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January 14, 1932     Times
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January 14, 1932

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PuLaski Times as a:ond clam mail In at Mr. Pulaski, 17, 1903, under the Act d of March 9, 1879. BY + MT. PUaSKI TreSS :M, Jm 1. ]vn Edit mdmm4ptl Year .. SIN J J JANUARY 14, 19U ! BACK TO THE FARM 208,000 more pemons arms in America at the be- of 1931 than there were at o 1930, according to of the Secretary of . From what we observed, rut- been even ator very significant mov tion away from indus- centers and back to the rural where the problem of keep- the poorhouse is nowben b the m tatermtiz coh- eir. Hto dm fro I other figures is tha tht tM but four or five of the big rote today is higher than The coming en in America must come from the believes that an actual decline of the nation calls of governmental will make it increasing- for a large proportion of live in the country, or- wholly dependent o say that we agree with ;he dweller in the on the farm, is much 00A.CID OMACH You isaa idL,i years s|noe Milk oL its atiou dentifrice for health more secure so far as the necessities and most of the real comforts of life go, than most of the veople who live in the cities are. " When city folks talk as they do the terrible distress and suffering anti so many millicns of their people who have no jobs and no way of feeding cr housing their families, they are talking about something that we who live in the country towns and on the farms on- ly faintly comprehend. It is in tim of general industrial depression like these that we realize how much bet- ter off we are than our city cousins. KEEP YOUR MONEY MOVING One of the reasons why four mil- lion people are out of work in the United States--in fact, almost the only reason--is that too many peo- ple who have money have stopped spending it. In the discussions which led to the formation of the National Credit Corporation, it was estimated that more than a thousand million dollars has been taken out of circu- lation, out of the banks, and hidden safe deposits and mattresses by people who are almost paralyzed by the fear that they are going to lose what they have accumulated. In the ordinary course of business every dollar changes hands seventeen times a year. To take a billion dol- lars out of circulation means a loss of seventeen billion dollars of busi- ness and that, the experts say, is a large enough sum to keep four mil- li0n persons at work. There are much aa,far thins to do with money than to hide it. Money had a great deal of awe of the Inter- ests, and at that period they were indeed pretty powerful. Important corporations were comparatively few, and those few were small in com- parison with today, Their stock was controlled by a compact group of men who, by ing together, could often make or break the market Morgan could+ get them all in a room and tell them what to do. But times have changed. Corpora- tions are enormous; shares are scat- tered among millions. They, the in- terests, are not what they used to be. One time I served on a civic com- mittee, most o;f whose members tary was a bright young COB were bankers. The executive seers- have to worry; when this job is over graduate. He said to me: "I don't these big bankers will take care of'. reef' Well, the job was over, and I told' him: "You are going to have a great shock as to the power of the Inter- national Bankers. They may control millions, but one thing they can't do is to get you a job. They may send you to the heads of certain corpora- tiaras with letters of introduction, but they can't insist that you be hir- ed. Those corporation managers will reply to the bankers, 'You hold us  responsible: you must let us alone'." It turned out as I predicted. The young man finally secured a job, but not by any help of the Interests. I have seen several national elec- tions, but never one in which the partners of any of the big interna- tional banking houses were agreed upon a candidate. Two partners, sitting side by side. would offset each other's votes. In the last analysis, who are they? I'll tell you. You and I are they. We run things. A business may have millions of capital, big plants, and 'huge sales forces. But if you and I is not of the slightest value except do not like its product, all tese l huge assets are merely liabilities. to spend. Hidden away it earns no- Talleyrend said a shrewd thing thing, and if enough of it is hidden iwhe n he remarked, "There is one it actually loses its value, t person wiser than anybody, and that Anybody who is holding currency is everybody." You and I are every- because of fear would be better off+ bdy' and we decide. to invest it in almost anything. A ] hundred dollars inverted in lid-up life insurance policy, or an annty, one of the >ig insurance emm- panics would be afer and more prodaeve than $100 hiddea away. The safest of all ple to lint moo- ey is in improved ral utate. ]E _n m no ommodittes that feel a desire for, and you have mo- ey that is not worki, why not Put it back into el-nfla? Until moot of the hoarded money begins to work again, we are going to continue to have hard times; as soon as this money gets to work, prosperity will cme back almost instmltly. ===...=- WHO ARE THEY? By Bruce Baon A man stopped me on the street to say that he had some important information. "They are going to put the market up in the next few weeks," he "Who are they?" I asked htm. He looked at me scornfully, as though I ought to be ashamed to confess such ignorance- "+hy they", he answered, "are the big shots, the insiders, the inernational bankers, the Intereeta." "Oh," I said, and thanked him and went on my way. Wen I graduated from eolleffe I Mr. Morgan des not awe me. Ev- en the editor of this lper, who is my boss, doe not fill me with any great alarm. But believe me, I ea about you, gentle reader. When you turn your timmbe down I'm throu,h. Today & Tomorrow TO(ATOES Whea I w a boy my g-ad- mother told me that in her girlhood, in the 18O's, people w tomabo in their flower gardens for their beauty. They called them apples n and thought they were pois- onous. To the end of her days--mad she lived to be over ninetyo mother was always a little susplel- ous of tomatoes. Now we eat tomatoes in every- thing, even in clam chowder, whe they have no business to b I saw some figures the other da about the latest develolnnt of the tomato business, the canned and bot- tled tomato juice. Mole  '0000 cans and nearly h mil]iml bet,- tles were sold last ye. People drink tomato juice because they think it is good for them. The worm has changed a lot in hundred years. BUYING Everybody isn't broke, and not all industries are on the ver of bLk- Ill I I ,, i , ' i i I Par Information regarding the type of serviee which this organization has been rendering for so many years, ask any member of any family we have served. Such information is based upon facts, upon experience, and it may be relied upon We mke this suggeg- tion knowing that those we have served will be eager to praise our effort. ;;I.ASKI. ILLINO'.E ruptcy. I talked the other night with the New York distributor of one of the popula makes of electric refri- gerators. H told me that his com- pany had JUst completed a nation- wide selling competition, in which every+ distributor was given a cer- tain quota of sales as the goal to aim at, and that every one of them had sold nwre refrigerators than he had been asked to sell. My New York friend's organiltior disposed of more than twenty thousand refriger- ators in twenty-one days. + Since the cheapt of these ref:ri- gerators sells for $256, and the av- erage i about $350, that means that the peolle of this one locality spent around $7,00000 for refrigerato in thee so-vlled hard times. The truth seem to be tlmt are buying things that they really THURSDAY JANUAZT 7, 137 - + ..... WH The Federal government has com In appointing Miss Mary Emma pleted the purchase af a $165,00@ Wooley, President of Wellesley Col- site for Rockford's new po-k lege, as one of the American dele- gates to the International Disarms- The University of Chicago ]a ment Conference, Mr. Hoover has just opened a $700,000 fieldhou not + only recognized that  athletic development. It is the have a very vital interest in the sub- building the University has had for ject of war and its prevention, but athletic purposes. he has paid a merited compliment to a great teacher and a life long work- \\; er in the cause of peace. Miss Wool]ey w]] be the first wo-_ man in history to he an offAal re- presentative of a government in an international conference. E,reryone who knows her, or who Imow any- thing about her thirty years career as President of Wellley, will agree  !that her part in the conference will i be "an active one and that whatever she has to say there will be listened 'to with respect. ,feel the need of, when they can get I o:------- ! SsdmIbe for the ML Pulld Tlmee a fair price and on easy, [ Only SIN pe Y i iii i SELL OR TRADE Farm or City Properties Or Rent Properties Anything. Anywhere, Anytime What Have You] for ANY BABY EmakCan nev be sure ju es am infant restlma, but the remedy can always be the mama ,., T.L. Rothwell, c old mtoria! There's comfort ill very drop of thb pun veetab pre.p- Ii Phone 72 Mt. Pulaski, I!1. station, and not the slightest harm m  fretful spell, is feverish, or cries and can t i l .......... " frequent ub: As often as Bby has ,o I I I I sleep, let Castoria soothe nd quiet him. i  constipation. Or diarrhea- a condition that should ahvays be checked without delay. Just keep Castoria handy and ve it pmmpUy, l%bef will folle WILBERT H. SCHAHL Ass't physician. !l ! "To Serve Humanity Better" | l t Mr. ]Pulaski 235 +--PHONES-- Lincoln 1234 - I Order Oil Now For Spring Defvery,] III PENN BOND I I I I BLUE SEAL I IIII Discounts on Orders for Delivery between Feb- ruary 1 and May 1. Additional discount [or Cash on delivery of oils, See our Truck Salesman or Call-- Mt. Pulaski Office 198 or Residence 53 Logan-Mason Service Co. Mt. Pulaski, Illinois i BUD 'N BUB By :. l ressy -r- / o