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January 8, 1932     Times
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January 8, 1932

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Dr. Cutter:--"S0 jbu='tad to oper- ate on this patlen In a -harry?" Dr. Slicer:"Yes, we 'didn't have the time to even look up his financial rating," Bill:"Fancy needlework is com- ing back." Oscar:"Yes. with skirts that stay over the knee. the ladies need some- thing to do witll their hands.'" r ADMINISTRATOit'8 NOTICE I Estate of Henry Gobleman. De- ceased. 1 The undersigned having been ap- pointed Administrator of the Estate of Henry Gobleman, Deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear be. fore the County Court of Logan County, Illinois, at the Court House in Lincoln, at the March, A. D. 1932 Probate Term, on the first Monday of March next, at which time all per- sons having claim against said Estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjnsted. All persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment to the under- signed Ited tills 4th day of January, A. D. 1932. LOUIE GOBLEMA N. Admin is1 rater. C Everett Smith, Attorney. Chancery Notice State or Illinois, County of Imgan. ss. In the Circuft Court. January Term, A. D. 1932, Bill for Partition. No. 6230. Lillian Moore, Nelia Bertrang and Mary Connolley, Vs. rt Hey, Goldie Helms, Mettle Alli- man, Grace McVey, Susan Rebecca Theodore Derr. Allen Viliiam Henry Derr. Lewis Derr, William D. Mad- uis Madenford. Irvin p.] Annie E. Start, Salerno M. Florence Morgan. Beatrice Dauber( Jr., Robert Jacob Dauhert. George j. Becker. William Faust. Emma Mat- Hey, John Hey, Fred- Howard Hey, Lionel Hey Van Reed. Wil- John Henry Van Eliza Wert, Bessie May Annie Sara Gable. Mamie Addline Valaria Wirth. Helen L. Quintet. C. George Uetz Jr.. J. of said Court against the d(ffendants, returnable Monday of January, A. to tlie Circuit Court of Lo- Illinois. THEREFORE, notice is here- to the above named de- nts, that the above entitled suit the Circuit Court and that and appear the First day of th thereof, to be hol the City of of Logan. on the January, A. D, 1932, and answer or demur to the said same will be taken as con- against you, and a decree ren- according to the Prayer there- Lincoln, Inois. this 18th A. IGJ931. VINCENT JONES, Court of lainaaL Circuit SALE Logan, SS. Term, A. D. Court of Logan 6105. TILLIE ENGLAND VS. et al mtice is hereby given that Master in Chancery of Logan a decree of said ze above entitled cause will sell bidder on mentioned at of the Court of Lincoln, Illinois, of January, M., the tel- situated in the Illinois, of the estate of Tillie England cn the follow- to-wit: Twenty per cent price shall be Paid hand on day of sale and the purchase price shall the approval of the sale of title to said prom - , be examined at and In the of the Logan County Title Core- R. Parker, President. J Lincoln. this 15th day of A. D. 193]. DEA N HILL, ! Master in Chancery. I the Complainant, l Humphrey MT. PULASKI V,IKLY EWS Jolm D. Civing a Lesson in Golf John D. Ih)ckefeller, multimillionaire oil magnate, who is as usual win- tering in tile warm climate of Florida, instructing S. J. Peabody in the game of golf on the links at Ormond Beach. Olympic Stamps for the French Funds with which to entertain French athletes and otlicials who are to attend the Olympic games in Los Angeles will be raised partly hy the sale of France-American O]ylnpic stamps. The first issue ,,f the sI;inl[iS--[wo Ia[]lioli of hem--came off the presses ill LOS Angeles and will be sold through the French Chamber of Commerce throughout the worhI, .hflul Grandjean, Los Angeles artist, is shown above with his design for the stamps. No Need for the "Road Closed" Sign Scene on the United States Highway No. 508, at the west city limits of Ottawa, Kan., showing tile height of flood waters following tile recent heavy rains in that section of the state. All streams in eastern Kansas overflowed their banks, inundating roads, farmlands and even parts of towns. Son of Retired Boxing Champion The first photograph of Gone Lauder Tunney. newly born son of Mr. and Mrs, James Joseph Tunney, whose daddy retired from the ring after he had successfully deflmded his heavyweight title against Jack Dempsey in Chicago in the famm:s "long count" battle. IThe Progress , In Illinois t " FRIDAY, "JANUARY 8. I92 Stephen A. Douglas filed articles of incorporation for tile University of Cbieago in 1857. Tile first Illinois State Fair was hehl in Springfieht. October 1 to 4. 1853, Tlle combined mileage of Illinois' gas mains and electric transmission lines at the close of 1931 was ahnost Place on ed paper until frosting has dri the surface. CN-- BALANCING THE 1932 BUDGI The time to halan(,e the bud the new year is before, not after! keep your ledger free trom red remember to include dried fruit: the menus, Their concentrated rues are an economy measure. your nleals will be improved from health standpoint as well, I Chicago, Ill.. Jan. 7.--The Federal 1Government has completed the pur- ehase of a $165,000 site for Rock- i ford's new postoffice. A COOK'S CULINARY CALENDAR a small conical green gum drop. Twelve metal industry eoncern in I January-- isert a short tooth pick into the Peoria have displayed continued ira- " of the gum drop. Stick the t provement in employment and pay-I Resolutions New Year's wishes, ipick *.nto the frosted cake so that rolls for almost three consecutive February- • base of the "tree" is about months, according to the State De-i Patriotic part)- dishes, inch above the "'snow." pertinent of Labor. March-- Snowballs. An increase in building activities j Winds and thaws, St. Patrick's Day. break Angel Food I for November over October, 1931, Cut or Iwere repotted by Aurora Blooming- iApril small even cubes. Holding the Cake lton. Canton, East St. Louis, Kanka- Easter [)inner. Sprinu array with a fork. dip them into thin lkee. Ottawa, Rockford and Wauke- May • icing. With a spatula, cove cake on all sides. Allow the gan. Spring and daily menus, flower, to drip off. Dip the frosted cu More than 70 Illinois dairymen June-- to shredded cocoanut and shape course have registered in dairy for manufactures the annual to short be hour. Cakes and weddings have their balls with the hands. conducted January 25-30 at the Uni- versity of Illinois. ,July Following plans outlined by the l Picnics. fireworks, children's fav- College of Agriculture. University of j ors. Illinois. farmers in Jo Daviess coun-!August 8oiltY areerosion.terracing their land to prevent] Cool crisl) salad's tasty flavors. September--- Certificates ef incorporation issued to domestic corporations during the I Labor Day. vacation quieL first eleven months of 1931 totaled October--- 5,793 as compared to 4.577 for the! ttarvest weather• harvest diet same period of 1930. reports Secre- November - tary of State Straiten. J (,ool00 i . A. new seed germination plant for r days, Thanksgiving cheer. testing seeds in Illinois prior to uecem)el .... "PEP FOR PALLID DISHES lnanttng has been I)laced ill opera-t Tlle ('hristmas feast that ends the (ion by the State Department of ¢':ri [ year: That creamed dish of eggs, vege CUlture at S U'" "  " t mgfield,  Submitted by "A Vermont Reader ides, or the entree served with wh sauce is liable to look unintere,, The University of Chicago ha just Jot the The Co(k's Nook"L ;or pasty nnless You garnish it opened a $700.01)0 fiehl-house for atll-] THE COOK'S NOOK. tively. For letic development, It is the third I Dorothy Ames Carter. 280 Broad 'dish. strips of"l)epl*ingcanned qP"pimentothe pal ,buihlingathletic purposes, tile University has had for[way,. No" York ('itv. Now York. ,flavortUrn tllebesidestrick and add a bit at spi o------ CN--- l "KNOW ILLINOIS"--THINGS OF SERVE A LITTLE BEAUTY WITH CN--- INTEREST ABOUT. THIS STATE YOUR MEALS  DECORATIVE' ANY IRON TODAY, LADY; DISHES PLEASE BOTH STEM-! Your winter diet needs iron! To Chicago, lit., Jan, 7. Chewing gum. ACH AND SOUL. ibe sure you are serving foods whi-:h made in Chicago. combines products come from Illinois. Indiana. Michigan. "Handsome is as handsome (tees.'" contain this valuable mineral n- Louisiana. and Yucatan in Central of (purse. but when that certain clude some of these "irony" foods: America. course tastes as good as it looks Beef• Eggs. Milk. String Beans, Beets, t)retty, then you've served both Soul Dates. and Stomach and beautified your ta- ble besides! Anything--soup to nuts or inbetween--tasles better if it looks pretty, so instead of just "dish. ing it out." let's serve a little beauty with our calories. "Pile social arbiters will tel1 you the only Idace for foods that resem- ble butterflies candles or houses is Cabbage. Turnips. Peanuts, Spinach. Apples Laurel and Hardy. Jan. Sth and 9th. ADMIN[STRATOR,S NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR DISCHARGe" State of Illinois. Logan CounD', ss. In ('ounty Court. to January Term, 1,000 miles more than the earth's cir-in the restaurant window: true. dis- A. D. 1922. cumference at tile equator. ]lorting good food into a weird form In the matter of tile Estate of Sinee admission into tile Union f that resembles nothing ever seen on p - Catherine grlenbush. Deceased. Illinois bas had five ('apitot buihtings But'and ct)nirast')r sea lSillnOtcolor.the beSltextureOf taste.and { Public Notice is hereby given .o all S1)ringfield.'--three at Vandalia and two at taste, a bit of imagination and daint. I)e:'sons interested in said estate. lnakes tlle that. t!le undersigned Administrator O,vning slaves was prohibited in ,,dining,, and merel vt° see difference(he "'eating."tiMe betweentookinlt, ii{,!etai;)t {'l: 5la l:li;rlta#len::X Illinois as ear v as lS)S i iness At tile outbreak of the Civil "War. iprettv, to() s ltliuois produced the equivalent of 60 Ihcart'elHng" tCierk"mestatemtne°Hic°°ftheC°untYor Logan t'ountv. Illinois. and } Besides--it's fun: And if YOU tha t,n tile 23rd day of January. A. Der een| Of all grains exported from xVallt In go to the extreme, it's your the United States. :own business. Here are some r;,alh !iil!;i2::/if:2 };{ 2i!:::!::[i! :t} l °tUro}t ,There are 25,220 bachelors who are pretty dishes that a'e ill oO{1 t¢ " "'needs of families" in Illinois. and . _ g -e • nd taste good too. They should 1 108,562 without fanlily obligations, ac-[tempt you! turns.C°rding to the 1929 Income Tax re.j " Maiden's Busb. 1931.Tiis 31st day of De(ember. A. D. The 1929 Income Tax returns re-I (Colorful Emergency DessertL G. A, VOLLE. ners there, among tile groups being several from Mt. Pulaski. as follows: "Twenty-four people enjoyed a Christmas dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Martin. All their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were present." Those attending from Mt. Pulaski were Mr. and Mrs. Orville E. Martin and fam- ily. "Mrs. Ella Luckhart entertained a number of relatives at Christmas dinner." Mt. Pulaskians attending were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hanslow and family. From Latham vicinity were Mr. and Mrs. John Armintrout. -O oughly. Serve with whipped ('ream The undersigned having been ap- or with custard sauce made from the pointed Executor of the last Will and egg Yolks. One-third of the 7-ounce Testament of Emma A. Alexander. can of cranberry sauce will be suf- Deceased. hereby gives notice that ficient for this recipe. 6 servings, the Brown.Eyed Susan. } CourtWillof appearLogan County,bet°re atthetheC°untYcourt (A Gold and Brown Mocha Mold). 1 tablespoon gelatine. I cup cold water. 1½ CUlls hot coffee, 14 cup sugar. % cup nut meats. ½ Package pasteurized dates. ½ teaspoon vanilla. One-third cup heavy cream. Soak gelatine in cold water for at veal 8,926 single women in Illinois o with a combined income of $40,939: - egg whites. 704. I 1 cup canued strained cranberry I sauce. Boa! cranberry sauce with a fork FROM THE MIDDLETOWN uutil sntooth. Beat egg whites until LEDGER ABOUT VISITORS stiff; add cranberry sauce gradually, The Middletown Ledger of Decem. heating after each addition. Pile the bet 31st. told of two Christnlas din- whip ill stemmed glasses. Chill thor- east five minutes; dissolve gelatine Grandpa was having his after- and sugar in hot coffee. Cool until lunch sleep in the armchair and mixture shows signs of Jellying at emitting sounds that might easily edges of the pan. then fold in the have come from a cross-cut saw. cup of sliced dates, chopped nuts. ye- As father entered the room. he saw nilla and whipped cream• Pour into little Daisy twisting one of grandpa's individual molds and chill until firm. vest buttons. Unmohl. Vlhen ready to serve gar- "What are you doing?" he whis- nish with whipped cream and lay pored. "'You mustn't disturb grand- strips of cut date in shape of a flow- pa, Daisy." er on top, placing a nut meat in cen. ter. Four to six servings. Pineapple Snowflakes. (A Cocoanut Delicacy). 1 cups cooked rice. 3 tablespoons powdered sugar. cup crushed pineapple. 1 tablespoon candied orange peel. ½ cup cream (whipped). Administrator of tile Estate of Catheri • 7rtenbush. Deceased. Gee. J. Smith Attorney. EX ECUTOR'S NOTICE Estate of Emma A. Alexander, De- ceased. i House in Lincoln, at the March- erm, on the first Monday in March next, at which time all persons hav- ing claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend, for the purpose of having the same ad- justed. All persons imtebted to said estate are requested to make imme- diate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 24th day of December, 'A. D. 1931. BERT L. ALEXANDER Execut William S. Ellis, Attorney. ADMI_ NISTIATOR'S N0' Estate of Philip J. Baumann, I)e- ceased. The undersigned, having been ap- pointed Administrator of the Estate of Philip J. Baumann. deceased, here- by gives notice that he will appear before the County Court of Logan County, Illinois, at the Court House in Lincoln. at the February, A. D. 1932 Probate Term, on the first Mon- day of February next, at which time all persons having claim against said "Im not disturbing him, daddy," explained the child. "I'm just trying to tune him in on something different to what he's been giving us." A man went to see the physician for advice as to how to be cured for snoring. "Does your snoring disturb your wife?" asked the doctor. Estate are notified and requested to Mix rice with remaining ingredi- attend for the purpose of having the folding in the whipped cream same adjusted. All persons Indebted "Does it disturb my wife?" echoed last. Pile in sherbet glasses, chill, to said Estate are requested to make the patient,. "W'hy, it disturbs the sprinkle generously with cocoanut immediate payment to the undersign- whole congregation•"_o and serve very cold• Four servings. d. Peach Bloom Salad. Dated this 24th day of December, The hostess was pressing her (The Envy of Georgia Trees}. guests to provide entertainment. A.D. 1931. " 12 canned peach halves. "WALTER H. BAUMANN, "Is there any instrument you can 1 package cream cheese. Administrator of the Estate of play, Mr. Jenkins?" she asked. 2 tablespoons rich milk or cream. Philip J. Baumann. "Not away from home." he replied. ½ package pasteurized dates. "What do you play at home '' she % cup nut meats or celery , _ . .... inquired. " Sa It. " " - -- "Second fiddle." Jenkins murmured Lettuce. Administrator's Notice solemnly. Salad dressing• Estate of Mary E. Foster, Decea, Rub cheese to a paste with the ed. add chopped pitted dates, nuts l The undersigned, having been ap- "My wife is glad the experts have or celery, anti salt to taste. made it fashionable to eat liver." Drain pointed Administratrix of the Estate "Why?" canned peaches from tlleir syrup, fill of Mar), E. Foster. Deceased, hereby hollow ill six of the peaches with gives notice that she will appear be-  "Now she doesn't have to tell the cheese mixture, cover with remain, fore the County Court ot Logan butcher it's for the cat." ing peaches. Then take a bit of red County. Illinois. at the Court House vegetable coloring on back of spoon in Lincoln, at the February, A. D. Nobody loves a fat man. and brush over peach to make 1932 Probate Term, on the first Men- But he saves you many a jar, "bloom." Fasten a sprig of mint or day of February next, at which time Because a fat man certainly makes other leaf to top to make stem end. all Persons having said Good ballast for a car. Serve on lettuce and Pass salad Estate are ) dressin 8. Six servings, attend There are lots of worthv members FV Tree Cakes same  the Who will come when "in the mood t Bake whitdake in small tea cake said When everything's confenient, 'IPans lined th fluted paper Iin- They will do a little good. [cups. VheR cool, Cove the t.p They're a factor in the /tet'g |wire cwhite frosting and ! re g", of And are necessar tgL%.lerously with shredded €t a)annL  But the. ones who neye'{ [snovered ground |e m ,.=.., Are tae always faithtll f-:"* f0r +h ....... "-,- .- " C I 1 York to to date. tartling that in the of the ;ion of al con- it te great- las ever York m debut n lover, by the Frank Miljan E at Tuesday, nights, Satur- will be exciting January will be d Rise." Clark Ga- further were 28c; daugh- visitors in visited his niece, family.