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January 13, 2010     Times
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January 13, 2010

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Present were - David Meis - ter, Mike Toohey, Doug Martin, Kathy Boward, Joe "Olson, Diane Deppe, and Jeff Haley. Superintendent Phil Shelton and Principals Gene Newton and Terry Morgan were also present. AmerenCilco Grant Approved SuperintendGnt Shelton reported he received notifi- cation from AmerenCilco on the approval of the District's $10,000 energy assistance grant application. The high school and grade school buildings will each receive a $5,000 credit on their electric accopnt. President Meister thanked Superintendent Sheltoh for his work on the grant application. Elkhart Road Winter Maintenance President Meister reported he has received phone calls about the lack of winter weather maintenance, by the Logan County 'Highway Department. on the Elkhart road intersections, curves, and hill. Superintendent Shelton replied that there is also a different pitch to the road, December School Board Meeting and it needs early attention by the Logan County Highway Department when snow and ice are present. Tax Levy Approved The Public Hearing for the 2009 tax levy was held. Pres- ident Meister asked for any questions .or public input on the proposed levy. Finance committee mem bers Doug Martin and Diane Deppe met with Superinten- dent Phil Shelton and Cathy Shull to set the 2009 tax levy rate. The estimated 2009 tax rate of 4.72666 is close to the current 2008 tax rate of 4.72552. The Technology Lease fund was decreased from the maximum .05% rate to .04%. The IMRF levy request was increased $2,000 due to an increase i'n the IMRF employer rate. Farmland EAV is expected to increase at least 10% from last year; therefore an estimated 8% increase in the total EAV was used to set the rate. The Board adopted • the 2009 tax levy as presented with an estimated 8.03% :increase over the previous year's extension. Girl's Softball Doug Martin asked about the possibility of reinstating the sport of girl's softball at the high school. Superintendent Shelton said that there is noth- ing in the current budget for high school girl's softball, and the decision was made to not offer the sport for lack of high school participation. He said the participation num- bers for girl's softball at the junior high level are not good either. Future discussions will include eliminating junior high softball. Transportation costs are a factor, and low par- ticipation numbers, common sense needs to be used about what sports the School District can prOvide for. Sales Tax Presentation Kevin Held with First Mid- state Investment Bankers pre- sented a syn.opsis of the County School Facility Occupation Tax Law. It allows the County Board to impose a county sales tax to be used exclusively for school facility 15urposes. The tax may be imposed only in .25% increments and may not exceed 1%. Passage of the tax proposition would require a broad base of support. Assum- ing a majority of voters at a reg- ular election would approve the tax, the County Board still has the final say whether to impose the tax and in what increment. The taxes are col- lected by the State Treasurer, certified to the State Comptrol- ler, disbursed to the Regional Superintendent of Schools, and distributed to the School Dis- trict based on the number of students who reside within the county collecting the tax. The taxes would be deposited in a restrictive School Facility fund and could only be used for school facility purposes. Some uses include energy conservation, disabled acces- sibility, school security, and installation of durable equip- ment attached to the build- ings. School Board members thanked Kevin Held for his presentation. • In Other Business - Wyatt Waterkotte Was hired as high school Home Econom- ics teacher and FCCLA spon- sor for the 2010-2011 school year. The Board approved Free- dom of Information Act School Officials as the Superinten- dent and the Bookkeeper-Trea- surer. The Board approved certified and non-certified seniority lists as presented. Roll call xote. President Meister thanked the MPEA for hosting the recent Christmas get together• • Doug Martin thanked, ele- mentary teacher Kathleen Tar- rant and her stuiients for their letters written to" the School Board members. The School District diesel "fuel advance purchase agree- ment with Ag-Land FS for the past six months has been $2.28 a gallon plus taxes for 8,000 gallons, and the six month renewal would be at $2.45 a gallon plus taxes for 8,000 gal- lons. The Board approved the renewal. Board members Jeff Haley, Joe Olson, .David Meister, and Superintendent Phil Shelton attended the recent IASB con- vention in Chicago. Workshops on the levy process, county sales tax, and the new FOIA law, were a few of the better sessions they attended. They felt it was a good conference and well attended. Submitted By - Catherine J. Shrill Board Recording Secretary Have power when the power goes out with our Guardian ® Standby Generators When the power goes out.., and it will... You can depend on our Guardian ® Standby Generators for automatic back-up power. ' Fully Automatic 4" 24/7 Protection ' Permanently Installed 4" Better Than Portables Now Installing Geothermal Heating & Cooling Geothermal heating & cooling uses the relatively con- stant temperature of the earth to heat & cool homes and businesses with 40% to 70% less energy. Geothermal heat pumps Use electricity to simply move heat from the earth into buildings. A geothermal heat pump can move up to 4 units of heat for every unit of electricity needed to power the system, resulting° in an equivalence of over 400% efficiency. Good News! The government revised Federal Tax Credits for homeowners who install geothermal heat pumps. The tax credit is up to 30% of the total cost of installation for home owners. Second Planning Meeting Friday, February 5 at 7 P.M. At The LakeFork Community Center Third PlanningMeeting Friday, March 5 at 7 P.M. At The Lake Fork Community Center All consignments to be on sale bill must be in by this meeting. The 37 th Lake Fork Auction is Saturday March Dave Bassett- John Wyss 105 E. Jefferson St. - North Side of Square Mt. Pulaski lic. #0518-1898 792 5593 Things I've Learned from Living in Texas Armadillos sleep in the middle of the road with their feet in the air. There are 5,000 types of snakes on earth and 4,998 live in Texas• There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 live in Texas plus a couple no one's Seen before. If it grows, it sticks; if it crawls, it bites. Onced and Twiced are words. It is not a shopping cart; it is a buggy. People actually grow and eat.okra. "Fixinto" is one word. There is no such thing as "lunch." There is only dinner and then there is supper. Iced tea is appropriate for all meals. We do like a little tea with our sugar! Backards and forwards means "1 know everything about you." DJeet? Is actually a phrase meaning "Did you eat?" You don't have to wear a watch because it doesn't matter What time it is. You work until you're done or it's too dark to see. You don't PUSH buttons, you MASH them. You measure distance in minutes. "Fix" is a verb. Example: "rm fixinto go to the store." All the festivals across the state are named after a fruit, vegetable, grain, insect or animal. " You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked. Yott know what a "DAWG" is. You carry jumper cables in your car... for your OWN car. There are only own four spices: salt, pepper, Tabasco and ketchup. The local papers cover national and international news on one page, but require 6 pages for local gossip. The first day of deer season is a national holiday• 100 degrees Fahrenheit "a-little warm." We have four seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, still Summer a.nd Christmas• A cool snap (below 70 degrees) is good pinto-bean weather. A carbonated soft drink isn't a soda, cola or pop.., it's a Coke, regardless of brand or flavor. Example: "What .kinda coke you want?" Fried catfish is the other white meat. We don't need no stinking driver's Ed. •. If our mama says we can drive, we can drive. Why we love children A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup out of the jar. During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year-old daughter to answer the phone. 'Mommy can't come to the phone to talk to you right now. She's hitting the bottle.' While working for an organization that delivers lunches to elderly shut-ins, I used to take my 4-year-old daughter on my afternoon rounds. She was unfailingly intrigued by t he various appliances of old age, particularly the canes, walkers anC wheelchairs• One day I found her staring at a pair of false teeth soaking in a glass• As I braced myself for the inevitable barrage of questions, she merely turned and whispered, 'The tooth fairy will•never believe this!' A 4-year-old was with her mother. when they met an elderly, rather wrin- kled woman her Morn knew. Tammy looked at her for a while and then asked, 'Why doesn't your skin fit your face?' 14 == e I o = = oo