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January 14, 1932     Times
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January 14, 1932

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from a ench convent. So- Hswolwe returns to New York socially-eleet mother, a tell- ambitious woma The girl is into an mksgement with the Felix Kent. Her father, Ntdk surreptimy tors the girl's one night. He telk her he used her Lyndia Sandal The by her dtve to see life ha raw and to hecome part of her amciety. Her father studes visits her father in his din- wters. She finds four men playo when she sndv O d Jock Ayleward, her father tells is like a son to him, but warns girl he is a trifler. GO ON WITH THE STORY silenced Lynda on that theme. wickedly at her height- ng color and the lift of her chin that's that," he said delight,- ! IN BURT00 and very lame, who gadded about the city all day with a passionate enthusiasm for shopping, and went to bed at night exhausted by her !own nervous activity. i So, after Felix had been gone four i days---and Jocelyn rather anxiously recognized that she missed him-- there came a night, Mary's night out when Jocelyn drew From her old trunk the pleated skirt and the small dark jacket and the tam-o'-shanter and ran her fingers thrcmgh her hair. is on. I'm not of a patient dispositio aereas her mind, "then I nll never_ ,, marry him, so help me God; not ev- Are y,o "J-rod .... I" ! /ynQa CO vum en to  from----her. To the, ,,T ,t .... ite know I think I must terre estrangement of this pro- be "l'Uv '; nothing" all my life so noun had Marcella driven her. " " " "t" - " "'l rar hut wal. vets shaped themselves rapla y ' ,,w- will ou be married?" 8- JJ J to make her quest of the truth po "Tell me, shall I like being mar- sible. Cousin Sara canine, an old wo- man with an ear trumpet, very active ried, Father?" "I wish you'd call me Nick." "Oh, wouldn't that be horribly di respectful ?" 'Ine last thing I crave, O daugh- ter of mine old age, is re,pect." , 'hen--Nick"--oh, please do ans- wer me quickly, sovneone is omin$ up the stairs." Nick listened, alert, rigid. [ ..... This time she found her father in e put ner hmself into a taxicab, . the outer room of his lodging, alone. ing her down through the house .... l er a shabh desk . . . l-le w (lUO ea O Y its rumors of revelry and pray. i .... o a st . ....... .. . , ano lOOKe(l So queer, 8 IT/IO Iancleo trial; Irom Denlnct one i la;m: e inthat ick flash of ver hiSs Papers' that- Lynda to that. It's for your discipline, my the closed doors of the ground a repul- angel, 'My father hath chastised you she hcard Jock Ayleard's g ........ I sion. Perhaps he recognized it for with scorpions.' Don't you know the COla, angry ano excleo. 1 . .... .. . . ... . , back u- her dl tha" I ne puz ootn ms uarz aLrte hands OId Testament?" lmn o y ibefore his face an instant. "We were not alloed to study our Bible," said Lynda, white and ared. "Nick, Nick, I must be happy. t ii , Jl "I must ta:k to you. You must l tell me ab@ut Nick." i "All right, lql take you some- i where." ! "Do you like to dance?" asked Ayleward. " a "Yes. But I'm not dressed for restaurant and my moth--" I "You're dressed for the place I'm taking you to, only I will say you're a bit stagey." I At the addre he had given the terror under the embrace of a future I after big ga my express driver he helped her out. I husband do not mean what my moth- __ ....... They mounted steep  ""  the- -- -" her  aav'Jce. Lm_ngerous numbing. If Fm i er as me ma y mean ............ that's stairs which might once have led up l chest lifted a wind seemed to blow lucny omgn, t,ya, the r frown the kitchen of a private houN and Lynda found herself seated on a bench against a wall, Sock t her aero a bare small narrow tabl I It held (me shaded light. Jock order- i ed supper food. Mechanical music was playing. The floor ws filled with !dancers, their bodies pressed togeth- i er. Others drank and ate. But except for the music the long nrrow room ! was very quiet and orderly, t Lynda drank the black coffee Jock had ordered for her. Jock was watch- ! 'ing the dancers. [ "Want to dance ?" t Continued Next Week i Warden James A. White, of the: 'Tather, Nick, please. Before Jock 'Southern Illinois penitentiary 8t I Ayleward comes, Nick, shall I like Chester, suered scalp wounds as the being married.  result of an automobile collision m "No. Of course not, you little sire- December 26. pleton. It's not an institution or- dained by God and man for anything so unimportant to the race as lp- piness. Don't let them fool you as shiver of fear, of unhappiness of regret. _ She wished to draw the poor face the very beginning there was he had hidden against her breast. especial difference between Lyn-!He killed the impulse with laughter, Sandal and Jecelyn Har]owe: genuine laughter that could not was without question the more wound her though it mocked. and ardent of the two. Her l "You wretched woman-thing," had burned upon Nick, his home, ! said Nick, his whole face gleaming life, his friends with a golde with charm and with line re- of interest, of s.wmpathy, of bellion, "get out, get away from me. will to undermnd. It was the I won't be mothered by you. Go on which Marcella had refused and and rummage through my posses- Kent had not even desired to sione, Eve You may indulge your feminine curiosity at my expense evening Felix questioned her. 'but I'm blasted if I'll be the victim Jocelyn had been t!of your some. Lynda, dont you I don't want to be c]mstised. I want not to be afraid, as my mother is. As my mother is--" And at that instant first did the child know what it was" in Marcella that so disturbed, so ali- hated her. Nick had hastily finished his drink, had risen, was not looking  at the  door. Thg step was mounting rapidly. "O that!" he threw back at her hastily over his crooked shoulder. "I never said you had to be afraid, did I ? That's just exactly the o' .... i fall in love with me, understand?" "I must love you," said Lynda "Above his paers he softly. "I must love you. You are ne. I feel you tn me  blankly for an instant. Then, "Thanks, Lynda," he said simply. "I like to be a part of your loveli- ness, if only for a little while. Go on now. I reslly have to finish h',. The bedroom, which contained one full-sized bed and one narro cot against the wall, was the most un- tidy and unattractive Lyna had ev- er been allowed to enter. On Nick's dressing table there were no photographs, no knickknacks, there were no pictures on his walls. On top of a tall chest of drawers, he asked her, "do you look ! conventual tonight ?" 1 said Jocelyn realizing that must mwer. "You used to say look as I ought to; convert- that i" lTonlght you do." "That's funny.  Felix laughed a dry little laugh I secret meaning, f "I wonder whether it hm very t '." He went over to her, eat on, arm of chair and bent above her, ] her in one"strong arm. I "Look, child. I have to be away ! you for a fo'tnight presentlyY Her heart went plunging, whether joy or sorrow she could not the life of her have told. "When come back don't you think we could this engagement of ours a I'm getting weary of convent I want---" and suddenly his face dyed in deep, hot color, "I want wife." Marcella spoke as though she were' from her volume "I can see no reason for keeping waiting much longer, Felix. I a four months' engagement it seems to me that you have each other's affecttorm have had time to draw to each other." The girl looked from one to the with scared golden ey 'You mean youl both go away? leave me alone here for all days befofora__ ?,, Her heart beat viihiy under the silk across her breast. Felix bent to her lips. Before his fell upon them he saw in a low "Much safer for you, my dar- to be rid of me just now." Even his voice dropped. "I can't And the kiss she dreaded fell her with the anguish of a blow. But she endured it, withdrawing some fastness, anesthetizing her All her body, however, drew up and back into the chair as it suffered pairL She listened While Felix and Mar- discussed details. She hreathed her heart at bitted, at defiant She was to be left alone in ignorance of life. And then she t be given to this man. "Oh, said Lyda Sandal speaking to her own heart, "we see first. There will be a fort- Look like a home to you, Jock is at least of liberty and o ex- what you might call a bird of pas- Perhaps my mother  sage." Perhaps this Felix does not "A salesmar" sugested Lmda, me. Perhaps this one proud of her worldly wisdom in be- and rrt indulgent gentle- ing able to guess a business occupa- ia not the only doorway into life tion for a man. I have a chance to learn the Nick chuckled. He seemed delight- just a brief and with I You him it that. He's ' auger and audrey a I thing you mustn't be, my girl. If Mr. Felix Kent reglly scares you tn profound sense of the word, quit him cold. It is Joekt" Te door was opened with a sort of quiet violence and Ayleward, faultlessly attired in evening dress. his hair as sleek as a screen lover's, came in, shut the door and flung a fierce arm about Sandal's shoulders. "There, you old beUy-acher, wlmt do you say? Next time will trust a bern card-handler." As he spoke he was pulling from his pockets great handfuls of paper money which he shook before Nick's eyes and then tossed up in the sir so that they fell about the room like dead leaves. In this moment of some however, a set of clean cheap toilet triumph mysterious to Lynda he had articles had been neatly arranged dropped the grim mask from and there was a great picture of a mobile and wild winged face. Lynda  dog, one of those magnificent canine ten heads which, loyal, brave, uneelfcon- ious, have a nobility greater than humanity's. "Tell me about your dog, Father," was the girl's first question she came back into the outer room. "He's such a beauty." "It isn't my dog. It's Jock Ayle- ward's The animal's dead now, I imagine. He was Jock's beast before Jock met with other beasts less bbeau- bundled together he added to them tiful. Jock keeps a sort of corner what was left in his clothing and here with me." put the whole great mass into a "It's no his bathe, then?" drawer which he locked. Then he "Bless the child! Home?" He turned to go. clicked his tongue, his eye8 Ja "Take her home, will you, Jock ?" ing at her. "No This is not his ho. said Nick. 'I'm done and she ought I During the holidays, thirty mere- i bets of the University of Illinois Men's Glee club made a concert tour! of central Illinois. The club was n- der the direction of Ray Dvorak. ! Attorney General Oscar E. Crl- 1 strom has ruled that a township i hool treasurer legany nnot loan i school funds to a trustee of sehoola ] of his township, t i A Kan sctress. Dorothy A,: , of Great Bead, defcatted on(. l: .- - I II/ [ Friendl relatiot between tim United States and Jaln strained hen thre Japan l- diers 8've Consul Culver B. Chum- bcrisia a vete bcatL in Mulak J 1 Great Reporter Dies Funeral  for Ridmrd V Whingt orrsp0ndt io t New Ydr  and offer 'Wen foe many years, we President' Hoove many Of the stam and diploma the nat:m's capltol i i to be getting back to where she: l i seems to belong." 1 1 But it was nearly morning when! !  he came back to furious prowling . 4   . Nick. .;: . Ayleward came in at the door :--.-.r; then, humqing a dance air with a i '-IJ[.. range dazed wistful look on Iris young face. " _ the a taxi, Lynda - " the arm. ' saw that younger than Felix Kent, young enough to be Sandal's son. "Jock, yon fool. Here's Lynda!" The mask snapped into place. Ayleward turned it upon Nick's vis- ,,/: itor in startled grim fixation. He ! ,, bowed and began to collect his earn- i  ings; for surely they must be, tho't , ": Lynda, same sort of earnings from his salesmanship! When he had them he was young, years : "t FOOT 4O DEATHS iN 1900Jo - ,*% ,  By Al&,rl 7'. 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