  tim him as s doctor it woedeatt, w, sml  Mm to the extent of havin_4g MANUAL TRAINING I drawings ave being comploted puoil is drawing plans to make in next semester. This week assembly and detail the boys made illustrate dimensioning, machines and thdr :nd numerous other principleL Drawing is a langua by draftsmen. Each By studyin we will be able in the future. A drawir to lint systems in buildings. uses a drawing in wir- . A con;ractor, mason, know how to The voume offered in gives sufficient knowledge as previously stated. learned how a casting is a casting on a it can be taken to shop. In these sh(p there room in which the oh- drawing is taken makes a I from this pattern a mold which molten metal is make a new casting. boys discussed used of the drafts- instruments; top front auxili- views of Orthrogra- labor and education; of drawing; isometric and perspec- week is the last week of six weeks examination Friday. TRAINING II stars!" exclaimed Mrm Jvnes a sarcastic man- were llding a "I can't for , of me see how Manual Train- boys of the high school. the same things only a lithe and one is assured of a furniture." have you heard the a- Many people ask Training is not se : f m'king truth, it is en- a good projt, AMERICAN HISTORY Education in the colonial times was considered the least of import- ant things. When the people did start colleges they were for religious purposes only (such as Haryard, 1636, William and Mary, 1693, and I Yale, 1701). Anybody studying for science or other professions had to go abroad or learn as an apprentice. Girls were not allowed to fro to school, but these of the very wealthy class could take private lessons in dancing, art, and French. It seems at this time there were no libraries or interesting paper They did have circulating about, a small four-page lyaper that contain- ed stale bits o news from abroad, arguments on goverment, and may- be an advertisement of a runaway slave. The first paper, "The Boston News Letter" came out in 1704. IRmm  mall o lto or  until 1815 and then the first maga- zine, "The Great Northern Review" appeared followed by Bryant's 'rhanatopsis", and a few other Board of Vocational Education, and poems. The government started in helping education by creating a Federal the passing of the Morrill Act. This Act granted every state 30,000 acres of public land of each of its senators and representatives in Congress; the proceeds from the sate of this land was to be used for the support of coUeg. The growth of education in the United States has been eoinde with the growth of democracy. ENGIH IV The SenJor for the past week hgve been studying extensively great fl&mrns in the th mm- tury American poa'y. They are Hawthorne, Emerson. Lofellow and Lowell. The  ]m Im  into g and h prop m sp- al rports on hm life and works. Af- ter a thorvugh study of the life .and works, we will write a two thousand word biography. The how much do we know and read of these men? Ahl in the study o Longfellow's poetry, Emerson's essays, Hawthorne's dar- ing novels, and Lowell's humorous poetry. SEWING I think the girls in the sewing class are feeling as if they're really somebody by now. They have been sewing quite awhile now and are getting to be pretty good at it. Most of their home project are finished. Some make dresses, while others did not do a project which had sewing in it. I wish you could see ome of the dresses. They are really pretty. There's almost every color, shape and size. I expect some of the girls will be sorry when the semester ends and they take up foods. GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATIONAl In Physical Education the girls have divided into tvo groups. The Fshmen are the Blues with Flor- ence Van Hook as captain. The Sopho omvres and upper classmen are the Whites with Florence Grathwohi as captain. So far the groups seem to be about evenly matched. Last week we tried a game called Triangular Chase. T'hree girls stood in a triangle and then each staed chasing the girl in front of hcr. This is harder to do than it seems be<use instead of going iv triangles the girls found themselves going al- most in circles. Although this is good exercise, it is an easy way V get dizzy. ENGISH III The Juniors have finished their tudy on the "Age of ,Johnson." This age begins about the middle of the eighteenth century and extends over to the beginning of the nineteenth. Among the important figures con- sidered in this age are Samuel John- son, James Boswell, Oliver Gold- smith, Ednmnd Burke, and Wlliam C:tlins. W%h J@non we associate ,ith his work the fi,-,w :-v c',.:arb to make the mixture firm. Mould in- to mn&ll blls and boil them for six minutes in clear stock or bouillon. Serve half a dozen, as a vegetable, to each person or make them smaller and serve them instead of croutons in the soup in which they are boiled. Stuffed Cauliflower Stuffed cauliflower is made of a head of cauliflower boiled whole un- til it is tender. It should then be drop- ped in cold water to blanch and then th heart should be cut out and Chop- with half a dozen mushrooms and some cayenne pepper. Put the stuf- fing in the caity in the head and put the whole on a hot dish covered with a piece of cheesecloth, in the oven for a movement to heat. Do the work quickly so that the cauliflower will not need much heating. Serve with white sauce. Indian Bread Mix thoroughly the following in- gredients: One cup of white corn meal, one cup of yellow corn meal, one teaspoonful of cayenne and one cup of choppe(i suet. Add a cup of cold ter and stir thoroughly. Form this Imtter imto roll, about five inches long, roll in greased pa- per and bake moderately for an hour. They should be served hot. Accord- ing to the government report it was the custom of the Indians to bake these cakes by rolling them in husks of corn, a practice which is recom- mended to campenk Use Salt Dtacree When them are to be guests at your table dont be too free with the salt shaker in cooking. Nowadaye many peoe are m)deratg thor use of nlt,--ad some people have actually been told by their doctors to use very little in their diet. Wh y0 consider  enough salt in t soup or the ve&,etabl or the vy may make it almost inedible to the person who has become aemmtomed to using but little. Use salt very sparingly therefore in cooking. It k a simple thing for those who like it to add mor THIEVES A boy in the Navy who swipes a bottle of milk or a piece of pie in the cook's galley when he is hungry, or who casually helps himself to a pack of cigarettes from a messmate's locker, is not to be bnd  thief, the Secretary of the avy has ordered. I think Mr. Adams is right. The Navy takes boys at the age o.f seventeen, most , of them from homes where such things as pie are more or less common property, and it is the most natural thing in he world for a hungry boy to help him- If to something to eat, without the slightest suspicion in his own mind that he is committing an offense. And boys are always hungry. Di.pline in the Navy and the Army is, of come, esntial. There is a big difference, however, between treating enlisted men as if they were the officers' slaves and treating them as what they are, decent American boys. FCKER Frederick Ecker. President of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Cm- pany, gave a Senate Committee some interesting facts. His company is perhaps the largest financial institu- tion in the world. Mr. Ecker said that he thotght that we are now very clo to the ndition af business and industry which we must for a long time to come regavt as normal. He thinks i( is foolish to look for a return ol he boom times we had in 1924 to! 197K and a the very height of the' boom, he pointed out, there were a How heavily the public has had to draw on its reserves to pay off obli- gations incurred in boom times is suggested by Mr. Ecker's statement that 32 percent of all the loans made by the MetroPolitan in the put ye&r were'made to  holders, who had to draw on that aecumulffit- ed splns. Twelve metal industry concerns in Peoria have displayed continued im- provement in emldoymet and lF" rolls for almost three consecutive months, according to the State De- partment of Labur. 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