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Mt. Pulaski , Illinois
January 14, 1932     Times
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January 14, 1932

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5 } i- !- mWww, ,pmaa  ts PAGE medlQral a d ot mood 9  w Ilttto  acqu/H aM mdug tmowi odgs hu the old  that oaly a saw Perzom , I D rena w wrt Oeeuuoiui Wint a z'etr  sat  did ant t.eqult the dose applicetiea of the  that modern vocations demand. & real need for vua attentlea in tl world came after the latrodmctlon of the printing prMt. People then be gan to read and learn to o thlng themselves. eSmgeestble" m dmr," 1 embed bur. Jut tt they did eomo nd re,me , Wlmt wout ]mu ssl  site J dmsL sbou/d say the tmpads m tee  8uzo--ttmt's udR, Iz, Illll&r  . ..- erate means would do more than anything else to . .. ,.., -  stimulate the revival of prosperity. t loettl m all real Idgltm]m, talk _,.., .h. --.-- 1 Throughout the country we have people living --., .. , . .--- in city and slums and country shacks that are adis- times set the hat7 trite a tramm eft etemptaUon as to  r, ,..., . ... , grace to our civilization. It has been easy to get'tt with It ! I pletur ......_.cha, capital to finance the buying of automobiles, radios .. ...,. ., ---- and various other things, including the building of plaby  Ught In t that which consists of good and Inoo, ...,-, In -. ,.- homes in Germany, but so far there has been no ',,.,,,-., B.,',-' great comphrehensive program for decent home ttmt the number of Iteye born In  for peo,..e of moderate means in America. Such a Ualted States Is Inneltntt N Im ,.ffis ,.,,---- Movement would automatically end our economic America's Oppogdsdty / ? ..ce  a oIn . =,. aeoresslon. ro 117 tim folll of mm" ltrOlmll BilNapol ecru. David and Gd[st be hero one dom't hro hammer throw.Ams0 TIfURSDAY JANUARY 14, 193Z THE MT. PULASKI TIMES, lIT. lnULASKL IL( ......... "Betog;no Marble" , " result have been offered Congress by feeling here is that almost any ne B Your SYRUP .., .,...c.o-.,,.,.- ,,.e .,.... ,,,, ....... ,,,, :, , ,t This Week In ash:Lt0n ,.a, bankers and financiers and it "f these rojeets will go a long way At In (:. M. ,,,.,, ;;,-. ti.., :.:,,rite f,rm Botticino marble is a orurn-colored s expected that one of th,...e pla:s : v.ards reMoring confidence in busi- 2ENS REXALL variety of italian marble witt brown St I)unistmlent for crime was that of Special to THE TIMES ".'ill [>e passed by Congress before r,es. mutila,i,n of some part of the body. markings. This marble is pot,uiar ia DRUG Those who suffered loss of eyesight or this country for interior decorating be- many days have passed. The general _ _ cause of Its beautiful coloring and January 14 7/mgresa has again '" ,n, "' loss ,,f limb through accident were , . .. eonfu,d with punished criminals and markings. The outstanding example of settled down to business, after its ... - interior construction in this marble LI brief Christmas holiday, and every there is record of au eminent gram- Iarian who. having had a foot i the interior of the Grand Central sts- bitten, carried ever about with him an tlon in New York city, which is c indication points to the present sea- attestation to the fact. signed by n * tidered one of the most beautiful nta- sion being a highly constructive one. tints in the eountry.--Washlagton Generally,, business look askance at Itumber of persons of credit, so that Star. Congres during it sittings, fearing DO one would regard him as acrim I that it will pass legislation theft will lnal who had suffered mutilation. Children amd Birds throw commercial activities out of ' Jewish Fast Day Children always find a great doal their usual stride. The fast of Gedallah among the I of fascination In watching the birds. Jews commemorates the assassination If you make a sanctuary for them The present Congress, however, is  of llah, which occurred the third feathered visitors the children will suresenfidentlYthat willeXpectedmitigatet thePaSSpreasntme" t Come In 'mr the governor of ths poor and pro-  for shelter, flowers for color, iort ea achieve that effect. VChlle teqd the Jewish remnant then l Imt, rled arubs for rite birds' winter the two major parties are still keep- lptvlty. The balullt Ishmad of the me. and last of all lover bird INal litm t Jndak tm'nla traitor heir. Simple, tnn't ltt Tom wUi find in tip their warY.are" yet neither side his PeOple, ted this Just tt dUcnlt to dcld who Is  meet will ,fail to spqrt any legtslatio nasa. wich t]y nldod L the rule  children  the bl| tst the country &t rge considers of the eptmm  of Judah.  el the Mudul Cougre proved its or  the Chinese had weird and Into ! from tim etum and with wich it ratified the mo.mri- tot, rifle tortures, but perhaps the worst  tat*  amy. 11 1254 i t army  oe of Its members urn, even if stch act/on was-aoeom- of the lot was th eathec tenure," to the supreme power. Mamdukea parded by growls from members of lh this re,hod ef torturs o red-hot ruled ovm- Egrpt ntH tSTT, whm they both parties. All other details inei-; -.___o 00000z,o, Phone No 144 tleklodt thelOWprlsoner.stable. andfeetthe withwardera  'h,-key. The country was ruil by 25 handled without friction, committee tsather. Every four hours the guard Itmetttke belts under a urkt vce- chairmen bir namaed and instlled  ' roy. In 1811 the pasha of l, lgypL by promptly. Only the lti of the m replaced and the tickling was waolmle massacre, annihilated the President Pro Tern of the Ste Itegt up foe days on end. Often vie- lltmelnk0o, tim went mad. aM occaonally " , remains to be done and, i of man would be '*tickled to death." Imtermtiatg Gold Nuslret  that formality to tie In an Atraltan museum m gold business, it has been shelved for Chlval, mtaatul*r nugget made into two hSs. the stars more important busines "Don't cheer, boys, the poor devils and ikrlpes and the other representing One of the earliest measures, o' For m dying," was enid by Cpt. Jack the llrtttd .  flag are grep of measures, which is to be Plltltp, United States maw/ (the late probably the malllt in existence. Admiral J. W. Philip), who was  only half. an-llih-in length and paased concerns increased taxtion. .....ommand of the United Stats bat-, ghtlm It" an Inch wide. "['his That a boost is coming ls not to be lp Texas in ant harbor. It trophy was 0o made by an American- doubted. Roughly, the Republicazm fa- wns said regarding the enemy on the born miner and was the first nugget vor a general tax that will apply to alrs Infants Murla Teresa and the dlncoveced In one of the celebrated everybody, while the Democrats are Oque. whe forced to aurreader-- IIo'4 ,elds In Au,trait* working for a tax that will meg.' Advertising, lID quiet the loud cheating of the Amr- only the very wealthy who, they ar- Job Printing Pcllar Old ll;.f The nest of the selangave is valuable payment. The general feeling in th il In the Seventeenth century It wwi as food. It Is used as delicacy by city is that whichever party has its ioved that If plant WlJ bl the Chinese. It has the shape and IIIHI burnt, Mlt could be ex'treted glsm of a half tacup, Is attached to way, the net result will he that the 0 tim ashes which, when put Into tho reek ta the interler of eave and average citizen will pay more to t I fissk and mixed with a imcret alb.  th@ appernce of fibrous itln. Roventent either directly or thru it ae by means of gentle heat. It It is composed of mucflanous sub- higher prtees for all purem. be gradually reformed. ttb tgtmca " tnglam, metee by teelal Ater the tax qmmtio is settl leaves and flowers, stands, and Is noL as was thought, Congress can be expected to take lzp t that mad# from a glutinous iraweed, the revision in our banking laws. The l ; r*Imni. $1a=g W" Cyclical. llelt United StaCe has dra'r, iedly ehanl- Pulaski T" 11o thousand different thing It Is parts of the world are the regions of the past in oder to bring them zp kind of generic term applied te any- it It takes the place of the old cyclonic storms. Two chief features to date. The object now sought to be of eyclonle regions are rainfall In rood- attained is to permit the Feder ]. "thlng-um-a-Jlg'meanlng some- one do not know the mum of. ate abundance at all season and serve Banks to discount p&1r it is .,If  temporarily f weathe@vm .... mtu" --, m,00u'as": Illinois - llltalmL tgethw with southern Cankda . er it to grant extenstenn cm farm t E H**J&r aml most of gurotm, ttm In the  mortd. Hortm headdress for ggyptiau lineher eylonle belt. If Conreas eal hit on the right tram me Into use In the Ptolemaic ' formula, dmm-vm's here say that bil- tlta Originally, tn tl earUur hie-  for Heathe8 Drhtk8 " t lists of dollars f fresh elAtal wfll of Egypt, It was onternary for a loggerhead used in making old[- ' be put to work and employing ea'o- Ifl to have his tttue modeled with fashioned drinks was an Iron tool hay- aed for mtllim of rheim now seek- hawk baek of him showing the pro- tog a long handle ending In ball ov Iloetlotof the gl Horus. Later. Isls. bulb. It .was heated and thirst Into ing work. Many plmm to effect thin tM the $0d Otrtl, was gone- the pJ'ePttl : JHmt"lt. Lowell  with "wings of a hawk. said: L"he iogEerhe& whose bird of I4D'pL larl figure , [L by wise Instot. the  would lvo the wings the bowl ff flt." Elm tins trm p sm,ll mo /i stndt !1 trout echo'.  tm, Muts8 Teespeeue*  was bbrst lto The Imuru of ata i]m Imdrm  I wom of thermal  Inmpaturea ace  by - !-'--"-'" DID YOU EVER '-" m. llyroumtrie  etc. and gmt  bet tl freestM TINt Day of the Tbas KartS ta p8 tbetmomet. lr Im dxt. "l'mtt is wltem the p'e --'"" "--' ---'--- STOP TO THINK? IFa.ld imL.hll  he unly Uttne cm m, ae from i Leo rele It wt m 8rid t 8 foot illh. 0 mkm 4 IeklMll  w di@ll . abot two years IflnU N I elmira, emgu.   au odd1 mTlflc In 'der that tint md .flmd" m a  eom0 taglo-azon v meanlng "to lnL ma hew  ml tay. tev,"  "to hate." rupeevdy, md , m tmtl to  of t Ntm ' ' ' " In "   That building decent homes for people of mod- :